David and Liz Testimonial – Granny Flats Australia Castle Hill

My name is Liz, my husband David. We basically
have the grown-up children, they’ve left home, and we’re trying to downsize. We like traveling
so we thought we would be best to try and build a granny flat, allowing us the extra
income from the rental so the granny flat is the perfect solution The problem we found with many of the others
that we visited, some of the builders weren’t very flexible, they had set sizes, room layouts
and flexibility we require for the construction of the property that we’ve done there. Granny Flats Australia were very receptive
so we’re very happy. We wanted a nice south look, so that people
could really feel that they were in a tropical, lovely environment. Once again, Granny Flats Australia worked
with us to make that happen. They’re very clean, very considerate of neighbors. Yes
we have already recommended Granny Flats Australia to a number of friends and colleagues.

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