Celeb Realtor Chad Rogers Gives Homes to Dogs in Need

Hi, I’m Chad Rogers for PETA. Starla is
incredible. I couldn’t imagine having a better dog than her. I got Starla about four
years ago, and ever since I saw her it was pretty much love at first sight. She’s more
than a pet to me; she’s a member of my family. Starla has enriched my life so much. I mean,
just look at her. She brings me so much happiness. When I come home from work, and I come in
and she’s wagging her tail, it’s the best feeling in the whole world. I would one-hundred
percent, advocate pet adoption to everyone. I mean to save a dog from getting killed and
not knowing what is going to happen to them is more important than just going to a pet
store and buying a dog. There are thousands and thousands of pets all over the world that
need homes, so why not go to a shelter and get a dog. I mean that’s the best thing
that you could possibly do for another dog’s life. We just got done with America’s Cutest
Canine, and Starla won it; so now she is America’s Cutest Canine. What we are doing with the
prize money is we are donating it all to PETA, because obviously it’s the largest non-profit
organization for animal protection. I couldn’t think of a better cause to donate Starla’s
winnings too. The PETA’s doghouse campaign is really important right now, especially
during the winter months. I would definitely go to the Angels for Animals website, where
you can read more about it. In the winter months, when it is really cold and there are
lonely animals left outside, this organization builds hundreds of dog houses and they deliver
them to these lonely dogs to provide shelter, especially during the cold winter months.
Whatever we can do to get involved through organizations like PETA, and just become active
with saving our animals and fighting for the protection of our animals. It’s so important.
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