Arulnithi and friends visit MS Baskar | Demonte Colony Tamil Movie | MS Baskar passes away | Sananth

So early in the morning
astrology and all that crap! Do we have to go? Keep going Such a fuss-pot! ‘God, let the astrologer
predict good for me alone’ I’m sure
He will (prayer) What a divine ambience! ‘Lord Vishnu, shower Your grace’ Good morning, boys Who is first? Not me Not for me either If none of you want… …whose future will he predict? Let me look at yours On this paper I want
your right thumb impression We’ll check your over-all benefits Go ahead Be confident, constant and courageous That’s good (humming under his breath) (matching the right palmyra manuscript) Does your name start with K? No Let me check again Get the 3rd bundle from that shelf Does it start with letter T? Not at all I thought as much It must be in that bundle Here, sir Smooth operator, no? How about the letter S? Yes Is your name Srinivasan? Right Your thumbprint belongs
to the whorl pattern Your date of birth is
January 26, 1988 12th day of
Tamil month Thai Your name is Srinivasan Father’s name
Krishnamurthi Mother Thilakavathy According to this manuscript
your parents are no more How’s he bang on? At the time of your birth… …’Rahu’ was in Gemini
Mars and Saturn in Virgo Jupiter in Libra Sun, Venus, Mercury in Capricorn This turns out to be… …a worthless and wasted birth Whatever work you do… …will be a wasted effort You’ll lead a hand
to mouth existence Be a burden to mother earth And breathe your last one day (cackles in glee) Let’s check your marital life now Can’t get worse! When saint Agasthiya wrote it… …even his hands were trembling! You’ll never get married
in this birth for sure Despite all odds… …like world’s 8th wonder …if a girl is hell bent
on marrying only you …the very same night she will
fly away faster than the wind Waste…waste…waste! In 6th century BC sage Agasthiya has
written your birth will be a total waste End of your story Your thumb impression Yours is right here ‘Harakiri’ Lord Shiva! Your thumbprint is called… …the ulna loop According to this manuscript… …your name is Vimal Right Your mother’s name is Geetha And your father is Ilango Am I right? (pleased laughter) How will my life be, sir? Life…huh? He’ll at least get food
without working till he dies But you were born as
a curse to this society If you can, please die today Let’s hope in your next birth
you have a better life In your horoscope
the squares are all wonky Why are you sending me
to my grave sooner than expected? What about my marital life? Hey! Sonny, shall we see yours? I don’t want mine read Why not? You dragged us simple souls… …to some half baked block head Humiliated us
from head to toe And you’ll get away, huh? Give him your thumbprint Come on, sonny ‘If he predicts good stuff for Sappai… …I’ll die a 1000 deaths, dude’ Wait…let me go in and check Help me, God How will my life
after marriage be, sir? That’s the only thing missing! Raghava, I’m extremely irritated Don’t add fuel to the fire Just keep quiet I can’t find it Lord Shiva! His manuscript is not in our bundle But on Friday we’re expecting… …a fresh bundle from
Vaitheeswara temple If you come on Saturday… …I’ll predict his future
from A to Z It seems he’ll tell in
alphabetical order! Get his also Making fun of me? Sir, what about money? Anyhow we are here
on Saturday, right? We’ll pay you then Come definitely on Saturday Do you want to check
any other chapter in your life? This itself is a closed chapter! Dude, he’s a fraudster! Because he said bad stuff,
he’s a trickster, huh? He was bang on about
our parents’ names Hello, tell me I’m the astrologer speaking I must tell you something Come immediately I’m half way back home I’ll come another day It’s urgent Come right now Just for this, I can’t
come to Mogappair I’ll come another day Please listen to me I must definitely talk to you – Come immediately
– Hello…? Listen to me I can’t hear a word Hello? Why did you stop? You go home I have an errand to run Where are you going? Just go, I’ll join you Come, Raghava “Even when wolves howl long and deep” “Yama, lord of death will be asleep” “Like a deer you’re caught” “To be hunted, believe it or not” “To die by your own deed” “This is the right time indeed” “If you try to escape, futile” “Curse follows you for a lifetime”

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