Donald Trump Takes Ownership Of Afghanistan War With New Announcement | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Donald Trump Takes Ownership Of Afghanistan War With New Announcement | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

68 thoughts on “Donald Trump Takes Ownership Of Afghanistan War With New Announcement | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. @4:30
    Yeah, he's delegating to his advisers unlike Obama and Bush who both had war strategies. Trump being inexperienced only signs off military operations but doesn't make actual decisions!

  2. Everybody is giving "Chump" kudos for his vague speech, however, he will either tweet, do, or say something stupid to step on his message.

  3. If only the World Wars Vietnam War the War 9/11 War on Terrorism never happened then America would be great but no.

  4. did these 2 reporters both wear a half covering skull mask of some sort and got themselves a sunburn? or is the make up artist having a brain fart? not sure which

  5. Draft dodger sends others to war. No country wins in Afghanistan the British empire tried Russia tried both sent packing. Your suppose to learn from history even if the war lasts another 10 years and all looks finished as soon as you leave they will be back.

  6. Very good of Gen. Mattis to throw the buck in Trumps lap, The Pres cannot be delegating decision making to others.Yet he is still planning on blaming faults on the other Gen and of course will take credit for positive. Weakest President ever.

  7. why win ?  itax payers will spill the money for it to last forever. ka ching for the military industrial complex. and for the rich minig corporation a security system paid for by … the tax payers … roll the drum.

  8. The US have intervened in all sorts of countries without a good reason other than money making on Weapon sales..war is never a solution, and Generals and corporates seem to work together to make that happen over and over again, why do people still buy the lies?? war is just something that is not the path , we know that personally, but the big bosses keep doing it and the cannon fodder goes every time on some idea of doing this for the are beiing used!!

  9. I refused to waste my time or patience listening to another string of soundbites ("speech") from that braindead blowhard. But it sounds like he said a lot of stuff that was incredibly generalized so you could read into it what you want, but when you take a moment to think about it, he said a whole lot of nothing and for the real critical thinkers out there, it probably indicated that there's no plan at all beyond "I'll try and shove this off to someone else so they can deal with it".

    If not for the contemptuous and hateful rhetoric and propensity for running up bills for tax payers, he could be replaced with a post-it that says "get someone else to handle it" and another that says "Russians & Nazis are my BFFs".

  10. Afghanistan war is simply one whose purpose is to go after the mineral resources, which China owns. ISIS is secondary. Looks like Trump wants to continue killing for the sake of greedy multi-national companies who are paying him off. Putkin has an interest in the outcome.

  11. Another failed election promise. Why aren't I surprised. America cannot afford to send more troops to Afghanistan, because they will be needing all the troops they can muster, to fight North Korea.

  12. This is an American military crusade for the oil rich lands of Afganistan, now Trumpistan. Perpetual war is on, hold onto your balls and take Trump with you to the battlefields he sends you to.

  13. As usual Trump wants to have his cake and eat it too. The Afghanistan "government" must reform, for him to commit to Afghanistan, while simultaneously, he can't allow Afghanistan to become another Iraq. More barking with no bite. What we probably are going to see is barking until the laughing drowns it out. And then he's going to do get mad, and do something impulsive that will get people killed.

  14. Why american are crying. Trump is going to and should increase the troop to cover afganista. Keeping a check on pakistan and china for future south asia sea problem and north korea.
    His troops will practice war games on terrorist and prepare for war with china if it creates more stress along with pakistan and north korea.
    Chill everyone, he has a plan.

  15. 16 years and counting with no end in sight. America will never win a war. America will claw back and cry like SOBS. Just like Vietnam war they fought for 17 years for nothing.! But American Government will still send other sons and daughters to the war and will keep theirs at home safe and sounds then say thanks for your services. Think about it America.

  16. "Hillary advocates for world war three, nobody panics. Trump goes into Afghanistan, and everybody loses their minds!"

    You Democrats couldn't get any thicker. Bravo.

  17. Keep in mind that every- rare- moment Trump gives a grounded, "presidential" address, he's being pushed into it, which he doesn't like, and he'll POP later on.

  18. Courtney Kube said, "He's running this war like a CEO." Great…a CEO with multiple bankruptcies and multi-million dollar judgements against him is taking 'ownership' of the Afghanistan 'Conflict'. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Draft dodging lying coward gives military speech..Says nothing except there will be a perpetual war as Hitler intended.

  20. Guaranteed,After Trump's powerful speech where he looked so Presidential the Democrats are going t drop some Fake Russian story within 48 hours to try to make him look bad.. Dems are so predictable….like 9 year olds.

  21. Rachel Anne.
    Yes, the Afghanistan war ownership now belong to Senor Trumpy. Lmao.
    Enjoy the debacle Senor Trumpy. Lmao.
    Make America great/hated again. Lmao.

  22. LOL! The terrorists don't need Afghanistan to threaten America. This is nothing more than pathetic fear mongering to justify more war.

  23. I expect that, as a proud father to two fine upstanding Patriotic sons of fighting age, he'll very soon be announcing the enrolment of both Eric and Donald Jr into the US military as an example to the rest of America who will be obliged to send their kids over there to possibly be maimed or even killed in war that cannot be won. He's a smart guy old Trump isn't he.

  24. Ever since GWB (9/11), presidents have worn this American flag pin… and it makes me wonder if it has a GPS tracking device or some other security thing because they're NEVER seen without it. I wouldn't consider it odd if they had worn such a pin as candidates, but nope. It just suddenly appears on the day the POTUS is sworn in. Then the day after leaving, no pin. Ever again. It's this little detail I've been curious about for a while.

  25. Trump is riding on Obama's coat tails as his entire purpose to to wipe out President Obama Legacy but in the story revenge racist pigs like Trump and President Obama being the most loved US President outside US a scholar and diplomata loving husband and father and walking the the shadow of Gandhi and Marin Luther Kings Jr Legacy everyone will see the true reality of Karma. Trump will not finish his four years but lets hope its a heart attack so the KKK do not rise up as this is one highly charge time among the not very well educated who vote for racist candidates as they breed close in them hill.

  26. What does Trump bring to the table? If he lets the Military complex run it, then it will be a war for money and if he runs the war, he's incompetent and we lose (in life). It's time to let other countries fend for their selves. We have been wasting money on that area of the world since even before Jimmy Carter and STILL, nothing positive for anyone has come of this deadly fiasco. How long was the Vietnam War, just another fiasco on a far away land? And really, our mission over there is about OIL, and NOT about helping them to fix their non-existent and illusive Gov't. Evil deceptive war games NEVER work for the long run.

  27. In other words, globalization has led to an explosion of drug trafficking. More than 420 million shipping containers traverse the seas every year, transporting 90 percent of the world's cargo. Most carry legitimate goods, but authorities cannot inspect them all, and some are used to smuggle drugs — or just as importantly, the chemicals used to make meth and cheaply process coca leaves and opium poppies into cocaine and heroin. Airplanes, submarines, speedboats, trucks, tunnels — taken as a whole, the systems used to move illegal drugs around the world comprise a logistics network likely bigger than Amazon, FedEx, and UPS combined.

  28. Whatever trump might be doing wrong but we have to give it to this man that he is tough really tough on Islamic Terrorism

  29. Trump needs a war to divert attention from his crimes…Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela didn't take the Bait…so he remembered the USA is already in Afghanistan… he can build on that…or sell Afghanistan to his BlackWater Buddies…

  30. Afganistan is full of resources, and on the backdoor of China, and the belly of Russia… Trump wants to exploit it… and have a private BlackWater war to divert us from TrumpCrimes. No matter the USA can't win, and many will die…

  31. When you do the

    "And the… and the… and the… and the… and the… " thing, it drives people nuts. Stop.

  32. Trump basically admitted he's got a big mouth and didn't know what he was talking about as a citizen and as a candidate.

  33. as seen on youtube:
    Prez says,  "My first instinct was to pull out, but then,……………Tiffany,  come here, sweetie."

  34. Dear Americans, blame Pakistan for the failure of your own policies, blame taliban for 9/11 which was an inside job, pay more tax for war. It will declare you winner in Afghanistan and solve all your war problems. Peace.

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