European Space Agency To Build Moon Colony

it is an ambitious goal build a village
on the moon within the next 14 years and the European Space Agency has its sights
set on doing just that we spoke to director general of the ESA
about what it would take to complete such a project and how a moon village
could help astronauts make it to Mars it’s clear for me that journey to Mars
means not to fly to Mars in the next 5 or 10 years but it is a long way not
only from the distance but also from what we have to do on on the technology
side to use the moon as a stepping stone or as you said as a pit stop that’s
crucial because we have to test for instance how to build structures on a
planet on a moon instead of bringing all the stuff there I mean to the moon all
the missions to moon Apollo et cetera they were bringing all the stuff to the
tools to the site and did not use regulates the moon soil for something
what they wanted to do over there and in moon village of course we would use the
moon material for instance to build a big observatory to look in deep into
space from the moon which is especially from the far side of the moon very
interesting because you don’t have all the radiation from the earth
how many inhabitants do you envision and when you talk about construction I
understand that 3d printers might become of good use yes
so this is a good question the next question is usually who is the mayor of
that emails asking me whether they can apply already so it’s not a question of
inhabitants yes I’m sure there will be also permanently
astronauts cosmonauts are taken out meaning from different nations but the
main idea of the village is not to build some houses a church and the community
hall and something like that but the basic idea is to put together the
different abilities that maybe one country is
bringing in a good robot producing 3d printing another country is bringing in
for instance a very nice Rover and the third country might bring in some
astronauts so this is the idea of the village bringing together different
competencies from different nations and so it’s not a question of number of
inhabitants but the number of spacefaring nations nations
participating and of course as big as its number is the better it is we have
more than 50 spacefaring nations around the globe and my dream is as much as
possible we should include it also could save a lot of money I mean there was
something about they could launch from Earth a lot lighter once stuff is up
there and it could save 10 billion dollars a year by lightening the load
from earth to the moon is that is that right yeah but you see the money which
is spent for for space is always a discussion and what I tell in in Europe
is if you go with the Metro in Paris and you buy a ticket for one only one trip
this is more money for one year which you use which we are using for human
spaceflight in Europe so it’s not that expensive as it always said because the
number looks so big but if you look to the world and all the inhabitants of the
world the citizens of the world and if you take a fraction of the money
available then it’s it doesn’t count the the humans need the spirit of
inspiration and I’m not so ready to calculate the benefit only in dollars or
in Euros because I think inspiration is what we need for the future and if we
can try for inspiration this is much more much higher value than any other by
the way Apollo did that perfectly fascinating stuff it’s really been great
talking to you I’m really bummed out about the fact that you won’t have a
mayor of you’re not me I was gonna send you out when you misbehave you come back
do you want to go do you want to go I would go I mean my birthday is the same
birthday as John Glenn the 18th of July he was the first American orbiting the
the earth and the oldest one orbiting again so I’m still younger than he was
when he had a second trip to the to the orbit so I’m ready to go right
tomorrow’s fine Friday it’s okay please keep in touch thank you so much John
Dietrich Valda the director-general of the European Space Agency
appreciate your time thank you thank you I guess you’re about the only person
around that doesn’t have TV coverage of the food got the flag up now at all on time please

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