Budgies Breeding Progress Of New Colony First Time / Parrots Seeds Sunflower & Suffola.
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Budgies Breeding Progress Of New Colony First Time / Parrots Seeds Sunflower & Suffola.

Hi,Friends,Good morning, this is Dipankar & you’re watching my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” I cordially invite you all to my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” friends, in my little bird breeding farm there’re many parrots for all of them I bought foods, seeds from Kolkata so today i’m going to show you what I’ve purchased & how much have i to pay for them that’s all to show you friends, i’m inside the budgies colony to make the video also like to show you their breeding progress few chicks in the pitcher & eggs few chicks also found here some chicks here also some chicks found here few eggs many chicks here four chicks of red eyed parrots, grown up too four eggs & a just hatched chick here three chicks hatched & three eggs few chicks found here here some eggs & chicks three eggs & two chicks sitting with few eggs two chicks have grown up three chicks & eggs today I mixed calcium with water which one Ananda? Calgofos Ananda has mixed Calgofos calcium with water three eggs here eight eggs some lutino chicks white color incredible result !! five chicks in a single box result’s satisfactory let’s go down stair show you the purchased items like gram seeds, etc all these’re purchased show you opening them these’re sunflower seeds it costs Rs-65/ per kg i paid Rs-65/ a kg look light stripe on seed better quality is sold than this one which costs little higher the stripes is much prominent I purchased this gram seeds it’s mandatory for parrots it should be given through out the year, i.e. 365 days I give my birds soaked with water as i keep african gray, macaw pea nuts for them it’s good for keeping their health in tact it contains high fat saffola seeds previous one was better than this time the quality is nice but not like previous one & with them i purchase hand feeding set when i hand fed the big parrots, they don’t need such tool but for budgies, cocktails, love birds hand fed is quite difficult so i bought this set set this needle is set on it it’s made specially for hand feed I hope , the video delights you all if so, then do like it & also share with your friends if you watch for the first time, do subscribe & press the Bell button by it so that new video notification will appear on you mobile or desktop no more friends, see you soon with new topic , new show

100 thoughts on “Budgies Breeding Progress Of New Colony First Time / Parrots Seeds Sunflower & Suffola.

  1. Hi Dipankar, good to see your videos. You have kept the breeding boxes and pots on a certain height. How do you handle the chicks from falling down from this height. Please do reply:) Thanks Amarnath

  2. App Kolkata se ho, maine apka surname depankar dekkar maine samja ki app Maharashtra se ho, aisa laga. Aur mai marathi me kuch comment kiya hai. Muje COCKTAIL lena hai, mai mumbai se hu. Give me your suggestions.

  3. Dada Mujhe 1 pair sunconure chahiye semi adult ho ya breeder pair DNA tested. for sale ho to bataiye.apna mobile no. Agar dein sakte ho to dijiye. Thank you (Arshad)

  4. Dada ekta cockatoo or ekta grey parrot kinte chai..konta better talkative hobe?ektu bolben plzz r apnar theke kinte hole kivabe contact krbo?

  5. Dipankar bhai apki website ka koi fayda hame hota nhi he… or using me bhi samj nhi aata he sir… hame burd purches karne hote he but koi answer nhi karta na koi deliver kar pata he

  6. Please ek video banao kaisai eitna big bird farm khol saktai hai aur kitna eismai paisai legai aur kitna profit hogai exotic birds kai breeding kerwai toi ..


  7. Macalvit ka uses bataya plz kisi video me bataya dada. Matlab kitna dena chahiya per 1lit water,kitna din continue korna hoga. Plz plz kisi video me bataya.

  8. Aslaam o alaikum bhai jan kese hn ap apna nmber add ni krte plz gour kren screen pr add kiya kren nmber mje send kren plz my phone WhatsApp messenger imo nmber 03455823545 mohsan saqi jehlam Pakistan panjab

  9. Its my first comment and me new subscriber hu…. African gray Bangladesh me send korenge?? And ek baby ka price kitna…

  10. Hi dipankar, Nameshkar. I am praveen from chennai , tamilnadu. I feel happy with watching english sub-tittle this video . I dont know Hindi language . your videos are awesome . I have ten pairs budgies and two pairs indian fantail pigeon.

  11. দাদা আপনি পড়াশুনা জানেন না? জানলে উত্তর দেননা কেন?

  12. मकाउ का जो चेक होता है वह कितने में मिलता है

  13. দাদা আপনার হোয়ার্টস আপ নাম্বার টা ফেইসবুক আইডি দেয়া যাবে কি??

  14. দাদা আপনার সম্পূর্ন ঠিকানাটা জানানোর অনুরোধ রইল।
    আমি বাংলাদেশ থেকে বলছি।

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