Andy and Ariana Grande’s Haunted House Adventure

I’ve been waiting for this
moment for a long, long time, and I’m sure you’ve
been waiting also. Here’s what happened when
I sent my producer Andy along with Ariana Grande to
the “American Horror Story” maze at Universal
Studios Horror Nights. [OMINOUS MUSIC] Andy Lassner here,
Ariana Grande. We’re about to go in? We’re going to go in. All right. So it’s important
that you listen to me. It’s fine. Yeah, it’s more, I think, just– It’s not bad. It’s just noise. It’s more about– [YELLS] [BLEEP] OK. We got this. We got this. It’s hard to see. All right. That’s the bed. Oh, it’s bad, it’s
bad, it’s bad. It’s just a bed. [BLEEP] Stop! Go in. Go in. Close it. [YELLING] Oh, who’s that? Oh my God, I’m going to– We’re in the bathroom. Are you insane? [BLEEP] one time
with that [BLEEP].. Wow. Whoa. Is this fun at all for you? Yeah, it’s just fake. It’s my nightmare. [SCREECHING] My legs are shaking. Got it. What– [BLEEP] Get the [BLEEP] in bed. There’s a door. Yeah, we see it. Nothing happens. I’m ready. So one of the doors, you know– I’m ready. And so it’s not scary. I’m ready. Probably that one. I’m ready. [YELLS] [SCREAMING] Oh God. [CHAINSAW WHIRRING] [BLEEP] It’s fine, it’s fine. We knew this was happening. I’m OK. It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK, it’s just loud. It’s just loud. Hello! No, thank you. You go first. [YELLING] [BLEEP] Andy, let’s go. Go! Let’s go! [BLEEP] Where the [BLEEP] is Andy, man? I’m going to need you– Let’s go! I’m going to need– [BLEEP] [YELLING] Let’s get the
[BLEEP] out of here. Which way? Not here. OK, it’s good. I need you to stick with me. What? You abandoned me, and
that doesn’t work for me. You ran away! [BLEEP] Come along. We’re down. One time. Back to your thing. [SCREAMS] You’re big! You’re tiny! Does this ever end
is the question. Oh! I’m good, are you good? Yeah, I’m good. Are you good? [YELLING] Here? OK. We’re good, we’re
good, we’re good. Get back there. That’s the third time! Oh, Jesus! [BLEEP] I’m reporting her. Oh! It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad. I didn’t love that. I’m a little nervous. Somewhere in there is my heart. Have a good night, Ellen. Have a good day. Thank you, Ellen! This is the last
year we’re doing it. [APPLAUSE] Thank you Andy and Ariana.

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