4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update
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4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update

5 thoughts on “4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update

  1. Thanks for watching! What do you expect to happen between now and 2020? I'm very blunt with my predictions… Now it's time for you to share yours!

  2. Tks Brad great blog as usual! My prediction is still more of a balanced market but hopeful for more of a increase in prices to make more on my investments !

  3. Nobody can improve supply in Ontario, lol.
    Canada is too united in its insanity. If you are true Canadian, you have to think that Affordable Housing-related activities are beneficial for helping fighting housing crisis. You have to think that rent control and rental prices regulations are good for the people. That Inclusionary Zoning is a fantastic idea that will make everything affordable. That CMHC, TCH and other ugly Frankensteins are the very greatest things after landing man on the Moon.
    To defeat housing crisis, Canada has to become not Canada at all, which is impossible:)
    Let's not divide people into opposing camps…let's just be united as Canadians…and the housing crisis is a small price for this unity 😀

  4. We could try to get some of the vacant homes on the market to fix the supply situation we have a record number of vacant properties maybe we could impose a higher tax on vacant homes

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