Advanced Abs Workout – Flat Stomach Fat Scorcher
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Advanced Abs Workout – Flat Stomach Fat Scorcher

20 thoughts on “Advanced Abs Workout – Flat Stomach Fat Scorcher

  1. I loved the content of your video, I'm going to combine it with what I'm doing to expedite my weight loss and thus get better results.

  2. This workout was vey hard, I had to pause a few times but it will hone my abs and I will get stronger.

  3. You can tell she has a tiny tiny belly. I wish she wouldn't hide it. I think it's sexy and plus if you're super low body fat with abs showing that doesn't mean that the ripped person is healthier then someone with slight belly fat. We have fat on our bodies for a reason.

  4. She has a lot of fat around her waist…for me it's important to train with the best instructors. Sorry but she is not a motivation for me however this workout looks amazing

  5. Very easy n

    effective for

    pains of muscles

    knees hands joints

    What a fantastic channel and

    What a nice Teaming including

    your gooself !

    Stay Smart Safe and Eversmiling !

  6. Good old classic planks.I just finised it thanks GymRa☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  7. I started this and finished it. I think this is a nice girl but no good instructor. At least to say she's a beginner. "Make sure your knee comes in all the way to your elbow". She only comes half way after a few reps. She forgot to do the other side on the one bend knee sit ups. A lot of silence moments so not that much motivating for me. I don't agree this is an advanced workout either. And yes she has belly fat. When you announce in the title Flat Stomach Fat Scorcher, people can and are allowed to respond on that. I normally wouldn't ventilate this but since GYMRA commented that "HEROINE ADDICTS HAVE SIX PACKS" I had to react. You should be ashamed GYMRA! People work hard for six packs, that's called a lifestyle and commitment. The right food, rest/sleep and workouts results in six pack without doing harddrugs! You should know better than to hate and shame like this for no reason. You're doing every athlete wrong! And how about your own teachers on your channel with six packs? You let heroine addicts teach on your channel? How can anyone take your channel serious after this? What an ingnorant bad sport you are!!! I reported you and made a screenshot.

  8. No messing here! Straight into it, but don't lose hope, I found the first exercise the worst and got some good cardio along the way too.

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