Building a Metal Carport – Part 2

if you miss part one where I’m making my
folks in metal cardboard I’ve already erected the four posts set
and welded on the third ORS as well as made and welded on the two trusses so
continuing on with the build I moved with my plasma cutter to the tail and
cut them to be the exact same length on all four coming back with an angle
grinder to clean up all of the edges so I can weld on a end cap later on next I
moved on to preparing the purlins I also use the angle grinder here to bevel the
edges which creates a small channel for me to create a better world would seem
each one of these purlins is around 95 pounds so what I did before moving in
place on this first one was clamp a board to the truss to act as a shelf and
this worked really well this way I could lift up one side set it in place Cody
could lift up the other I could tack it in a few different places remove the
shelf and then come back and fully weld it and since that method works so well I
ended up using some scraps to make a sturdier shelf I would locate where the
next purlins needed to be and tack it into place on both sides then I would
run over to the chop saw move my next piece of joint into place and cut it to
length so in this shot you can see both of the temporary supports temporarily
welded on to the trusses so that Cody and I could just walk up our respective
ladders and set the purlins in place then I could come back in and weld it to
the truss after the purlins was welded I came back with a grinder to grind off
the supports and then move them to the next location and repeated now I got a
few comments in part one about the material choice and I’m going with and I
consulted three different contractors in my local area before tackling this
project before buying material and I only wanted four posts for this carport
and that decision determined a lot of the other choices for me which is why
I’m going with steel for the purlins instead of wood but note if you want to
tackle building a carport that you can save a lot of money if you add a few
more supporting posts and use wood instead of steel and just a tip for you
somebody recommended that I grab a magnetic ground clamp for this project
and it is the best investment I’ve made so far for welding so if you see
yourself getting in welding more and more than I definitely
recommend it while setting the purlins in place is an easy concept moving
around such large pieces of steel especially so high up was definitely
time consuming and a two-person job but taking the time to weld in those
temporary shelves on each location made a world of difference when trying to
weld these in place oh and for those worried about me tackling a structural
project even though I hadn’t been welding that long my brother-in-law is
actually a welding inspector so he checked out the project after I called
it a wrap and made sure things were good to go and that’s going to be it for the
structure the entire structure needed to be clean in order to remove the mill
scale as well as that surface rust that started getting on it from being set
outside over the last few days while I was building it Cody and I first came
through with brushes and cleaning solution on each joint and then my mom
would come back with water hose and wash it off this was a very tiring process
especially since I was already dead from moving around all of those heavy purlins
but it’s definitely not a step that you want to skip I talked to two of my local
steel paint shops and first applied a primer that they recommended it’s just
the standard red oxidized primer however my my folks ended up loving the color so
much that they decided they didn’t want a coat of paint on top of it yet and
they just wanted it left at the red primer it was far easier to apply the
paint with rollers then I came back with a brush to all the spots out of roller
couldn’t get too and the final step is to apply a roof
now going with a polycarbonate roof made by tough Tech’s
and my folks really wanted the translucent smoke gray color
I would first stack about five or six sheets on top of one another and then
use my angle grinder to cut them to the length needed and I kind of stick
together whenever you do this but they can very easily be pulled apart
I used a bead of 100% clear silicone on all of the overlapping joints in order
to prevent leaking to keep birds and insects from nesting inside the
corrugations and actually to help prevent leaking around the screws the
company makes these phone closure strips and actually these come as white but
since my folks really wanted the smoke color I just spray painted in black then
when it came to install I would first pre-drill through the polycarbonate
material then come back with a self-tapping screwed that will go
through the polycarbonate through the closure strip and into the purlins and
this was an extremely time-consuming part of the process just because you
always have a lot of removing around and you’re also working so far away from
your body the majority of the time if you’re going to be doing the same it
will definitely speed things up if you could just keep one person on the ground
to pass up the next panel or maybe pass up some more screws and then one person
stay up on the water actually securing it to the purlins as you can see it took
a full day to do the roofing but my folks were very happy with it the following day I came back with more
closure strips and attached a ridge cap the tough sex company doesn’t make a
matching ridge cap but I did find this red one that I thought matched the frame
perfectly so that’s what I ended up going with hey I tell you what there’s
almost not a better feeling out there then you know once you visualize
something work hard and then get it done there was nothing cheap for it or easy
or simple about this project but I tell you what the structure is going to last
my parents forever I hope that you enjoyed watching it all come together
and that’s it for this one I’ll see you soon close the lid and then toss them up
to me yep Oh bad okay thank you straight up yeah thanks mama

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