Demonte Colony Climax scene | Arulnithi escapes from the room | Abishek carries the necklace

Srini…? Sajith…?! How much I begged you guys
not to take me to that house! Why did you
drag me in there? Sajith, I swear
we didn’t plan it We didn’t expect
any of this to happen I’m very scared, Srini Take me along with you Sajith, let’s go I’m so scared, Srini Take me away
from this place Don’t be scared We’ll somehow escape ‘Your friend Sajith died yesterday’ ‘I don’t know who is with you’ ‘Come immediately’ I’m terrified, Srini Take me from here Come here, Sajith We can leave I’m terrified Take me from here, SRINI Srini, get me out of here Nice place But the buyer is
having second thoughts 2% commission alone
amounts to 2 million You never know He might clinch
the deal tomorr- Bro, please help My friends are
lying dead in my room Please help Hey! Did you read
the newspaper? At 2:00 a.m, a guy
in Thirunelveli… …claimed his father
had a heart attack He robbed those who rushed
to his aid of their jewellery I’m not like that, bro Here in nearby Triplicane,
guys called for an auto They claimed a pregnant lady
needed to be taken to a hospital On the way they hit the auto driver
and took the auto with them These days trying
to help others… …is the biggest mistake That’s why most men prefer
not to lend a helping hand at all Yov! How inhuman can you be Can’t you see how
desperate I am It’s raining cats and dogs Looks like this won’t stop Wind up fast
Let’s leave ‘Demonte ordered
an expensive chain for his wife’ ‘Whoever enters that house…’ ‘…will end up dead is the rumor’ ‘We didn’t see
any chain over there’ ‘We saw only cobwebs
all over the place’ ‘I found it’ ‘If that chain is taken out
of De Monte’s house…’ ‘…somehow or the other
it will find its way back’

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