Crime & Poverty In Manchester: Britain’s Forgotten Men
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Crime & Poverty In Manchester: Britain’s Forgotten Men

Not many opportunities at all.
Jobs are being taken day by day. Most of us are on benefits
and struggling. Hard times, innit? This is Moston, one of Manchester’s
less salubrious neighbourhoods, where we caught up
with Corey and his mates. Are these all yours?
No! Are they heck! Two of them’s mine, and then I’ve got two little ones
in school as well. Don’t draw on the walls. Well, you seem to have collected quite a few of the lads
from round the estate. Why do you look after them? I’m not smoking. You tell ’em! Don’t get mad. I’m not! You’re under arrest! Put the cig
out, you’re under arrest! So, what type of options are there
for the kids round here? When they… Workwise, when they
get to kind of 15, 16? None. None. Trouble.
Trouble. Trouble. Trouble. Crime. CHILD BABBLES This is the road that
I grew up on all my life. That was my house over there,
the corner one. Are you all right, bro, yeah? Like Moston, Wythenshawe has
a reputation. But, after years of investment, the place is on the up. It wasn’t always like that. In my era, that’s when
I reckon it was the worst, Wythenshawe,
from the age of like about 13. Murders were happening,
and stuff like that. Me seeing that as a child… the only path you see,
you’re going to go down that path. I used to knock on houses first, that’s something
I used to do as a kid. And if they answered I’d say, “Is
my football in your back garden?” If they didn’t answer then I knew
they weren’t in, cos I knew at that age, they’d just look at me as
a kid, not knowing that I’m going to rinse the house, I’m going to
burgle it. Do you know what I mean? The school over there, I broke in
there and robbed loads of computers. I was, like, 13. And then when I was, like, 14, I got done for ten burglaries and
aggravated and stuff like that. What does aggravated mean? Got found in the house with a meat
cleaver, so… You know what I mean? Take me through your mind-set
where you’ve decided to break into someone’s house
with a meat cleaver. Some guy tried stabbing me. Every time I went to burgle a house,
I went with a weapon. I got permanently
excluded about year 8, I got found with weed from school. By year 9, I was in prison. INDISTINCT SPEECH I need cigs. Got no cigs left. How long have you
been here now, then? We’ve been in here since… ..Lilly was six months old. About eight and a half years
we’ve been here now. She’s nine next Sunday. Last year on her birthday,
it was my fucking Christmas do so I couldn’t really do much. This year it’s derby day, so I can’t do much on
my little girl’s birthday. Massive deal, derby day. People take it really seriously.
I take it really seriously. That’s me derby day shirt,
cup final. Derby day socks. Derby day boxer shorts. What is it like round here? Rough. Horrible. We can’t even leave
the kids’ bike out. Just go missing out the back garden. That was me on
the Manchester Evening News. A couple years back. They kicked the
front door off with a Rambo knife at three o’clock in the afternoon
to get my jewellery. I’m in a bath at the top
of the stairs, that door and i just hear a bang. Kicked the door clean off. Three lads in balaclavas
running up the stairs. Two of them ran in the room and
one locked me in the bathroom. My arse fell out while I was
in the bathroom, straight away. Then I thought,
“Well, you can only get me. “You can’t get the kids,
can’t get the missus. “Fuck ’em, they’re having it.”
I just opened the door and I give it to all three of them,
stark bollock naked – all ten inches swinging around! I’m only joking! They wanted me jewellery,
wanted me gold bracelets. Well, they weren’t having
my gold bracelets. I’ve worked hard for them. No illegal activity had ever been
made to acquire them. All legal, worked all my life. That’s above my front door, mate. You’re having that in your fucking
skull next time you come. The system’s on its arse. There’s
nothing for kids. Like benefits, they’re making it harder
for people to claim – people with actual reasons why they need to claim benefits
then they’re making it harder then them kids are going to
grow up like us just because they’ve got no money
and they see their mum struggling. I don’t want to see my mum
struggling. That’s why I do this. No job or anything would take me on. I know that, so… ..I’ve got to do
my thing on the road. It’s the only way. No opportunity. I’d rather be out here making key,
doing all that shit. Quick money, innit? Easy money. Sell bud, whiff, crack, anything. Say hello! Do you want your red one? Yeah. No! You’ve got a blue top on! I’m sure you said you were thinking
of trying to move away from here. We can’t. You like that one, don’t you? We’re not called fucking Ooga-Boogoo fucking
Abdul Patel…Hussein… they don’t do nothing for you.
What do you mean? We had… Four of us live in this house.
You’ve seen how small this house is. They’re saying
we’re adequately homed. Yeah? Would you…
In your personal opinion, is this adequate for us, this house? With two kids sharing the same room, him screaming all night,
affecting her school life? No. But why would being
an immigrant affect that? You tell me. We come over here and
we can’t get no help, nothing. They come over, they
get a telly paid for, they get fucking foreign
channels paid for them on Sky, they get a house given to them,
all the rent paid for, and they get fucking food allowance, all this allowance, everything. What do we get? Fuck all.
Does that happen, though? Who told you that happens? Who told me that happens? The fucking 150 people that
live on the estate that have been over here a couple of months that have got a bigger
and better house than us. What have they ever
given to this country? Apart from most of them bring
fucking Aids and fucking all that back over here with them. You don’t mean that.
Yeah, I fucking do. Yeah, I do. A lot of people would be quite
offended by what you’re saying. I couldn’t give a fuck. The NHS is in a complete meltdown because they’re letting
too many people in the country. It can’t cope. My grandad’s Pakistani – he come
over here. He’s an immigrant. But he come over here and
he worked all his life. He had his own business. He ran a pub, bought houses, and he rented them out. That was his business.
He’d never, ever scam anything. So if you come over here,
and you want to work and you want to pay your rent
and you pay into… I’ve got no problem with you at all. The ones that want to
come over here and scam and all they want to do is
just feed off the benefits… No. Did you vote in
the EU referendum? Yeah. How…? Out. Out? Out. Out. Have you changed your mind at all?
No. Not at all. Do you think these views
are common round here? Yes. Major. Not just round here. The whole of the fucking country. Yo, yo, yo! Dying, mate. Rough! You look rough. Where you going? The Vulcan. What, now? Right now. RADIO BLARES RADIO: ..for the derby – Manchester
United against Manchester City. Derby today. United supporters
will come to this pub. 360 turn, you’ll see the Old Bill
there, watching us again. What’s going on today, mate? I’m hoping to kick fuck
out of a red. Want to smash fuck out of them
Munichs, lad. Why do you call them the Munichs?
Cos they’re fucking Munichs, lad. Fuck the aeroplane. Fuck off. # We’re City, we’re mad
We’ll kill your mum and dad. # I love City. Love ’em to bits. But the adrenaline rush
when you do have a scrap is non-comparable. ALL: City! City! City! The only thing I can explain
the adrenaline rush like it is when I was younger, is getting a chase off the police. That feeling you get in your belly. The adrenaline rush,
your legs go to jelly. There’s nothing,
no better feeling than it. It’s just a buzz. Go on, City! Come here, come on, come on. When it comes to the Munichs,
we fight, we fight, we fight. When it comes to the police,
we run, we run, we run. SIREN BLARES YELLING NO! Fucking Munichs! Come on! Come on! I can’t breathe, mate.
That’s what you get for being fat and missing the action!
Not being able to keep up! No wonder I get nicked
all the time! Our big focus
is the Manchester derby. It’s like being on a date
with a horny girl, a nymphomaniac,
and being given Viagra free. Someone wants to
fuck the shit out of you and you want to
fuck the shit out of them. But if I know you want to fuck me, mate, I’m taking you to heaven,
I’m going to fuck you back so hard, and that’s how it is. CHEERING You OK? I’m living out me car, look.
There’s all me clobber. All me clobber’s there,
all on the back seat. I’m not fucking about,
I’m out of the house! A silly little argument
that got out of hand. Where are yous off to? The shop. Where are you getting from the shop? Going rob some sparklers, innit? Robbing it! Yay! You’ve gone through
someone’s door to get money. Obviously it’s not
the best thing to do. It’s a shit thing
for other people as well. But you’ve got to survive out here. You mean burglary? Yeah. How did that go? All right. On Strawberry Road growing up, it was like me, Calum, John, AJ… But every time I got out of jail, AJ was always the one
at my mum’s gaff first, with a spliff or something,
you know what I mean? My first spliff that
I’ve had for months. AJ was in a mate’s house. They found out he was there somehow. Seven of them booted off the doors and just stabbed him repeatedly,
like over 20 times. And he just died. It’s crazy, innit? I got shivved in the chest. And have you carried a knife since?
Yeah. Have you got something on you now.
Yeah, yeah, you’ve got to have it. Can I see it? Yeah. Well, I feel safer… ..that I’ve got that,
I do feel safer. If feds come at me, I can just dash. My mum bought me a stab vest
after AJ was killed. If you look at it
from like a mum’s perspective, that could have been her son. Did you wear it?
Yeah, every day, man. Every day. People started to call me
Bulletproof Jack. Out of everything,
you rob sparklers?! There’s nowt for the kids to do. It’s horrible. There’s nothing. They just go about causing trouble,
crime. Cos there’s nowhere
for them to play. Quick! Before it burns! Well, that was just me,
that was my life. Didn’t think of another way
of living. “Oh, should I it get my head down,
try and get a job when I’m older?” Didn’t think like that. I thought I’d just be
a criminal forever. You’re abseiling down the walls, coming through windows or doors. He gave me five hours to live
on arrival. It was easy to rob someone as well.

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