Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Lube a Bike Chain

Hi, I’m Travis with Mad Dog Cycles here in
Provo, Utah and we’re talking about how to lube a chain. Basically what I would do is
get an old rag, wipe off the excess dirt and oil on the chain just by putting a rag around
the chain, pulling it backwards. You can use some de-greasers or what have you, but you
want to start with a fairly decent clean chain. Now as far as lubricants go, we use DeMond,
it’s like more of a polymer based lubricant. A little bit goes a long way and what we do
is we actually, it has a little tiny tip on it. You can actually just put a little drop
on each roller and go through the chain and you move it up and then here again, each roller,
OK? Another lubricant you can, well, use is we use Boshield T-9 which it has some ingredients
in there that will clean the chain so much but actually leave a waxy film. Great rust
preventer for those winter months or if you’re on the coast. And this is available in a drip
such as this or in a spray version as well. Here again you just want to spray it on there.
Let it sit for a little bit and wipe off the excess, always wipe off the excess if it’s,
whatever lubricant you use. Try to use a nice, thin bicycle type lubricant. Go to your local
bike shop and see what they recommend and use that.

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