Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Mail a Bicycle

Hi, I’m Travis with Mad Dog Cycles, here in
Provo, Utah. And we’re talking about how to ship a bicycle. Now, the first thing you do,
is obviously, you need to get broken down. You don’t have to break it down a whole lot,
all you need to do is to remove the front wheel, put it right here, along the side,
leave the back wheel on, get a small box for your parts. You have to remember the pedals.
You can put the pedals in the box here. And the seat posts need to come off. Make sure
you wrap the frame with some kind of cardboard. Move the handlebars here to the side, and
so it’s ready to go. And then, go to your local bike shop, and buy a bike box. Most
bike shops have them. Once it’s packaged properly, put it in the box, tape it up, take it down to your local UPS,
DHL, FedEx, whomever you want to ship it with, and send it out.

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