Colony Season 3 Trailer (HD)
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Colony Season 3 Trailer (HD)

This isn’t a Colony, it’s a death camp. You blew up the RAP ship? Something like this happens, we all burn. I represent a resistance group based outside the Colony. The real war is about to begin. Total rendition is coming. We’re gonna send the whole block to the factory. It’s dangerous. There are drones everywhere. Who’s in charge? You or Dad? Maybe the fight here is over. It’s not over. It’s just moved on. Something big is going on. The RAPs have enemies. There’s something inside. Is that what they look like?

100 thoughts on “Colony Season 3 Trailer (HD)

  1. Ah god damn it i got excited for a second. I thought they were doing a 3rd season of the discovery channel show

  2. I love Colony is good also I love Josh Holland him is very good actor the only thing I don't like is some person respite o say way happen after , I see the series I don't need nobody repeated all I see .

  3. What happened to the original the colony season 3 that survival series not this bullshit all that aliens and special effects what a load of crap

  4. Well RIP serie they canceled season 4 and season 3 will the last. Dunno why but I really like the idea to insert another Alien faction fighting the host but I guess we won't know the real intention on both sides.
    Such a waste that this serie didn't make enough audience 🙁

  5. ''Killing Charley'' in this season, along with massacre of innocents in that camp was the most disgusting and unnecessary. Producers could have come up with the other way to end up with the final and Bowmans’ tragedy.

  6. I heard that there won't be colony season 4 and I'm so upset, this is one of the my favorite TV shows, i hope cancellation of the Show is a bs. Resist!

  7. Kann mir mal jmd verraten warum diese Serie ab zwölf ist? The Walking Dead ist in der Regel ab 16.. außer es sterben Menschen. Hier sterben regelmäßig Leute mit headshots aber das interessiert keinen. WAS LOS MIT DIESER KAPUTTEN WELT??? VLT AB ZWÖLF WEGEN EURER VERDREHTEN POLITISCHEN MEINUNG? UMSO JPNGER DAS PUBLIKUM UMSO BESSER KANN MAN DIESE FORMEN ODER WAS???

  8. It's a shame they canceled Colony. It had so much potential and endless possibilities of where it could of gone next. Really wanted a season 4 and beyond.

  9. damn said it got canceld. Just found this series 1 week ago and watch all episodes. Such a great show. It just needed more promotion

  10. So many mysteries remain about "the factory" and how it was attacked and destroyed . Something about a incomplete defense barrier or spacewall. I would like to ask the writer some questions.

  11. I am so disappointed that there is not going to be a season4 just when the alien war was starting I really hope Netflix or another streaming channel picks it up

  12. This show got doomed by the writers. After season two they claimed they didnt know when it would come back. They said probably 2019. Then freaking a month later season 3 starts. Those few of us who were watching from the start left. Stupid move saying it wasnt renewed then having all of season 3 already shot. They also claimed it wasnt a alien invasion. It was clear it was a new world order. They changed it all.

  13. Wtf? I've been hearing about this show, Colony. How it's so great and blah blah blah well bollocks. *Fanboys get triggered*. Hey fanboys come at me, defend your damsel with all your cringe. I've just watched the 1st episode of 3rd season, so boring. I honestly couldn't finish the episode because it was boring me to death. The total time was like 45 mins, I could only watch 35. Then I fast forwarded and saw more of the same boring nonsense… Pew pew pew family with kids kills all soldiers that show up like in Rambo. Pew pew in the forest. Family drama. Pew pew. Family drama. The end. My fucking God what a shallow and uninteresting show. I saw some ships in the start, some drones, a robot, that's it. No aliens seen anywhere. A lot of family drama, father and son chats, mother and son chats, son is rebel and nerd, long hair like the kid in Terminator 2, blah blah blah wow so boring. It boggles my mind how could someone say this show is good?!?!?!?!? Are you out of your minds? Or just have very small brains the size of peanuts? I mean come on give me a break. If you want a good show about alien invasion, nothing beats "V" from the 80s. Still holds up today as the best, with dated but okayish special effects. Colony what a joke lol.

  14. I love this show. I'm turning 21 in June and this is exactly how I envisioned America would be under the combined rule of muslims and the democratic party. I used to be afraid but now I know that it isn't going to be so bad. It's not like any of you can stop it from happening.

  15. Cuando para netflix! No presiono pero ya me vi las 2 temporadas 20 veces…. Ya pasó un año… dejen la tv de lado es cosa del siglo pasado.

  16. Where can I find this just binge watched 1.2 cant find season 3 anywhere and why do all the good sci fi series/movies get cancelled loving tho show

  17. I liked the show even though it really wasn't going much of anywhere. There was just enough meat to make it a good show but not enough meat or plot to go very far. I guess the show couldn't capture or keep the audience it needed to continue. I don't know if the writers knew where they were going. The writers of Supernatural have sure fucked up that show and it is soon to end. And consider how good The Walking Dead was before it became God Awful. Shows just have a shelf life and they are only as good as the writing and acting.

  18. Idk why but I just hate Helena Goldwyn, she never seems to be surprised by anything and just feels like the boss that is never satisfied with your work

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