Estate Planning Process: What To Expect

When somebody first calls our office,
they’ll typically talk to Trina, who’s our Client Coordinator, and she helps
explain the process and she deals with the calendaring and the scheduling. And
so when somebody first calls the office there’s really two options.
Either you can set an appointment with me and we can talk about your situation.
Or another option is to come to one of our workshops, which we’ve found is a really
good way for people to kind of get started with planning. And we do two
types of workshops. We do one that’s more what we call “Estate Planning”, which is
wills and trusts, kind of planning ahead, how do we protect our families
and kind of look ahead. And then the other one is a more long-term care
focus. So how do we protect from nursing home costs? What do we do if mom is
already in the nursing home? So we have these two types of workshops. And
so, let’s say, if somebody comes to the workshop they’re going to hear a lot
about some of the legal tools and have a better idea whether we’re a good fit for
them to work with. And then the next step after that would be if
they want to proceed and go ahead and have a meeting with me. And
so prior to the meeting we’d have them fill out an information form, which
asks a lot nosy questions, just like when you go to the doctor, the
doctor asks a lot of nosy questions. In the information form, it asks about your
family, it’ll ask about your income, your assets, your situation. If it’s a
long-term care issue we’re gonna ask more about the facility and some of the
medical issues that the loved one is facing. And then you’d
get that to us a couple days before the meeting. I’d review that before we met so
I can be better prepared to be real productive when we meet. And
then we’d sit down in that initial meeting, which is usually about 45
minutes or so, and the whole goal of that meeting is just to figure out does it
make sense to work together? Are we a good fit? Are there some things that
we can help you or your family do? And most of the planning we do is a
“flat fee” type planning so after I know more about your situation and
after we talk a while, by the end of that initial meeting, I can usually give you a
fee quote or maybe several different options of fees of the different
different types of planning that you could proceed with. And then you
can decide whether it’s a good time for you to do some
planning, and if so, then we could proceed with that and set another meeting at
that point.

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