Azim Premji Business Empire (Donated $21 Bln) | How big is Wipro?
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Azim Premji Business Empire (Donated $21 Bln) | How big is Wipro?

Hello and Welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time, we will start our journey on a
train, passing the dark tunnels and hilly mountains of Maharashtra. We have now reached this railway station,
Amalner. This is the town where it all began. In 1945, Mohamed Premji started a company
Western India Vegetable Products Ltd and started manufacturing sunflower vegetable oil, here
in Amalner. This small vegetable oil company was later
transformed by Mohamed Premji’s son, Azim Premji into what we now know as Wipro. In fact, in the year 2000, Azim Premji was
the richest person in India. At that time he was richer than Reliance,
Hindustan Lever, and Infosys combined. To understand Azim Premji’s journey, let’s
turn back the clock to 1966. We are now in California at Stanford University;
here 21-year-old Azim Premji is studying engineering. That year he received a sad news, his father
Mohamed Premji has passed away. He hurriedly returned to India, and later
had to leave his studies to manage his father’s business. He later focussed on growing the business,
added newer products. In the 1980’s he recognised the importance
of the emerging IT industry. So he formed a company, Wipro Information
technology and started manufacturing minicomputers. And now 37 years later, that vegetable oil
company has transformed into a worldwide conglomerate. Operating in over 50 countries and has more
employees than Coca-Cola and Intel combined. So let’s get our tickets and start the tour
around the world, to witness Azim Premji & Wipro’s massive Business Empire. Our first stop is North America
And we will land in Canada’s biggest airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport. Wipro is the IT solutions provider of this
airport. Moreover, Wipro also operates 3 business centres
across Canada. Moving to the US, we will reach the coveted
New York stock exchange. Wipro is one of the few Indian Companies to
be listed on NYSE. Moreover, in the US, the company owns, a San
Francisco based user experience design company, Cooper; a Florida based health insurance service
provider, HealthPlan Services and a global cloud services company, Appirio. Wipro is also located in 40 locations across
America and also operates an innovation centre, which is involved in developing AI-based innovations
that include smart buildings and smart field equipments. In the US, the group also owns the leading
crowdsourcing marketplace for developers, Topcoder; a financial services consulting
firm, Opus and also operates an aviation parts manufacturing plant in Washington State. Not only that, Azim Premji also holds personal
investments in a business intelligence company, a payment services provider, a business automation
company, an e-commerce fraud-prevention start-up and a cloud computing company firm based in
California. From California let us move to South America
Here Wipro has delivery centres in Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In Brazil alone, the group employees over
1400 people and also operate a 2-acre hydraulics manufacturing plant in São Paulo. Moving to Africa, here Wipro operates delivery
centres in 8 countries that include Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the company has
carried out an internship programme for graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and is also
jointly working with the South African government to provide computers and libraries to rural
schools in South Africa. From Africa, let us travel to Europe and reach
the birthplace of Lego toys, Denmark. Here the group owns the award-winning design
firm, Designit. In nearby Germany, the group owns an IT consulting
firm, cellent AG, and also operates Hydraulics manufacturing facilities in Finland, Sweden
and Romania. Moreover in Europe Wipro operates IT development
centres in over 15 countries. In the UK alone Wipro has 10 development centres
and is also the technology partner to the famous Chelsea Football Club. As we have reached UK, let’s take a walk
on London’s famous Bond Street. This street was home to the first retail store
of the iconic brand, Yardley London. Now the historic Yardley London is also owned
by Wipro and is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. From London, we will travel all the way to
Australia and reach Sydney. Here the group has recently acquired a popular
design agency Syfte. Their clients include major companies like
Qantas and Commonwealth Bank. Moreover, Wipro also operates four IT development
centres here in Australia. From Australia, we will travel to Asia and
will land in the enchanting Malaysia. Here Wipro owns one of the biggest FMCG Company
of Malaysia, Wipro UNZA. The group manufactures over 25 popular personal
care brands that include, Safi, the highest selling skincare brand & popular toothpaste
brand of Malaysia. Bio-Essence, the leading facial brand in Malaysia,
Singapore and Taiwan. Romano, one of the most popular shampoo & body
spray in Vietnam. Wipro’s Enchanteur and Vitalis are the highest
selling female fragrances in Indonesia. While in China the group owns one of the leading
FMCG company, Zhongshan daily products and also manufactures top selling chinese brands
like Pahnli, Zici and Enear. Moreover, Wipro also operates IT centres in
8 countries in Eastern part of Asia that include Indonesia, Japan and Philippines. Moving to the rest of Asia, Wipro has over
4000 employs in the Middle East and Bangladesh. In Saudi Arabia, the group has jointly established
a multi-million dollar Women’s Business Park, while the group also operates an aerospace
manufacturing plant in Israel. Finally, after the world tour, we have reached,
India. Here, Wipro is India’s third-largest IT
Company and operates over 40 business centres across India. The group’s billion-dollar FMCG company owns
major brands like Santoor, Chandrika Soaps, Glucovita Glucose powder and leading switches
brand Northwest Switches. The company also manufactures LED lights,
detergents and baby products. Wipro’s other major company Wipro Infrastructure
manufactures airplane actuators used in aircraft landing gears, 3D-printed transmitters for
space missions and also provides industrial wastewater service. The company is also the world’s largest independent
hydraulics cylinder manufacturer. Meanwhile, Azim Premji’s personal investment
fund PremjiInvest is estimated to be over $3 billion dollars, which makes his private
fund bigger than LIC Mutual Fund. Some of his investments include Domino’s Pizza,
SBI General Insurance, FMCG companies Emami and Marico, retail brands Fabindia and Big
Bazaar and Startup’s Lenskart and Policy Bazaar. Moreover, Azim Premji has not only created
a worldwide conglomerate but he has also donated $21 billion worth of his stake in Wipro to
his charity, Azim Premji Foundation. The charity foundation has established a University
in Karnataka. Azim Premji foundation now has over 1000 employees
and is working with over 350,000 government schools, to improve education in rural India. To end it, all I can say is that, Azim Premji
has certainly transformed his father’s small vegetable oil business into a worldwide business

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  1. Dear sir
    Azim premji needs to do a lot more for India and rest of the world..,..
    Why wipro invest in fake education systems….
    Why wipro invest in fake health care systems
    Wipro needs to act local but think global….
    Wipro needs to promote ancient health care systems which originated in India and China…..
    Health care is not about inventing new diseases to sell medicine….
    Future medicine is all about self searching souls…….
    Wipro needs a higher and more compatible weltAanschuung
    God bless you all in this Nobel endeavor

  2. Great Indian Philanthropist Mr. Azeem Premji inspires business personalities from across the world to charity work…!

  3. Ratan Tata & Azim premji are the genuine business mans in india. Ambani & Adani are the worst business man they looteded the people and bribed govts to make more money … Thts why even even good politicians bcm corrupted

  4. NEERAV MODI and JIVAY MALYA fucked india.
    PREMJI and RATAN TATA not only does business but also serves india, and that’s a real business man.

  5. They ll not give good hikes to the employees but they r servicing public.they r doing donation for avoiding tax.There are lot of employees those who have above 3 years of experience and get salary less than 20k in these MNC. If inside employees are strong the employees can give more efforts to serve public.

    The current situation of wipro and Tcs employees is like half hungry stomach. Can't provide full meals or they won't keep the employees with empty stomach.They can't understand the feeling of half hungry people.

  6. no value for employees who put 20 and beyond yesrs of service.. under band inertia shed the old he removed over 3000 employees forcing them to resign and did not give severence package

  7. First you should take care of internal employees who are working hardly day and night. No hikes even after a year and stop playing politics in d company

  8. People fail to understand that these self named foundations are only to protect their wealth from taxes. They do little good for the society in real. If that would have been the case, India would have been free from poverty at least, given the no. of companies & their foundations…

  9. And this person pays to his employees who are working as system administrator same amount as a sweeper earns per month. He should think about some employee satisfaction too.

  10. A week from now ill be working for wipro company .Im happy yet worried at the same time .Most employees say that Wipro has a lot of discrepancy when it comes to the salary and incentives of their employees.

  11. He donated much to public but those are working for Wipro has very less salary has compared to other companies . At least employee should get salary as per their work

  12. Premji donated 70000 crores to charity did anyone saw it ? But Wipro gives poor salary to employees and force them to leave I saw it well I am ex employee when you ask the reason Automation

  13. These people donate….Just to get 1 rupee per acre land in india and other countries……Plus gets a lot of free license, mining permission, pollution certificate, tax rebate, tax exemption, free electricity, free water, subsidised raw materials, govt projects,,,,,, don't be fooled by their "donation" gimmick

  14. Cheaters India kam kerne wele lower caste sab bhag jaye ge cheaters you have done cheating in 1960 .

  15. Wow sir. Really great but our office in Hyderabad is most worst a government. Public place is better than that

  16. Azim premjee earning because of there employee but they are not giving anything to their employee. Donation is just for saving Tax. This so called organization which run Azim premjee is sucking blood of their employee and saving their tax.

  17. Why he not construct best hospital in city with low cost… For best human services….. Why not going go doctors poor people's home treat freely….????

  18. This asshole once said techies salaries are very high and they are over paid.These indian companies are mostly paid by overseas clients in dollar and here they are paying in rupee.Hope AI will takeover the IT world soon.Then these IT companies ass will get pain, allready techies are trapped.

  19. May I know, Every billionaires spend a large percentage of their business profit to charity, but the poverty doesn't go away.

    The third richest man in the world, and the most charitable is Warren Buffett – he has donated more than 55% ($46.6 billion) of his wealth to charitable causes.

    The ten most charitable billionaires have a combined net worth of $491.2 billion and have donated $109.7 billion.

    British founder and joint chief executive of Bet365, Denise Coates, is the most philanthropic female billionaire, publicly donating around 2.4% of her earnings to charitable causes.

  20. Kahan daan Kar diye, makkar kahin ke. Jhootha. Indians are super idiots. They are easily waylaid by propaganda. He may not be a crook, but he is certainly not a saint.

  21. Azim premji me barfani mahant swami pawan bharti maharaj naga baba avahan akhara completely speritual person and social activist and enterprenure work with poor people. I have no academic qualifications. I have lot of innovative ideas for social work for india.. I will be interest to talk to you such matter. My contuct no +919568059540 & email id – – [email protected]

  22. this all fake news they want to avoid tax that reason they mention charity like that inform to azim premji first provide proper salary to wipro employees then donate donate to charities like that

  23. Big fan of ajim premji. I wish I could also earn money like you and do something better for the society. Jai Hind.

  24. Aziz prem ji ko bolna chahta hnu ki kuch daan karana sikh lo matalab muze 11000 crore rupees k WIPRO k stocks bhar bhar k de tab tumhari company (11 LAKH CRORE RUPEES) Ka market capitalization ho jayega.

  25. Ur the one of the greatest personality and u served alot for the people and u fulfills ur father's desire… I think AZIMPRRMJI sir is all rounder… He is suppose to be a son, citizen and a great business man… 🙏

  26. Indian Big Businesses should pay attention to their social responsibilities to less fortunate people in society like Premji done. Govts. don't make societies, Big Businesses do.

  27. why they give less salaries ???
    perfect salaries are not provided by wipro i m a data entry operator
    and i get 8k salary frm wipro
    very poor salary why ????
    prices of rooms, rents are increased and salaries are not why?????
    how will indians live ??????

  28. Business and Charity go hand in hand here. There is no parallel in India to my knowledge which has these equally weighted wings. Tata Group is also has about 60-70% profits dedicated to Charity, but it started much earlier.

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