Amazon Business Empire ($900+ Billion) | Jeff Bezos | How big is Amazon?

1994 A small online venture was started in this
garage in Washington, USA. Its founder, a 30 year old man borrowed money
from his parents, and started selling books online. 24 Years later that small garage startup with
only 2 employees has leap frogged into one of the biggest companies in the world, with
over 566,000 employees. Now, annual sales of this company is greater
than GDP of countires like Qatar, Hungary, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Croatia. Its founder, Jeff Bezos is now the richest
person in recent history, with a net worth of over $150 Billion, which is currently $60
billion more than net worth of Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world. We all know the company as Amazon. So let us sit back and take a look at this
amazing Business Empire of Amazon & Jeff Bezos. This time we have divided the business empire
into 5 categories. Lets begin with the first. Offline. Offline
We will start our journey from Greenwich, Connecticut. Are you feeling hungry? Let us do some grocery shopping. We are now at Whole Foods Market, one the
world’s largest natural and organic foods supermarket chain. Whole Foods Market is owned by Amazon and
it operates over 480 stores in North America and the U.K.
Amazon also owns a chain of retail bookstores in the US called Amazon Books, a partially-automated
grocery store in Seattle, Amazon Go. A smart video doorbell & home security company
called Ring, and a technology company, Amazon Lab126. Lab126 products includes Amazon’s Kindle,
one of the best selling products across the world. Amazon Echo, the AI powered Smart speaker,
which is now sold in over 36 countries and the popular digital media player & streaming
device Amazon fire TV. From Offline let us move to the key business
of the company, eCommerce. Amazon is currently world’s second most valuable
company. Its market cap is three times more than the
market cap of retail giant, Wallmart. Amazon provides services to more than half
of the world’s population. The company has shipped over 400 items per
second at its peak. Amazon Prime, the paid subscription service
of the company, has over 100 million subscribers worldwide, which is greater than the entire
population of the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong combined. United Kingdom
Amazon is also the second largest logistics company in the world, with over 160 million
sq ft of warehouse space in 109 countries. The company even delivers to remote locations
like Alaska and is also developing a drone-based delivery system, Amazon Prime Air, that will
provide the delivery of your orders in 30 minutes. Company’s other eCommerce ventures include,
Zappos, the shoe and clothing retailer based in Las Vegas; AbeBooks, the Canada based online
marketplace for books & fire arts, where an Italian book about History of Birds, was sold
for a whopping $191,000. Amazon also operates Audible, the world’s
largest producer of downloadable audiobooks; Woot, the Dallas based one day one deal site
and also UK based online book seller Book Depository. The company has recently acquired the online
pharmacy company and also owns the largest eCommerce platform in the Arab world Digital Assets
We will now talk about the cloud. Not this cloud, but this one. Cloud Computing. Amazon Web Services, owns a dominant 34% of
all the cloud storage, and provides on-demand cloud computing & storage service to customers
in almost all countries of the world. Their major clients include Netflix, Adobe,
NASA, Ola, Samsung and Vodafone. Amazon also owns,, the California based
search engine technology company; Alexa Internet, the web traffic data and analytics company,
that provides information of over 30 million websites. Digital comics website ComiXology and
the live streaming video platform with over 15 million daily active users. The company also owns many popular websites
that include DPReview, Goodreads and the coveted IMDb, with over 83 million registered users. Time to look at some other ventures of Amazon. The company owns a game studio and has developed
games like Breakaway and Crucible. They also own an e-books publishing house
with offices across the US and Europe. The company also operates LA based film & TV
production studio, which produced films like Manchester by the Sea and The Big Sick. While, their Internet video on demand service,
Amazon Video offers over 18,000 movie titles. The company has also acquired the global TV
rights of The Lord of the Rings for a whopping $1 billion. Let us dive in a bit further find out what
else does Jeff Bezos own? Bezos owns the largest newspaper published
in Washington called Washington Post. He has also founded the space technology firm
Blue Origin, which aims to provide spaceflight services. The company is planning moon landing by 2023
and aims to create permanent settlements on moon and mars. Bezos has also has invested in Unity Biotechnology,
the company is looking at a cure for aging and age-associated
diseases. He has also made major investments in multiple
big companies that include Twitter, Airbnb, Uber and Business Insider. Moreover, he is also building a mechanical
clock that will run for 10,000 years. Finally, Bezos was also one of the first investors
in Google investing $250,000 in 1998. That investment alone, today is valued at
$6 billion. So even if he would have never started Amazon
or never acquired any of his businesses, still his Google investment alone would have made
him a multi-billionaire. All i can say, this is the amazing Business
Empire of Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Thanks for watching The Filmy cut.

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