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(Blackpink House) Where are we? -It’s Thailand.
-Thailand! (Last week, Blackpink went
to Thailand for the first time.) (Day 1 – Morning
Food to their liking) -Wow.
-It’s delicious! -This is so pretty.
-How do you look? (Day 1 – Afternoon
To a shopper’s heaven) Lisa is going to buy a present
for me. So grateful. (Five-star customer review
Cost-effective Lisa package) (Meanwhile) (At that time) Hello! Anybody home? (Tasty, Sizzling) (What is going on here?) (Chapter 4) (#Blackpink’s First Trip Since
Debut #Touching Surprise) (#Another Present
Another Memory) (Blackpink House) (Without anyone knowing…) (Blackpink returns
to the hotel.) -What?
-There’s food here. (What is all this?) -What?
-There’s food here. -Smell it.
-Look at all this. This is what Lisa likes. -That’s right.
-We saw that before. -Wow.
-It’s mango sticky rice. It’s sticky rice?
I want to try it. -Hey!
-What is this? -You wanted to eat this.
-Poo phat pong curry! It was all here. -This is amazing.
-What is this? (We didn’t know what you’d like,
so we’ve prepared everything.) (Was it room service?
But who prepared all of this?) Everything I like is here.
How did they know? (Everything Lisa likes is here.) The bed though…
The bed is really great. (Wait a minute.) This dish is like the one
that my mom makes. It’s like your mom’s cooking? -Yes. It looks like it.
-Maybe your mom made it. It looks like it. -I doubt it.
-Could her mom… -This really is the food that I
-This is -used to like when I was a kid.
-really what Lisa likes. I doubt that it was your mom. I really think it was. -No, it wasn’t.
-That’s not it. -Oh, Lisa.
-No. This really is… Thank you for the food. -I’ll try it. Really.
-Thank you. This is… No! No… -Hurry. Come here.
-This is from my house. -This is from my house.
-Now she’s saying it’s theirs. This cooking pan is really
from my house. -I’m serious!
-Stop that. -This is used for cheese fondue.
-Oh, my. -Swiss…
-This is… (Right then) Oh, my… (Surprised) -What?
-Hey… (It can’t be…) (It really can’t be…) What’s going on? (Just as we thought) (It was just as we thought.) -Wow!
-They really are here! (Surprise) -Lisa was right!
-Great! (As she wished,
it’s Lisa’s father.) (And…) (Mom is always missed.) (The daughters hug
and greet them.) (Mom looks down, worried
that she might shed a tear.) (Whether people
are looking or not) (I missed you so much.) (I missed you so much, Mom.) Normally, my mom
would have texted me as soon as I arrived
in Thailand. But my mom
didn’t contact me at all. Not even a single text. I was thought that maybe she was still sleeping. Who would have known that they will surprise me? (Mom had been waiting for this
moment more than anyone.) -Don’t cry!
-It’s been so long. Don’t cry or I’m going to cry.
It can’t happen! -No, I’m going to start crying.
-Don’t cry. When the door opened,
our eyes met, and I saw my mom. (She hugs her daughters that
she hasn’t seen in a while.) -Mom. It’s been so long.
-Did you do this for us? (The presence of Lisa’s parents
is making everyone cry.) In the beginning of this year,
I came to Thailand and had dinner with my parents and Lisa’s parents. She was getting teary-eyed
and that made me cry too. It just made me realize how much they had missed each other. -Why are you crying?
-Rosti! (Tearing up) Thank you. -Mom. It’s been so long.
-Did you do this for us? -Why are you crying?
-Rosti! -How are you?
-Thank you! (Rosti) I want to know
which one is better, -the one you make or mine.
-Wow… I think…
I think the one you make. I’m sure. -Oh, my!
-This one is for you. Khaoniao mamuang. Khaoniao mamuang? Yes. What did I tell you? I told you
that it’s from my house! -Really?
-It really is from my house. Oh, my… I really didn’t believe her
until the end. -Wow, this is amazing.
-Okay, I got it. What are we celebrating? (Lisa’s father
prepared champagne.) Champagne, champagne! You haven’t seen your parents
in a while. Aren’t you happy? I almost cried,
but I stopped myself. If I start crying, I’ll be
crying for a long time. I’m tearing up. (She’s crying too.
She continues to cry.) She’s crying. What’s the matter? This is all very touching. (Tears fill the dining table.) If someone cries,
I start crying too. What are we going to do? -Why are you crying?
-I have no empathy. (Not everyone is the same
at the dining table.) -Food!
-Dad! (Why are you crying
in front of such a great feast?) -Blackpink in Thailand.
-Thank you! Oh, I toast to that.
Super girls. (To the super girls!) -Welcome to Bangkok!
-Sure! -Thank you.
-Thank you! -Not again…
-Don’t cry. (Don’t cry.) (Thank you, Daddy.) How did they make this? Your dad made this? (Are you talking about
the vegetable decorations?) (Did you make this, Mom?) -Yes.
-Really? -Wow, that’s amazing.
-Look at her. (She’s been surprised
a lot today.) -You mom…
-She discovered new things. -There’s a lot she didn’t know.
-Really. (Lisa’s home cooked meal
revealed new things about Mom.) (Before Blackpink got back…) (Mom and Dad, who are pro chefs,
prepared a hearty meal.) (Lisa’s home cooked meal,
just as Lisa likes.) (Enjoy the meal.) -Can we start now?
-So, for those who have never eaten this one, all right… (Before you begin eating…) (Oh!) I’m excited. -You take a fork…
-Yes? -Yes, I got one.
-You take it from here. (Stick it in the bread!) All right. And then, just stir it a little. This is Jisoo’s style. That’s right.
I was only looking at this. -And listen.
-Like this? -If you lose the bread…
-Yeah. (If you drop it…) (What?) You have to kiss your neighbor. (My lips) -There are only girls today.
-So, if I lose it in there… There are only girls today. -Oh, no…
-Damn… You’ll have to buy
a bottle of wine. (Then I should stick it in
really well.) That’s right. Okay. (A Swiss Custom) (Dipped into the cheese,
what is the fate of the bread?) (The bread is covered
with white cheese.) -Isn’t it hot?
-No, it’s fine. (This combination
can’t go wrong.) (Oh, no!) (Kiss) -She did it.
-No, no… (Wow) -Try this.
-No, not now. (Dad’s cooking is the best.) (The tasty food
makes her shoulders dance.) (Just by watching them eat,
it makes her parents full.) I’m really full. But it’s so good. -Do you like it?
-I think I can eat more of this. Thank goodness. I’m so full. I want to try
the mango sticky rice. (Rainbow colored
mango sticky rice) (Really?) (Me too.) (An anti-mango union
has just been formed.) -I finally found one.
-It’s hard not to like mango. Since they made this for us,
let’s make something for them. I wanted to make
new memories for them. I heard that they started
preparing the meal at 12 o’clock while we were out. So I wanted to do
something fun for them. (So that’s why she thought of
making cocktails.) I will make it for you. (Making cocktails
for Lisa’s parents) Will you dance? Like a show? He’s asking you to dance. (Pour some
refreshing orange juice) (Passion fruit juice
is a must for cocktails.) -I think you’ll love it.
-Yes. -She likes passion fruit.
-Yes. My mom likes it. Since she likes it,
I’ll put in some more. (Good) Mixing the ingredients takes
more time than any other steps. (After you add some guava juice,
close the cover well.) -Shake it.
-Like this? -Shake it!
-You might throw it. (Shake it) Boombayah, boombayah (Boombayah, boombayah) -Boombayah, boombayah
-Give it a turn. -Boombayah
-Boombayah, boombayah (Reinterpretation of “Boombayah”
Featuring Lisa’s Daddy) (In case you didn’t get it,
we’ll play the song.) (Also known as
Boombayah Cocktail) -Wow, that was amazing.
-Yeah! (In her heart, Jisoo’s
the champion bartender.) This is so funny. It just looks like
orange juice, right? (She decorates it too!) -Look at this.
-Yes! Look at the end of that. It’s so cute. -Pineapple!
-Pineapple. -Apple pen
-Apple pen -Pineapple pen
-Pineapple pen (Apple and Pineapple equal to?) -Pen, pineapple, apple, pen
-Pen, pineapple, apple, pen The name is so funny. -Pen, pineapple, apple, pen
-Pen, pineapple, apple, pen (Pen, pineapple, apple, pen) (Happy) Love shot! -Love shot!
-Love shot! Love shot! (Love shot) (Mom takes the lead.) (Fooling around) I need to take a picture. (Look here) (Click) Ask them if they liked it. -Okay. It’s great.
-Great. (After the meal
full of thanks is over…) (Now we will begin
the surprise.) -For you.
-This is really new. (Mom prepared
the gifts herself.) -Oh, really.
-And for you. -Your mom is so talented.
-This is so pretty. Your mom made this herself? Yes, she made that herself. (Mom made it with love.) (A scrapbook
with photos and messages) She was up all night last night. Really? (Mother’s love) “May you have happiness
and good times.” (Mom sends her sincere feelings
to the daughters.) Happily… (Be happy
and take care of your health.) “Be healthy.
Take care of your health.” (How does it feel seeing us
all together like this?) (I waited for this moment for
a long time. I’m really happy.) (I’d like to see you all
more often.) (I wish you could
come more often.) (Touched) I ate the most then. The meal
that Lisa’s mother made. I was really touched. I get teary thinking about it. I don’t know why. It’s so weird. (We depend on and grow
with our family.)

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    All the rest of member of blackpink: defuck you think you doing Lisa ,you cocky bitch ,where is our parent? Why our mom and dad didnt come here to battle parenthood with Lisa's suckkkk

  2. Maybe true love isn't out there for me, but I can sublimate my loneliness with the notion that true love is out there for someone like you lisa 🥰😘😍

  3. No one is talking about how stong is jennie and lisa's friendship is, i mean both of them with their parents had a dinner and shopped together ling before in thailand and some blonks have the decency to trash jennie cuz they say she's bullying lisa 😂 well im a jenlisa shipper so stfu blonks

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