Deadly Force: The Shooting of Michael MacIsaac – The Fifth Estate
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Deadly Force: The Shooting of Michael MacIsaac – The Fifth Estate

[ ♪♪♪ ] [ Radio Chatter ] [ Sirens Wailing ] [ Gun Shots ]>>Habiba: Michael Eligon,
shot February 3rd, 2012. Sammy Yatim,
shot July 27th, 2013. Michael MacIsaac,
shot December 2nd, 2013. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Habiba: This is the
story of the shooting of Michael MacIsaac. Was his death preventable?>>God Almighty.>>Habiba: What are we seeing?>>This is the first video that
was taken after the shooting. This is 20 seconds
after the shots. He’s on the ground
reeling in pain.>>Habiba: Piecing together did
details of what happened to her brother Michael has become
Joanne MacIsaac’s life mission.>>It infuriates me. It infuriates me. I think an animal,
an animal would have been given better treatment. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Habiba: Ajax, Ontario,
a bedroom community 45 minutes east of Toronto. December 2nd, 2013. That cold, winter day
is forever imprinted in the minds of eyewitnesses and
police officers who encounter Michael MacIsaac that day. A 47-year-old construction
worker with a history of epilepsy, he was
prone to seizures. This one triggered what appeared
to be a psychotic episode. His wife Marianne found
him totally disoriented when he woke up.>>I noticed he was a little bit
anxious and tossing and turning, and then eventually I witnessed
him having a seizure in his bed. It happened a few times
until the morning. I think he had
about two or three, and then I just tried to make
him as comfortable as I could, and then I knew he
would sleep it off.>>Habiba: 9:45 AM,
Marianne was working from home, on the line with a client, when
her husband burst into the room.>>And I looked, and
he walked past me, and he was completely naked. And he was very agitated, upset. He was saying things
that weren’t making sense. He was cursing a bit,
just rambling on, completely not himself. It was like,
where did Michael go? Who is this person? It was so not Michael. I was trying to hang on to
his arms to not let him leave, and he got very upset,
and he was trying to break free, and then during
that struggle, I did get hit a few times, but…>>Habiba: So, he hit you?>>It was like he
was in–delirious. He didn’t know
what he was saying, what he was doing. I was screaming of course,
because I’m terrified, what’s going on? My sister came, and when
she heard me scream, she said, “What are
you doing to my sister?” And Michael got very upset,
and he went after her, too, and there was a struggle.>>Habiba: 10:03 AM, MacIsaac
runs out of his home naked. Marianne follows,
but can’t keep up. It isn’t long before
911 calls start coming in.>>Marianne: I just thought,
you know, they’ll see he’s naked. I just thought they were
going to pick him up and bring him home
or take him to the hospital.>>911 Police Dispatch Officer:
Do you require police, fire, or ambulance?>>This is for police
and fire…>>Habiba: 10:16 AM, a witness
calls 911 from his truck.>>Natasha Khan: The
teacher started screaming, “Ms Natasha, Ms Natasha,
there is a naked man running up the road!” So, I ran to the back of the
building and saw a gentleman, and he was completely naked,
and he was covering his private area.>>Habiba: Natasha Khan runs
the daycare in this plaza. 10:20 AM, she sees MacIsaac. Did you feel
threatened at all?>>No, it was more
or less, is he okay? You know, like, why are you
running in the road like that?>>Habiba: In one 911 call,
you can hear MacIsaac’s voice in the background. He’s clearly confused.>>He noticed me,
in my car in my driveway, and came over to the car, and
began banging on my window, and yelling loudly to
open the…effing door.>>Habiba: 10:21 AM. Shelley Allen-Groves
calls 911 from her car.>>And I was still
on 911 at this point, so I was sort of
giving them a play-by-play that he’s now speaking
with me in a raised, angry tone.>>I let him know that I
was on the phone with 911. If he needed help,
someone would be on their way. I hoped that that
might de-escalate things. Unfortunately, it didn’t. He turned from my window,
went towards the rock garden, picked up the rock,
turned towards me, started towards
the with the rock. That’s when I felt…a threat.>>When I caught
sight of him again, he was up on my front patio. And then picked up a piece of
patio furniture and was banging on the window. He was advancing with
the metal table leg raised, like a baseballbat, sort of,
above his head.>>Habiba: 10:23 AM, three
Durham police officers arrive on the scene, one by one. It’s a chaotic situation,
and things move very quickly. MacIsaac is holding
a table leg and shouting. An officer named Brian Taylor
orders him to stop and drop it. But MacIsaac keeps moving. The officer shoots MacIsaac,
once in the shoulder and once in the stomach. The interaction between
them is a mere 12 seconds.>>Habiba: This short
video clip is taken by a witness moments after the shooting. It shows MacIsaac on
the ground, bleeding. Officer Brian Taylor would later
testified that MacIsaac was being “aggressive”,
and that he thought, “I’m going to have
that metal bar driven right through my skull. I was fearing for my safety.” For the next 14 hours,
MacIsaac struggled for his life.>>He had lost so much
blood by the time he got to the trauma centre that they
could not give him any pain meds because his blood
pressure was so low. So, that was…very difficult. He suffered.>>Habiba: So, you’re watching
your brother die slowly?>>Sorry.>>Habiba : It’s okay. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Habiba: Less than 24 hours
after Marianne saw her husband bolt from their home naked,
he was dead.>>I just kept thinking,
it’s a bad dream. I’m going to wake up. And I remember
going home by cab… ..and I walked through that
door at home and I saw his running shoes… ..and it was the most empty,
heart-wrenching feeling.>>Sir, drop the knife, sir! Sir, drop the knife! Drop the knife!>>Habiba: When we come back,
police officers defend their right to use lethal force.>>Get out of my house!>>Is the expectation
that I lose an eye, I lose a limb, I’m disabled
for the rest of my life? Those three police officers
show up to that scene and one of them gets killed? [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Habiba: December 2013,
on a cold day in Ajax, Ontario, officer Brian Taylor fatally
shot Michael MacIsaac. Life seemed full of hope
when the MacIsaacs got married five years earlier. Since his death, his siblings
have been on a mission, to determine how the
interaction with the police could have ended
less tragically. What’s down here?>>This is where we work
on all the things we have related to Michael’s case.>>Habiba: So, what’s all this?>>This is the information we’ve
compiled in the last four years.>>Habiba: About..?>>About Michael’s shooting. What transpired.>>Habiba: So, it’s like
the tick-tock of what happened?>>Yes, this particular
board deals with the entire interaction from the time
the officer arrived until the shots were fired.>>Habiba: Joanne has created
what looks like a crime lab, reliving over and over those
crucial seconds before her brother was shot.>>Not only does it show
that Michael was almost shot instantaneously,
but that there was no effort put in to de-escalate. And we feel it could have been
handled much differently. Had either one of them
gotten out of the car, offered Michael a blanket,
tried to de-escalate as they say they do,
this situation– we wouldn’t be here today,
put it that way. We’d still have Michael. We wouldn’t be here today.>>We’ve got two differet
assignments, one at…>>Habiba: But that’s not
how the authorities see it. An independent investigation
into the death cleared Officer Taylor and
concluded that, quote, And it also ruled
that MacIsaac was, We reached out
to Officer Taylor, but he didn’t want to talk. His lawyer told us he just wants
to put this matter behind him. We wanted to know,
how often do incidents like this happen in Canada? Our CBC investigation revealed
that since the year 2000 there have been at least
461 fatal encounters with the police, and the number of
cases we could identify where an officer was convicted,
only two.>>Nobody walks away from
these incidents unscathed.>>Habiba: Tom Stamatakis
is a police officer and the president of
the Canadian Police Association. He says officers are often
placed in situations where they have to make
split-second decisions. So, help me understand. You get a 911 call, you show up,
and there is a man who’s naked. What’s the thought process
that goes through your mind?>>If the person has
a weapon, I’m not– and they’re not
communicating with me, and in fact if what they’re
doing is threatening me, or indicating that they
are going to harm me, I’m not going to go and try
and wrestle with that person.>>Habiba: Why not?>>Well, why would I? I got a family that
I want to go home to. I’ve got other activities
that I’m involved with. I’m a person. Would you ever walk into
a situation where it was likely that you’d be harmed?>>Habiba: I’m also not
a trained police officer. I also don’t have the privilege,
or the responsibility, of being assigned a gun
that I’m allowed to use.>>But are you suggesting that,
because I have some training and I’ve been issued a firearm,
or other force options tools, then part of that means
I put myself at risk?>>Habiba: I think the– yeah.>>That I accept
the fact that I’m–>>Habiba: I think
the public assumes that.>>That’s ridiculous. I think it’s ridiculous
if that’s an expectation. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>No other weapons.>>Pull and draw them.>>Habiba: Officers say
they never draw their guns, unless they have to. So police around the country are
trying to equip officers with different options, including
more de-escalation training. In Halifax, it looks
something like this.>>Copy, on the scene.>>I got a knife. I know what to do with it. I’m not gonna hurt anybody here. I’m not gonna hurt you guys.>>Okay, Kyle. I understand that
you’re feeling upset. You said you have a knife. You say that you want to go and
you’re gonna do it right here. Well, I don’t want
that to happen, okay?>>Habiba: In a controlled
environment officers role-play in how to talk someone
out of hurting himself.>>So, I’m hoping that you and I
can keep that respect going and that we can have a
conversation to resolve this so nothing worse happens, okay? But I’m gonna– I need
to tell you this.>>Habiba: The goal of
this training is how to calm a person down, using as
little force as possible.>>Move, Move, Move! Under power! You’re under arrest, Kyle!>>Habiba: But officers also say
time isn’t always on their side.>>Kyle, just relax. Put your arm up
in the air for me. Do it now!>>Habiba: And some situations
just require instant decisions.>>You look at me!>>Habiba: For Joanne MacIsaac,
change in policing just isn’t happening
fast enough.>>Hi, you’ve reached the
official mailbox of Ellie. Unfortunately, I’m not able
to take your call presently.>>Habiba: She is reaching out
to families around the country who have also lost a loved one
after a fatal interaction with the police. [ Voicemail Beeps ]>>Hey, Ellie,
it’s Joanne MacIsaac, I hope you’re feeling okay. I had a couple questions
regarding some details with your brother’s death. If you could give
me a call back, you have my number,
I’ll wait to hear from you. Thanks, bye.>>Habiba: She wants to
know if there is a pattern.>>It’ll show you where
the problem areas are. So if a lot of people
who are in, let’s say, mental distress are shot,
then there needs to be training on how to handle those. So, we reduce
the numbers, not continue to increase the numbers.>>Habiba: For the
last four years, Joanne has been demanding that
the province of Ontario make it mandatory for police to
be trained to de-escalate situations with those
in a mental crisis. But dissatisfied
with the results, she is stepping up her game. She has teamed up with a
prominent civil rights lawyer, Alan Young.>>And the problem with
escalation and de-escalation is about the people
who are unpredictable.>>Habiba: Together they want
to bring a legal challenge that basically says that
police forces that don’t train their officers to
de-escalate are violating the constitutional rights of
those with mental health issues.>>Now what that means
is that in the future, every time there’s a shooting,
if you can find that the police weren’t– the officer
shooting wasn’t trained, the entire police
force becomes liable. So does the– everybody
becomes liable. [ Radio Chatter ]>>Habiba: But what if better
training is just one piece of the puzzle? That’s what some experts
have been trying to figure out.>>It’s very difficult to talk
somebody down who’s in the midst of a mental health crisis.>>Habiba: Ron Hoffman worked
for two decades overseeing mental health training with
the Ontario Police College.>>The focus should be on,
how did it get to that situation to begin with? How did we have an individual
who we knew had a mental health problem in a community, how did
they get to the point where he got to the stage where he’s
threatening somebody else?>>Habiba: Now he’s been trying
to figure out how the police can intervene before
there is a real crisis. He helped create a
program to do just that.>>So, you can see here, the
different indicators right here. Hallucinations,
command hallucinations. Section C is
violence indicators, which is very
important as well, too. Indicators of self-harm,
self-injurous attempt in the last seven days, so they
tried to hurt themselves in the last seven days. They’ve had a suicide plan
within the last 30 days. Here are the risk scores,
right here. So, out of ten,
ten out of ten in terms of risk of harm to self. So in your opinion,
what would go next? What would happen?>>We would be heading to
the hospital at this point.>>Habiba: Not only does
it log the interactions, but it also alerts a
mental health professional to intervene. Thirteen Ontario police forces
are already using this program on the road, giving officers
access to it in their cars.>>So, once we fill out the
form we get the risk analysis.>>So, it’s a tremendous change
in the way police are operating.>>Habiba: Joanne knows the big
change in policing she’s been fighting for may take years,
but her efforts are beginning to pay off. Just this week, the Ontario
government announced that it will overhaul police training
in part as a result of what happened to her brother.>>We’ve tried everything. We’ve met with the
Premier’s office. We’ve met with the ministry. We’ve met with the
Attorney General. We have written to every
Attorney General across every province,
across the country. We’ve done everything
they tell you to do. And then more. So this is– we’re just going
to continue the process until we get the answers and
the changes that we need. [ ♪♪♪ ]>>Patrol 91-01, 94-02
for a domestic, 91 zone. Just be advised, though,
he is on local City or MHA, aggression towards police.>>He’s got a weapon,
he’s got a table in his hand!>>Oh, shit,
there’s guns…oh, God.

100 thoughts on “Deadly Force: The Shooting of Michael MacIsaac – The Fifth Estate

  1. so what are Tasers for especially if the person doesn't have a gun. I thought this was put in place to not have so many shootings. But unfortunately its only gotten worse

  2. People seem to forget how hard it is to be an officer. These people are willing to put their safety at risk every day to ensure that our society is safe and lives are not lost. Of course if they feel threatened by someone with a weapon they need to use force. Are they supposed to stand there and get attacked/killed? These brave men and women really don't get enough credit!

  3. Nice to know Canadians are ridiculous to think a police officer puts himself at risk in his job. So whats the point of arming & training them? Its evident the medical people who work in hospitals willingly admit they put themselves at risk everyday in hospitals without weapons & training but cops would rather kill a person than consider another alternative. Glad I dont live in Canada.

  4. Guess cops here are learning all the crap fast from their colleagues across the border.
    So many seizures have probably resulted in too many knocks to the head. Failed on every level as his family doctor could have ensured he had regular MRIs or CT Scan and EEG to ensure he is not getting worse. As for the cops, that was just ridiculous as he was clearly naked. Just tazer him not shoot him. His family should get a hot shot lawyer and sue and do everything in their power getting that cop off the force.

  5. There's many jobs in which physical harm is an ever present threat and the risks are accepted by those who choose the job. Its time that police stop recruiting the wrong people.

  6. Lol, an animal would've been given better treatment. Newsflash, we are animals and thus all worth the same.

  7. What a disgraceful cop. Saying that people shouldn’t expect them to put themselves in danger. HELLO THAT IS YOUR JOB! You are supposed to serve and protect and sometimes that means risking your life. He should resign from the workforce if he can’t handle it. Shameful.

  8. This is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard. How can the police try to justify what this cop did! He shot a naked guy with patio furniture as a weapon within minutes! He didn’t give this guy a chance! This is MURDER!!! and that cop that said it’s NOT his DUTY to put himself in harms way!!! You shouldn’t have signed up to be a cop!! Disgusting! To his sisters!.. You go girls!!! Keep being relentless! Train these cops! My heart goes out to all who loved him!!

  9. great piece. it's completely unacceptable that cops approach people in a mental health crisis aggressively like that. they rush into close proximity, yell commands at a person and threaten deadly force, and they're just rolling the dice whether the person will immediately comply with their commands, or make a false move and be shot within seconds, too quickly for them to even process the situation. not teaching cops proper deescalating techniques does a great disservice. ot just to the people getting shot, but also to the cops who are taught and ordered into situations where they have to shoot helpless mentally ill people.

  10. Wondering if he was on Epilepsy meds. Sometimes these have insane interactions if they're combined with anti-depressants or with sedatives or other drugs meant to fix the side effects. There was a case in Vancouver with a guy who had a psychotic episode like this – turned out to be an unexpected interaction of an antidepressant with an appetite drug. Prevented his brain from flushing serotonin, so he was being poisoned with it, I was told. He went full-on psychotic violent, no previous history. Thankfully he had a biochemistry friend who understood the drug interactions and helped to de-escalate the police response. They just put him in a safe cell and helped him come off of the meds. He was fine and nobody got hurt.

  11. Have you ever wondered why cops shoot and kill dogs and think nothing of it? Well it's quite simple. Cops are trained to treat people like dogs, and thus to them, dogs seem like nothing at all.

  12. "I'm not going to try and wrestle with that person–" 'Why not?' "I have a family at home-" SO DID HE. AND YOU'RE A ****ING POLICE OFFICER. "You think I should put myself at risk?" YES. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF YOUR JOB AS A POLICE OFFICER. HE HAD A PIECE OF PATIO FURNITURE.

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  15. I do think police every where need more training on how to handle ppl with mental illness.
    For the ppl saying "use a tazer", tazers have very little effect on ppl on drugs, or ppl experiencing psychosis. And ppl have to realiza that these kind of ppl have super human strength during these episodes. So even though they might not be armed, if they over power an officer, they then COULD have access to the officers weapon. So they have to take that into consideration.
    So while some instances have every right to use force, i feel if they have more training it might not have to be used as much.
    I know ppl may think this is odd, but i wonder why they cant carry some kind of darts that could calm them down. they use them on animals so why not ppl? It could definitely save a lot of lives.
    I think if LE tried they could come up with better alternatives, but for the ppl blasting hate filled comments yall need to think about the innocent ppl these ppl were being violent towards that very well could have led to death for them. I hate a person having a mental break was killed because i suffer from mental health issues, but the innocent victims come first.
    If i ever slip into a psychosis, i only pray someone could stop me before i really hurt or killed someone. 🙁
    Edit: i also have epilepsy with grand mal seizures, and after every one i do wake up extremely disoriented with memory loss, i usually forget the previous 24-48 hours, and im extremely exhausted. I can sleep for days. Ive never had a seizure and went psychotic. Im curious if a lot of these were drug related. Ppl with mental illness usually are addicts. It changes the way we feel, and we hate how we feel. So all those issues together…..very very bad combination.

  16. 18:00 – It IS hard to talk someone down in a psychosis. They are often hallucinating. What you say to them, they arent hearing, its being distorted. Ppl often stop taking their meds. I hate taking mine. Ive tried so many and they all have horrible side effects. They either weire me up and i cant sleep, or they turn me into a zombie, i cant feel any emotions, and want to sleep ALL the time.
    This problem is bigger than just LE. But i do pray theres a solution found somewhere.

  17. Wouldn't a taser work really really well on a naked man? Isn't that table leg a hollow piece of aluminum?

  18. Had that plainly deranged, naked man been hammering on my car windows…by the way, the word is ‘defuse.’ Diffuse has an altogether different meaning. Tragic situation.

  19. Same thing down in the states, the police see themselves as a different class of citizen that are entitled to whatever they want and it takes literally nothing on your part to get killed by them and it’s all endorsed by the state. This is a POLICE CULTURE, not a racial/mental health. They no longer discriminate, they are equal opportunity killers. If your so afraid and your job is so hard get a different job, you want all the credit without the “expectations” the whole “I’m exempt, wash my hands of any responsibility” attitude that is cultivated and laughed about amongst their ranks.

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  22. I had it when the Mental Health Specialist for the Ontario POLICE DEPARTMENT stated that the FOCUS should be on how the person with the mental health crisis got that way in the first place. Are you KIDDING ME?

    The people who arrive to calls like this should be the Focus, because there's a serious problem, people are dying when they shouldn't and that is the topic.
    What a complete and utter moron.

    It seems too many Officers and or Departments have gone from serving the community, to serving themselves.
    Terrified, over trigger happy people coming to answer your call and shoot your loved one down.
    Their training needs to be the Focus.
    Humans have mental health issue including that which could not be foreseen. It's a fact that can't not be eliminated.

    This case was a blatant example of why tasers, rubber bullets and taking someone down as a team, exist.
    A buck naked man in broad daylight holding a slim table leg could have been handled better by officers from the 50s.
    The man would be at a hospital getting help not at a hospital dying.
    That needs to be the Focus.

    YES Mental Health needs more attention in nearly every country however, it can not be avoided all together but those who are called are not handling things correctly and "Experts" like this Moron diverting blame is a big reason why.

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  40. This is outrageous and a disgrace. They had no clue what Michael's issues were. A man is seen running down the street naked, in freezing cold conditions……he is hardly likely to be of sound mind, so why was that not considered before they just opened fire? If they wanted to immobilize him, they could have shot him in the arm or leg, but no, they shoot him TWICE and in areas of the body where excessive bleeding, serious damage and the potential for life to be lost is very much a reality. What kind of Keystone Cops are they?? Don't the words 'excessive force' even register for these numbskulls? Of course their own lives may be at risk – newsflash: YOU ARE A COP….IT IS PART OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION, but to shoot a mentally unwell man without any kind of serious threat from him involved? (he was NAKED, clearly could have no concealed weapons and was holding a metal seat, for God's sake….BIG DEAL) Their actions are nothing short of murder IMO.

  41. Always fall back on:I'm afraid of my own safety.How coward can they get.People is in fear for their own safety every day without no negative fallout like this.If you want to be a cop to protect and serve,have to take a comitment to if needed give your life to save others.People without training
    instinctvily do that every day without hasitating a sec.ORDINERY People are doing that every day!With no pay.The rescue service has that mentality.They are real heroes in their job.Cops that use a canon to shoot a Sparrow are weak it seems.I bet lot off cops there have been in military and been in war.They take a wrong mindset back fron the war.Takes time to reset after a experience like war if ever.Solution is not to put them on police force.If it is so somone is blatantly Stupid

  42. You can’t expect police to put themselves at unnecessary risk. To suggest they shoot for the leg is ridiculous when they’re in serious danger. As for the taser, you can’t rely on them to work effectively. I’m sorry for the family, but you can’t expect police to be able to judge someone’s mental condition in seconds.

  43. The police should have attempted to taser him first and then resort to lethal force. There were three police officers who could have subdued Michael. I understand that they are facing an irrational man coming at them with a piece of furniture but I think they went for the gun too soon.

  44. It's interesting to me that people below are questioning the training of police instead of questioning the concept of police overall. In the USA, the whole concept of the police department was created to bring together a force of slave catchers Never, never, never, never call the police. Encourage community defense. The police system is rooted in, and based in hierarchy, racism, xenophobia, and hatred of those who are not neurotypical. I have stood with the mother of a young man killed by Boston police in her own home. He had mental health issues. I also have mental health issues, and for me, just seeing a police officer makes my mental health decline, as they have assaulted me in the past – injuring my shoulder. Police make us LESS safe, and should be abolished.

  45. For some of you people once you walk a day in the shoes of a cop then you can criticize. More and more people are not going to go into law enforcement because of constant public criticism and without the police, your crime rates are going to soar. Then the same people will complain about that too! Cops are people too and have families waiting for them at home. We do not live in a perfect world and people are flawed and if you can do a better job then BECOME A COP! Then we will see how long it is before you are the one being criticized by the same friends you have here.

  46. He wasn't just naked he was violent people.. he was throwing stones, metal objects, and jumping on cars… people until you're in those shoes with someone you know nothing about you have no place to say anything!

  47. This reporter has obviously never been in a life or death situation. You ask a police officer to go hands on with a man who has a weapon? So if your child was being held hostage by a man with a knife you want me to go but your child in absolute danger by attempting to not use force. Hug a thug is not applicable when the suspect has a weapon. I am sorry this woman’s husband and brother was killed but he put himself in that situation. The cop didn’t ask to shot him, he asked the cops to shoot him by bringing a weapon into the situation. Cops are humans with families STOP making them out to be robots with no emotion.

  48. Oh, but I thought cops only shot civilians in the United States…and I thought they were only unarmed black boys🙄

  49. Same as Robert Dzkanski case. 3-4 very trained cops cant subdue 1 threatening guy. Let the bullet do their work for them. Its easier. Of course the union will see these cops as doing things right and legal. After all its the norm to be naked and causing a disturbance, nothing wrong here folks. The cop shot him because the cop had an attitude.

  50. Then tell me this Mr. Snuffalakopous, why is it not ok if a person (who has no training) who's life is being threatened, shoot the other person, have to go to jail? Great Justice system!

  51. My heart goes out to these women. I'm sure they loved him very much. And yes, he WAS ill. But if you can think how terrifying it was for a police officer, with adrenaline pumping, to arrive at that scene. He received calls stating this man had a weapon. He sees an obviously aggressive man threatening to hit him with a metal table. The cop is anxious and he has every right to be. He;s in a situation where he could very easily be killed. This officer wants to get home to his family that night. As far as I an see this was pure self defense on the cop's part. I doubt very much that he was looking forward to killing anybody. Are there bad cops who have itchy trigger fingers? Of course there are. But there not a hellova lot of time involved here to think about anything but "this guy is looking to kill me with that table" Sometimes the only choice is to stay alive.

  52. While the police did the wrong thing, the family member's assertion that it could have been adverted by offering him a warm blanket was idiotic… He was in a psychotic state. Approaching a person in a psychotic state to offer them a blanket is very likely to escalate the situation, not help.

  53. Arm chair quarter backing is easy. When you're the one being attacked it's another story. All he has is a pipe right? Or maybe a knife….. our police routinely get killed in the line of duty when they play extra cautious. Do you go about brandishing pipes and knives in public? No. You're looking at threatening conduct by non law abiding citizens. No one comes at anyone with a knife or lead pipe with good intentions. Wake up before you become the victim.


  55. So why was it a kill shot? Why didn't the cop shoot him in the arm or hand that was holding the table leg? Or shoot him in the butt cheek? Or better yet, use a taser on him!! I would NOT want to be a police officer who has to make those split decisions. My condolences to Michael's family.

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