City of Rockford settles $1 million with fallen Officer Jaimie Cox’s estate

THE DEATH OF ROCKFORD POLICE OFFICER JAIMIE COX… THE CITY IS STILL DEALING WITH THE FALLOUT. IT’S SET TO PAY A HALF MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT TO HIS ESTATE. THE CITY HELD A SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT. KARINA PARADA WAS THERE. KARINA… THIS STEMS FROM THE FACT THAT THE MAN COX PULLED OVER THAT NIGHT DIDN’T HAVE CAR INSURANCE. ((KARINA)) THAT’S RIGHT MIMI. THE CITY OF ROCKFORD TELLS ME IT HAS A POLICY IN PLACE FOR CASES LIKE THESE. TONIGHT.. ALDERMEN VOTED TO AWARD THE COX ESTATE WITH THEIR REQUEST. THE CITY OF ROCKFORD WILL PAY THE ESTATE OF FALLEN POLICE OFFICER JAIMIE COX HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. CITY COUNCIL UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED THE SETTLEMENT MONDAY. THE DECISION IS PART OF THE CITY’S SELF- INSURED RETENTION POLICY. Nicholas Meyer/Legal Director, City of Rockford “It’s meant if I’m in an auto accident with another driver and that driver who is at fault, does not have insurance to cover my damages, my insurance company would step in to make me whole.” EDDIE PATTERSON DID NOT HAVE CAR INSURANCE AT THE TIME OF THE 2017 INCIDENT WHERE OFFICER COX LOST HIS LIFE. THE SELF-INSURED RETENTION POLICY REQUIRES A PAYMENT OF 500-THOUSAND DOLLARS.. THE INSURANCE COMPANY THEN PAYS THE REMAINDER OF THE REQUEST. Nicholas Meyer/Legal Director, City of Rockford “If Mr. Patterson had insurance, the claim would’ve been against his insurance company. Because he didn’t have insurance, we have a policy that allows our employees be made whole in that instance.” THE FUNDS WILL BE TAKEN FROM THE CITY’S RISK MANAGEMENT FUND. THE CLAIM WAS NOT PLANNED FOR IN THE BUDGET. Ald. Joseph Chiarelli/(R) City of Rockford, 14th Ward “We want to make sure that we protect the citizens of Rockford interest and their taxes. The advice we were given is that this is the best option to settle this case.” ROCKFORD’S LEGAL DIRECTOR NICHOLAS MEYER SAYS THE SETTLEMENT TOOK TWO YEARS BECAUSE THE CITY HAD A FEW THINGS TO WORK THROUGH. Nicholas Meyer/Legal Director, City of Rockford “For worker’s compensation, there was also a pension benefit that we had to work through. So we had a number of things we had to get through and then once we resolved those, we were able to focus on the uninsured motor vehicle portion of it.” ((KARINA)) IN TOTAL.. THE ESTATE OF JAIMIE COX WILL RECEIVE ONE MILLION DOLLARS. MIMI. ((MIMI)) THE CITY OF ROCKFORD CLAIMS CRIME IS DOWN.

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