Demonte Colony | Demonte Colony full movie scenes | The four friends decides to visit Demonte Colony
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Demonte Colony | Demonte Colony full movie scenes | The four friends decides to visit Demonte Colony

(humming) Looks like it’s going to rain Shall we leave
a little while later? If I look at the sky
just once, it’s enough Sun will shine even at midnight! It won’t rain Hello…? Tomorrow if you go to
Alka Jewellers at 5 p.m… …they’ll have the cash ready Okay Collect the cash and call me Okay You’re alone, right? Can you say it just once? Tell me Jillu Shall I disconnect? Okay I always wanted to ask you Why do you call that lady Jillu? Have you seen the film
‘Jillunu oru kadhal’? Yes The hero Suriya will call
the heroine Jyotika ‘Jillu’ I’ve also been ordered
to do the same In that movie the hero
will drink and call her ‘Jillu’ The shoe is on the other foot here! Hey! Just once From your lips Can you call me ‘Jillu’? What is he up to? Jillu I asked you to laugh Heartily Laugh the way
I did now and then say ‘Jillu’ Tell Go on Jillu Don’t stop Repeat Again? Once more ‘And you call this
a story worth telling’ Today’s liquor was too good, right? Different level Shall we go for a drive? Let’s not go anywhere As soon as the rain stops,
let’s go home – You go if you want
– What arrogance! Raghava, let’s go somewhere Let’s do something really interesting I know a place Shall we go there? Where? Do you know
De Monte Colony? In Alwarpet? Yeah, I wanted
to go there today It’s supposed to be
a haunted bungalow That’s what everyone says Shall we go check it out? I’m not coming Why? Why won’t you come? I have some work
to do in the morning At 7:00 a.m I must meet
the family astrologer In fact my mom has asked
all 4 of us to meet him True, she has asked us
to go without fail Will the astrologer
predict everything correctly? He will be spot on! One look at you… …will he immediately
know you’re gay? Let go of me Srini, I’m going to my room
as soon as the rain stops He’s behaving like a rowdy Started their squabble! Rowdy?! I’ll make mince meat out of him You know he’s scared of the dark And you want to drag him
to a haunted bungalow Poor fellow Why do you feel sorry for him? Raghava, all the more reason
we’re going to De Monte colony I’ll take Sappai inside Just watch the fun You are taking this too far Don’t force me Gawd! Specimen I’m not coming anywhere with you Leave me alone Vimal, listen to me Hurry up Vimal, help me get down Don’t make a fuss If you don’t I will- Hey! He’s biting me Where are you going? Wherever you take me
I won’t come inside – Listen to me
– Let’s see Please let me get down here Don’t do this Let’s go home Get down Get down! Lift him Hey! Listen to me Leave me alone, Raghava We’re already carrying him Keep moving Please let go of me, Vimal Watch your step (door creaks open) Why is this place so spooky? Vimal, let’s go In the heart of the city… …how is such a large place
left untouched? There are many stories
about this place Each one spins a fresh one Why should we poke
our nose into those stories? Is it a snake? ‘I should play
some prank on him’ Vimal, why did you push him there? Keep quiet and follow me Vimal…! How dare he call me a goon! I’ll make him go on
his bended knees! Vimal Srini…? Hey! What happened? Nothing Sajith would have pissed
in his pants hearing this sound My heart is thudding in my ears! And he’s all by himself Sajith…? Vimal…Vimal…? Where are you guys? (thumping sound) Vimal Don’t overdo it, Vimal You don’t intend stopping? Simply follow me I should’ve pushed you
instead of him! Guys, where are you? Srini…? Vimal…? Too much, right? What’s your problem? One last time (clears throat) (howling) Srini…? (howling continues) Srini…don’t do this This is just too much Raghava, come Sajith…can you hear me? Sajith…? I can hear him
on that side Raghava, he’s here Where are you guys? Sajith…? Why are you doing this to me? It’s just a prank Why get so scared? Guys, let’s not stay here any longer Hurry up Ignore him and just come What happened? Nothing Let’s go

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