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Cookie Lyon: Supermom Edition | EMPIRE

64 thoughts on “Cookie Lyon: Supermom Edition | EMPIRE

  1. If you've sacrificed 17 long hard years so that your husband and kids can have a better lifestyle 😩 you are the BEST mother on the planet ❤🌎 and you the GOAT 🐐💯❤

  2. Lol cookie wanted luscious since season 1 but now that they are married…….. she doesn’t want him anymore smh this season she was annoying me all throughout tbh

  3. I 💗Taraji as a actress but Cookie did a little too much this season. Lucious did all the growing and crying this season. I 🙏 season 6 get back to some good acting and better music. More hip hop and less ballets. My daughter is so tired of Tiana she wished she was in the casket.. 😂😂😂

  4. Wow, this video has more lines than Hakeem had in the second half of Season 5! My man literally became a background character, what was up with that?

  5. Empire and Star should have moments from the baddest mothers.
    Empire: Cookie & Tiana
    Star: Carlotta, Star & Cotton

  6. Season 5 really got me emotional. Especially with the way it ended the last episode was just too emotional. Looking out for the next one.
    🔥 🔥 🔥

  7. Some of you really feeling Lucious' Dwight tones. Lucious didn't really grow the way we thought since the accident. He cried a lot and said some sweet things but he literally killed a man with his bare hands, couldn't properly acknowledge his first born son, didn't see how hurt Cookie has been this entire season. He's had amazing character growth but he was no angel.

  8. IDK.. I think Empire is done.🤔 It ended with a question mark. Unless, somebody else knows otherwise.

  9. Ohhh it was so sad for Kingsley he is a very good actor it was amazing if he will come back but not like Kingsley but like a sosie whose gonna be there like his son

  10. Cookie is one of the greatest mother's on t.v, but she's a very bad wife. Blaming Lucious for him doing stuff in his past, which he had no clue about her being pregnant, and it was before he met cookie. She blames him for stuff, yet she cheated on him. Lucious (i forgot ho to spell his name), killed for her to protect her, gave up a leg and his memory for her. Became a better father to Jamal, and his kids..which is a huge step up.

    Cookie is just annoying throughout this season.

  11. I love how empire gets a season six but star doesn't get a season four NEXT season might just be the same story line were cookie and lucious get together and we a takeem scene I'm not so surprised it happens every season for people who don't know by now YES STAR IS CANCELLED but is hilarious(sarcasm) how empire gets a season six and it's been on since 2015 and star has been on since 2016

  12. Please stop pausing on the script, bring the next season immediately. Season 5 ended on a Action Jackson stance, wanting more, more, & then some MORE.

  13. Anyone notice how lighter the cookie Lyon characters skin is compared with when the show started? Wonder if she’s had skin bleaching treatments or it’s just skin make up, but it is noticeable

  14. Although Ms. Henson is obviously a very talented actress she will never ascend to the lofty heights of a Meryl Streep, Cicely Tyson, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne or a Dorothy Sands because she is nothing but a gunslinger-actress for hire, as long as the 30 pieces of silver add up, Ms. Henson is available. She puts her integrity and self-respect on the shelf if the money is right!

  15. She had some good and bad moments this season. Her character from the middle to end I didn't like, she talked-about no secrets, but lying about Damon Cross. Mad about Kingsley, when Lucious didn't even know about him. She gave him too much drama about the past, marriage is about moving forward.

  16. Hey hey hey cookie let me give it to you like this. You let down my man loucious wayyy too many times. Do it this time weee gone have a problem PERIODTT.

  17. Jessie was a liar. Can't believe these rich elites get away with everything! If someone in the hood did something wrong, they go straight to jail. Can't have it both ways

  18. I hope when or while empire is still on they make some episodes just for cookie and Luscious teenage years

  19. I feel like everyone forgot Lucious has one leg and it’s seems like something that would be a big deal but it’s almost never mentioned.🤷🏾‍♀️

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