27 thoughts on “1 Big Thing: White House book worry

  1. There will be a cottage industry of former Trump associates and cabinet members writing tell alls. It will be a glorious moment in American history.

  2. Might buy the book because it may have new info. Reject the book because the author’s ability to tell the truth is suspect. A dilemma only solved with chocolate. 🧘‍♀️🍫🍫

  3. Its going to be heeeheeelarious to see who flips on who,now that mcabe and comey are going to be charged
    in a few weeks.

  4. Most these people take appointment in the administration knowing that there’s a quick buck to be made once they are let go.

  5. Trump TV reads, even though the President, is illiterate and it will be very difficult for Trump TV's babbling heads, to argue against JB.

  6. well i for one would not be the least bit worried. all calls are perfect (examples of criminality), all decisions are brilliany(ly corrupt) and my rallies…all attended by the best fakers donor money (foreign and domestic, but mostly foreign) can buy….nothing to see hear. nothing to read: witch hunt

  7. Songland won't testify unless he is so arrogant as to believe he can genuinely help Trump's cause.

    The reality is that he will be eviscerated by some very talented and motivated career Prosecutors if he if so foolish as to attend.

  8. This is becoming a common thing now. Everyone coming out of this administration writes a book about their experiences in the administration.

  9. It was good to hear that media outlets are no longer giving Trump a platform of hate, division and lies. The first steps towards uniting the people in the USA. Please fact check ALL things said by the WH and Trump in particular. We are sick of all the lies, hate and division.

  10. Chump is truly livid about the fees the Obamas and Clintons got for their books, wait until he finds out his tenure in the White House only gets him a deal for a child's coloring book.

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