1985 BMW 316: E30 Ownership 30 Years Later
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1985 BMW 316: E30 Ownership 30 Years Later

As a kid, I collected fire trucks and cars. I preferred those vehicles, because I had always wanted
to become a firefighter. When there was a flea market
or a garage sale, I would buy models. One day, I came across
a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL model that I really liked. From then on, I started being interested in cars
in general. So, bye-bye, firefighters,
and hello, backfires. My name is Sébastien Defaux,
and I drive a 1985 E30 316. I became passionate about that brand
through my cousin, who is a fan of BMWs. He has owned a lot. He’s a body auto mechanic,
so he fixes a great deal of them. In school, I received a diploma in auto body repair
after working at his shop. This allowed me to get a closer feel
for this brand’s bodywork. That’s when the double grille
managed to get me. Each summer holiday,
I visit my uncle in the south of France. He’s a former rally driver. Every time I get there,
there’s this gigantic picture of him overlooking the living room
in the 2002 tii that he drove
on the famous Nürburgring track. From that moment,
I started to enjoy her curves, the look that emanated
from that old BMW. Then, on the street, I came across a car
I had never seen before. It was an E30 M3. I instantly fell in love with that model. I was there facing her, and I thought, “This is the one I need.” My parents would nag me to get a “normal” vehicle,
like every other student, but I didn’t want to. I really wanted an old car
to drive to school, 30 years late. I found a classified ad
for an original vehicle in good shape, not far from home,
and with low mileage. The owner was a retired mechanic. He didn’t drive it anymore,
but the maintenance was good, and all the checks had been completed. I didn’t want to miss out on it. So, I took my mother, father,
and grandfather in the car with me and went to Asnières-sur-Seine
on December 3rd of 2016. We got there around 10 am. I entered the garage, turned my head,
and there she was, glistening, the yellow front beams
shining under the neon lights. I was hooked. I knew she was the one. He took us for a two-hour drive, then we exchanged documents
and vintage accessories with the owner. I finally owned my first car
at the age of 19, and it wasn’t a random car. It was the car I had dreamed about. But, mostly, it was my first BMW. Three hours later, we reached Lille. I had let my father drive all the way back to make sure the car was working fine, but now I could finally drive it myself and lay my hands on the wheel of my BMW. I also like the fact
that it is a collector’s car and that I can show it at different rallies. I was finally able to feel what owners felt when they displayed their gem
to other car enthusiasts.

100 thoughts on “1985 BMW 316: E30 Ownership 30 Years Later

  1. Please make a How to Guide about switch on the Subtitles! Most of the Viewers are clearly to stupid to find them!! Geeeeez

  2. C'est une bonne chose que je comprends le Francais…I'm an American now born in France and enjoyed this episode a lot but Petrolicious should really think about subtitling these foreign language segments to appeal to all English speakers. I really like the videos here. If you ever need someone to transcribe French into English, I'll be glad to help

  3. I've learnt to drive on that car. My father had it for 12 years. I'm so grateful for that I I know how this guy feels.

  4. The owner comment is too written, those interactions should be more spontaneous cause you don't speak like you read, and this is boring to listen to.

  5. i have a e36 323i with offroad setup. high clearence, offroad tires, 50% lock LSD and 3mm skid plate. best think ive ever driven.

  6. Back when BMW built cars that were special. Today the trade mark features of the BMW have gone. Transversally mounted engines, front wheel drive, automatic transmissions and no naturally aspirated straight six anymore have turned BMW into the boring blend that is todays everyman car world.

  7. Do a video about that car at 1:48. I'm guessing it's a Jide. At first I thought it might be a De Tomaso but I finally googled 1970's French sports car and found something that looked more like it. Never heard of Jide before.

  8. Everytime I look at my E30 I think of all the shit wrong with it, how it hasn't grenaded itself yet…

    …and how I'll never want to sell it.

  9. He's a nice, appreciative, unpretentious young guy in a classic car that he is proud of. A great story in any language.

  10. ''My parents would nag me to get a ''normal'' vehicle, like every other student'' (3:14)

    Sees an E-type Jag and a Porsche 930 in the garage @ 0:15……….hypocrite parents -.- .

  11. This kind of sentiments can make anyone cry mahn! I wish i had the enough knowledge and capital to restore my rides.

  12. Congratulations Sebastien! Have owned my E30 325i for years now and I still look over my shoulder at it after parking.

  13. Wow Sebastian, you've got a beauty there! I am in love as well with the bimmers. I own i 1981 bmw e21 315 and i absolutely love it. I love that i can feel the road so well unlike modern cars, i love that it is tail happy and finally i love that i get to spend time in taking care and improving my car. It's a feeling that most people don't get. Greetings from Greece!

  14. Generally you hit video perfection, Petrolicious.Sadly in this one, the background audio was too loud. I'm not a native French speaker so having to fight to block out the soundtrack just to hear the kid speak ruined the vid.

  15. Si tu vois ce message Sébastien, j'aimerais avoir tes conseils, je veux une E30 comme première voiture, depuis trop longtemps

  16. When I watch this video. I feel like. I see twins who lives in the other side of the world. We are E30 lovers. And I do have E30 as my first ride.

  17. While i love the E30s design (preferably the coupes) the il4 engine models arent really that good. (unless its an m3 or you go and replace the il4 for a il6). The il6 of that area are really reliable and bulletproof and just keep running.
    If one planes to get an E30, make sure its either an il6 or the m3 and you will have way more fun with it.

    What kinda bugs me a bit is even so he has experience working on cars he didnt replace the engine. I am not talking about a v8 conversion but a least put an il6 into it. The car deserves it.

  18. Sorry but 4 door E30 316 was the crappiest version in the range (after Diesel) and it's the least desirable now, you need to go with 2 door 6 cylinder cars with E30 if M3 is out of the question

  19. Dude your cinematography is amazing. I've been slowly watching one vid per night. So many cars I love. You deserve to have another 0 on both your likes and subscribers. When I see the inane rubbish that some car chans post and they get a million views, it makes me deeply sad that you don't get more!!!

  20. I had a gorgeous Calypso red convertible. Was a great car but felt small a bit too small. That is why my first BMW was a e24 and I cant help but want one again.

  21. I got a 1985 318i (Also sedan!) and I get all this. It's such a magical experience of having one, I had the luck of it being my first car too so I'm really attached to her. The double grill, the bonet lines, the chromed trim. Its a beautiful car as it is.

  22. You can hear it in this kids voice that he wanted this car so bad. I felt for him and I am so happy he found his dream car. You guys defiantly know how to show us a fantastic story.

  23. Videos like this make me realize why I'm a car guy. I can never explain it to non car people. You know they questions. "Why pay more it's just a car?" "What's so special about it?" And especially these old cars. I saw an old 7 series parked in a Walmart the other day. Believe it was an 86 or 87 and I just took a ton of pictures and my friends asked me what's the deal and I just don't even know how to respond and sometimes it sounds like a good question then I watch this and understand why I do.

  24. This engine is not the M40B16. That one is fuel injected. This is the M10B18. This one is carburated. The M40 is the successor to the M10. These are very nice engines (not powerful though) and, being the owner of an M40B16 (in Canada too), I absolutely love it. The sound, the feel and the smoothness is perfect. If you don't intend to go too fast and maybe feel like modifying a small four cylinder don't overlook these engines. I will be putting individial throttle bodies on my M40B16 as a call back to the old sport cars of the 70s and 80s that had them. I really want to open up the engines driving potential that has been muffled and overshadowed by the other engines.

  25. Regardless of age of the driver and car, enthusiasts tend to know from instinct what speaks to them. Taking up ownership is merely a result of action. Bravo Sebastien!

  26. Petrolicious, the channel that makes a 500€ car looks unique and special.
    But what am I saying? Every car can be unique and special, if YOU (the driver) love it.
    <3 I love you Petrolicious. You inspire me!

  27. I had an E30 exactly the same as Sébastien's only mine was a 318i and right hand drive. And it was a 1986 model. Had it from 2005 to 2016. I'm sorry I sold it! Fantastic video, brings back memories…..

  28. Les plans sont magnifiques la vidéo est très bien réaliser (aller voir ma bannière YouTube vous allez comprendre pourquoi je suis la). J'aimerais acheter ma première voiture et comme toi j'ai flasher sur cette magnifique calandre que possède la BMW E30. Aurais-tu des conseils à me donner ? (J'habite aussi dans le sud) Merci encore pour cette vidéo.

  29. A very fine example of an E30 and tastefully done. It proves that you don’t have to go crazy with mods to end up with an outstanding little Bimmer.

  30. I'm 20 years old. Eventhough I'm younger than this car, I really want to own it very bad. This machine is just Beautiful

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