Are You a Loud House Song Expert?! | Finish The Lyrics Challenge 🎶 | #KnowYourNick
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Are You a Loud House Song Expert?! | Finish The Lyrics Challenge 🎶 | #KnowYourNick

Let’s rock, dudes! [music playing] ♪ Crashing through the crowded halls
Dodging girls like ping-pong balls ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ Just to reach the bathroom on time ♪ ♪ Fed in a long, long time ♪ ♪ Every corner every door
Watch out they ain’t herbivores ♪ ♪ Ghastly ghouls out for blood
Sorry bud, you got tricked ♪ ♪ You got tricked ♪ ♪ You got punked and pranked
With a spooky twist ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ Before you wet your pants
Better get out quick ♪ The Loud Family! [applause] ♪ Wanted a family vacation ♪ ♪ Just to get out of town ♪ ♪ Had it all planned
Packed up the van ♪ ♪ Ended up in a ditch somehow
We got the blues, baby ♪ ♪ Those road tripping blues ♪ ♪ Bad, bad news ♪ ♪ These seats smell weird
The baby is crying ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ She’s probably mad we left her behind ♪ ♪ On the first day of Christmas
The Loud House gave to me ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ A phone plan for me and Bobby ♪ ♪ Life’s so amazing
It’s making me sing ♪ ♪ With so many test tubes
My test won’t go wrong ♪ ♪ This lab is where I belong ♪ ♪ No wailing guitars and no spooky sis ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ No cupcake dilemmas,
you can even hear this ♪ ♪ Best dang brother anywhere around ♪ ♪ Lincoln Loud, Lincoln Loud ♪ ♪ The best dang brother anywhere around ♪ ♪ He helped me get this T that’s sweaty
He helped me get red carpet ready ♪ ♪ He helped us buy that closet thing ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] I told you guys, I don’t wanna sing. ♪ Dropping records on a weekly basis ♪ ♪ Playing shows in exotic places ♪ ♪ Rocking out to a cheering crowd ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ Hear them screaming
Luna Loud ♪ [choral singing] ♪ I used to think that Christmas was
About the wish list filled with stuff ♪ ♪ I never really needed anyway ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ But as long as we’re together
It’s a holiday ♪ [chanting] ♪ Me time
A little room to breathe time ♪ ♪ A little quiet and peace
I’ve never had ♪ ♪ At least I’m never lonely ♪ ♪ We’re never lacking for a sports team
Maybe ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ This crazy’s not that bad ♪ ♪ In The Loud House, in The Loud House ♪ ♪ That’s the way we show our love
In The Loud House ♪ ♪ laundry piles stacked up high
​Hand-me-downs that make me cry ♪ ♪ Stand in line to take a pee ♪ [ticking] [bell ringing] ♪ ​Never any privacy ♪ ♪ In The Loud House, in The Loud House ♪ ♪ One boy, ten girls
Wouldn’t trade it for the world ♪ [chanting] Loud House! [ticking] [bell ringing] Poo poo. [music playing]

100 thoughts on “Are You a Loud House Song Expert?! | Finish The Lyrics Challenge 🎶 | #KnowYourNick

  1. How many questions were there but I did get all of them right my favourite song was the loud house credits song 😀

  2. I got 10 that i'm know the song and i'm like luna loud, luan loud, lynn loud and the twins. i luv nickelodeon

  3. I only missed one the Christmas one and your wondering why I did get the other it s because I guessed so does that still count?

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