Extreme Ownership for Fighters

Hi I’m Robert Lisac. Today we are going to
talk about Extreme ownership how US Navy SEALs lead and win. Maybe you will ask
yourself why the heck do we talk about books on a channel where it’s all about
self-defense and martial arts. I will tell you a little secret. Bruce Lee had
2,000 books in his private library and I’m quite sure that if Bruce Lee was
still alive, he would have this book at home and you know Bruce Lee had books
about sports science, about training, about classical and modern martial arts
and of course also about philosophy. Why shouldn’t he have also this book, if he
was still alive. So I guess that my point is, that if you want to be allrounded
fighter it doesn’t matter if you’re trained in classical kung fu MMA or
Brazilian jiu-jitsu and if you want to be also a coach who knows certain things
about life and you know the principles he can apply when he’s teaching, then you
should read this book. It’s called again Extreme Ownership there are so many good
chapters in this book you can apply directly when you’re training martial
arts. One of the chapters is: Check your ego! You know, there is this fine line,
should I tap or shouldn’t I tap. I mean if it’s very clear if you will harm
yourself because you don’t tap then you should have and this is when you should
check your ego for instance and I’m speaking from experience because I was
the guy that didn’t like to tap at all and my all my broken bones I had in the
past, this means about 11 broken bones, were the result of not checking my ego
and not tapping and when I’m teaching martial arts I can see immediately if
someone has some problems with his ego or not and you
know the most common situation is when I’m trying to give them some advice how
to execute a technique or some things better and you see it immediately how
they respond, if they take the advice and they really try to improve your
themselves and making the technique better then they don’t have any ego
problems but if they don’t, you see that they are stubborn and they are thinking
that they are right and they have really a problem with their ego and they should
read this book too. Tthen there is this chapter: No bad teams only bad leaders!
and this is for sure true also in the martial arts world because you can’t
expect if you’re a mediocre coach that your students will be superstars and the
best fighters in the world. So you have to start as a leader as a coach with
yourself and the better you get the better your students will get for sure. I
really liked the chapter called Simple and it’s really talking about simplicity
that complex things are often going to fail because they are complex and you
have to avoid complexity at all cost, also when you’re fighting because
complex things do not work in extreme situations. Then there is also this
chapter about decentralized command and you know as a coach you can’t control
everything, you know, your student has to do his own decisions sooner or later
when he’s on the street when he’s living his own life
and even when he’s in the ring in the Octagon or on the mat. So if you are a
martial artist, a martial arts coach, a fighter, it doesn’t matter which martial
art you are practicing, you should read Extreme ownership, because you will
have many benefits, because you will understand not only life better, you will
understand how to learn and teach martial arts better and this is what
it’s actually all about. I’m Robert Lisac, this channel is all
about martial arts, self-defense, self-protection and this kind of stuff
and if you’re new here consider to subscribe and if you want to buy this
book, just go into the video description, where you can follow the link and buy
this great book. So this is it. See you in the next video. Bye.

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