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Family Ownership

It’s so hard to put in words how important it is for us because it is our passion. It’s our love. I thought I was passionate about education until I married my husband and I started becoming a farmer. And I’ve never been more passionate about something in my entire life. I’m a mother I’m a wife I’m a teacher And I am a farmer. I feel like I had a unique childhood because my dad was such an important part of our lives because our mother wasn’t wasn’t there And He taught me what it means to love. He taught me the importance of family and that family always comes first. Whenever I look out at a wheat field I feel such a sense of pride
because that’s something our family has done. That we’ve done together. Not just one of us
but all of us working together. Ninety-seven percent of the farms that are in America today are owned by families Not corporations. And we are part of that ninety-seven percent. I think that’s important and it makes me hopeful For the future of our family, in fact. And for the future of our society.

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