FATHER SON BOAT TRIP | Human Fall Flat w/Robin #2

*Wapoosh* Jack: ok… Go away! We have to get in the boat! Let’s get in the boat, we have to sail away! Robin: I’m a zombie braaaaaains Jack: ‘kay, I’m leaving, I’m leaving. Robin: Wait, you can’t leave, you can’t leave without me! Jack: Okay, you take that paddle, and i’ll take this paddle! Robin: Okay J:Oh god, oh god, oh god! R: this is… J: oh god! R:We’re doing it! J:Oh, everything’s backwards R: yeah. you know what R:Just trust the current (Jack chuckles as Robin prepares jump off the boat ) R:Sail! J:it’s actually working. R:Oh shit Oh shit x2 Oh shit x3 Ohshit x4 R:Don’t! Don’t! J: You did it!
R:I’m alive! R:(laughs triumphantly)
J: Hi, i’m here already as well (Chuckles in Irish) J:Man that was scary, OK! we did it, aww peaceful music, look how foggy and cool that is over there
R: I know it’s nice R:Wait, why are we switching our proper boat with oars for raft? J:Because the wind is a stronger companion, than our muscles J: okay i’m gonna push you out to sea J:i’ll steer J:a–are– you are you are you out to sea yet R:We’re doin’ it! J: Wee! Hee, hee-hee! J: I Don’t know, go through the gap, R:okay R:oh this is fun, this is cool.
J:Oh wait, wait, wait, there’s a speedboat right over there R: Do, uh can we handle a speedboat though?
J:Ah, hell yeah R: Uhm, well this is your idea, okay just big J:Oh, i’s surprisingly light! R:Go to the other side R: go on the other side, the long side R: Go forth!
J:Is it — is t acually moving? R:I don’t know J: I think it stopped R:To the ocean! J:Fucking
R:Huzzah! J: Can we handle the speedboat he says. Can we–
R:Land ho! R:Go!
J:Fuckin’ hate you (Speedboat and grunting noises) R:Go on the –on the long side and then lift low, And actually try to lift the boat J:Oh (laughs) We’re doing it oh yeah, oh yeah go Turn turn turn turn turn turn turn to brian’s right, oh god, my, body’s getting stuck in everything, aah Hurray, my, body keeps getting caught in the thing you’re in my, way sir all right. J: that’s another boat i don’t, want to go on another boat whoa look it’s a big tank or though, we actually drive that Don’t know i’ve run a, boy huh There’s a cable cart i want to go on it go on it i want to go on it boy I’m gonna go on it son okay, okay, boy thing like a glove mm How, do we get up here though ooh way to i hmm It’s not way too, high if you’re a, solid little, boy you can reach that no problem. Oh yeah Hey, dangle dad like father like son look around there’s more i’m exploring Okay, this is not gonna work wait wait wait get out And we lift each side like a bus shit i drank i died i drowned where am i oh, oh? come on Are you all the way back, where the boats, were yep But how i’m coming back don’t come back It’s too late for me son, oh god i’m fucking caught and shit so i can’t turn, my boat God this is annoying. Hi what are you, doing i’m trying to I’m trying to wedge this like, this so i can run up it up jump up. Huh, you jump up there i’m coming dad Ha, ha ha ha ha hey Why, perfect. This worked, hello i Am the thing for the blue lagoon You’re, like penny wise on he’s a eller Hey, and then you run, like freakily towards me except you waddle wait let’s just pull the boat up Let’s pull the boat up and stand on it oh you’re so strong yeah look a t these strong boys. R: by the power vested in me i now, declare us strong us men Strong man and strong man your god’s so tantalizingly close Ok, we need to push it we need, to push it into the wall yeah cuz, it’s like it’s so almost Hey, oh baby, ok, maybe that will help me Yeah, i think you should be able to just i’m almost here. Dad my head huh, my head. DAD! You know what don’t think, we were supposed to do it that way? my head! coming Just just just a little bit Yayy we broke the game to victory Whoa, whoa? Oh shit? Oh shit that broke that broke, okay? I’mma go kill myself What hell i don’t think that, was supposed to happen cuz, it just sort of glitched off the edge i have a pole, oh nice Big boat in the wall over there, what are you gonna do oh no Look, we need to, we need to okay, use the poulter to hook the the things, we can, get back over there Oh god. Oh Jesus Dad You’re quite strong Dad But if you don’t cut it oh shit you got it i got it i sacrificed myself but i got it sweet Why are you lifting it again Why are you undoing all of my work This is very weird oh? No shit shit all right now. You, also died yeah now it makes a bridge Ow (Giggling)….. Get off! (More Giggling) oh don’t work i Got an achievement saying learn, to swim that’s a bit that’s a tool, line, why are you, pulling me no then dying, no i Was there, where do we need rocks i don’t know but what else do we do with them what anything I didn’t mean to do that one yeah, oh, Sail away Look, it goes under it oh cuz. You got rocks in it if you hook, it what goes on to it? Does the current take it under if you put rocks in it i don’t know Yeah it does look, whoa But why though Oh can, you keep going Yeah, cuz it comes out the other side okay, well i’m dead so have fun, okay? Goodbye son Maybe my shadow. Looks like a penis here can i like i feel like i Feel, like this is wrong yeah i feel like, we’re not supposed to be here i’m a leap of faith it okay? I’m scared i believe in you, oh lever cool, oh Okay i know, what to do hang on or just just wait for a second okay good Ah you’re doing it. Hi Dad. hello Are you gonna save This, yeah i was gonna say this has to save it oh you look, so sad and lonely down there i’m all alone dad Chillin’ out No i told you you don’t you, dare press any fucking, buttons it’s a fall, okay? i’m doing a Little jig of happiness dit dit dit dit i swear if you fall off it did it did it victor but it did do And there’s a raft i see it okay, you get on that you get on the orange raft over there hi Hello, i made it back i mean arm is broken he’s. Gonna see that there we go if you get on the raft and Hotdogs, yeah and then you can indianajones it down. Though the waterfall, me when i pull this, oh it’s gonna be fun, oh? I need, to like i have to be able to like do this somehow, oh? I’m ready (Even more giggling from Jack) I get it like You, put this on the on the hook on the thing, where you broke the chain, before ah That’s clever. Wow wow wow Okay, okay i’m ready i’m so ready, oh i’m, sorry, any of that does that always already, oh it’s moving go, move it You can try to jump on too – yeah i’m gonna, do that okay, hello hi R: Here it comes!
J:It’s not moving very fast I’m a back up a little R:And J: Now hold on,hold on!
R: Oooh! Woahwowowooah!
(Shit hits the fan and music syncs to the catastrophe) J: No!NO!NO! I’m upside-down!I’m drowning! Dad! J:AAAAH HAAHAHAHA!! My, god river rafting was supposed to be fun, oh? Is he stuck, yeah it’s all guys fine, oh? Fine it’s fine it’s fine fine this is not as fun as it could have been fuck yes Hurray, now do we grab this thing over here i think that would have been maybe been better if we were under On the top of it yeah, oh? Yeah, look, see you later perfect. There’s a lever i can’t get to the lever Okay, okay i’m not off yet i’m i’m off i died i’m Sorry, you fall you have to you have to grab the edge but you have to climb up on the edge you Can’t close a seat flat okay i’m on it and Now what where’s the lever you know wait, oh? Okay, see doesn’t stop i’m on it now as, well it’s so cool i’m up here, oh? Boy he gave a lever and guess i’m scared no i thought god you did Oh, oh shit it opened a giant hole, oh i’d open, up the hole back up there An exit sign is on we can get out now Wait i want to see, what is here boy? get here sonny So you get to jump, off but i’m just gonna climb the boat, again i’m doing it GO DAD! I BELIEVE IN YOU *robin with the latest hit music* op! *more of the latest hit music* di- oh *Jack Laughs* God these levels are getting hard, yeah really Electricity, don’t pull unplug anything Well you say that i didn’t mean to do that we do it hold on hold on yeah? Okay, i was just fixed it i’m just gonna stop it with this okay i just Maybe for something, yeah, okay, we need cables, we need to go, back in and get the cables ah sneaky Sneak, you keep wall look at. This area over here whoa, whoa? Boiler there’s the truck, oh? It is it is it you know i’ve seen the truck before in spoilers? sorry Did you go with your noodles no what are you doing, oh? dad bring me bring me dad I wanna play Come on son, ok. put it in red’s in blue is in and blue is in you got it reds in we got it yay hooray! *laughing* hitting the door he’s like “No no, don’t open , Don’t open Okay, wait keep that there i’m gonna get this box Can we just jump here look sharp Yep, oh, no it’s way too far oh wrong, one wrong, one wrong one ticket ticket ahead get it out of that it won’t come out i Thought, you had an education not in physics circuits dude i think it’s fine Go, the other way, oh? Fuck, oh god, oh? God okay, dad i’m over here i can’t get there with that thing on the door i Done it nice a battery trick Hello, oh shit. Oh crap. Oh crap i died oh shit. Hello, hi, you, gotta, grab the thing what thing This, thing nope you turned it off I told you to grab up Hello, dad we need a, box, yeah i’m going up here Boy, fake, okay, there’s a bogus the box but there’s a, box over there how, do we get to that Box, where i’m facing up and grab that one no. Oh wait that’s a lot. Closer than it looks Just go ah Dude we’re so smart now this one what yeah pull it down up Okay it’s broken, well there’s another. Box over here, oh? *Struggling!!* like salmon no We messed it all up, oh, well you can just jump over here to The other side, no how it’s too far Hello, if we’re leaving her, again if only, we could glitch the game Cuz, you could just they’re, like the other section is right there yeah through the, door, oh oh, oh What, oh, oh i did it i did it i’m around the, door to the side wait kill yourself Okay, kill yourself robin, well i’m sad now What did you do i broke the game, oh, hello i’m out here now sir oh hi doggy, oh? Okay, so we plug up the generator yeah i did it perfect, what *engine noises by: robin* *more engine noises by: robin* I’m trying it’s getting, better there we go Oh, god, oh, no, do, we need the bat- wait You, just stick it under the door and lift Yeah, it was yeah i was just gonna say it’s already a bit oh, no god okay wait you’ve to steer with, one hand and drive with the other i Say, you you know pull the i pull the no the other level all right yeah Okay, perfect. Yeah, yeah, yeah there, we go i’ll turn it we’re doing it Yay, bring your child to work day this would be really hard to single yeah keep going, oh? We did i fuckin, miss the lorry this a, day coming, on i’m not, grabbing the actual Go, down no it’s a it’s wedged. Oh there you go, no it’s perfect. There you go Yeah, nice go YAAAY!!! we’re in here Okay all of that just to get to the other side of this fucking dump. Oh, yeah, what’s in here though, oh shit? Or races this, oh no it what was it no and raises it and then it lowers on its own so yeah yeah Oh, wait wait wait if you hold it down i’ll go get the box, oh you look So content with, your arm on the button i was doing it sir yeah So i’ll put this on here we need a battery So ha ha Huzza! (go get a battery somewhere) What do we need, a battery somewhere just this at the store needs a battery, was distant it turns the wall up there to, some end *Grunt of trying to make it to the other side* okay, okay? Okay, wait if i go up here. Oh, okay if i go up here then you manned the wall switch And i’ll bring the box, okay, but what way, is the wall is supposed to be? Like that ah Okay, okay, okay, okay, oh perfect. Yeah Here we go how, the fuck would you do this on your own i have no idea? But we do have a, box, now, we’re tweeting put on this button okay Hooray! I’m feeling, it i’m into it it’s a lot of it’s a lot of putting boxes on boxes and buttons um ummm Okay, you hang on take me away, oh, no the battery’s gonna fall It should respawn yeah Since it should i stop this You can, stop it now look, ah fuck, okay i’m stopping it too late hi i’m dead, oh Go, boy! Okay, my hands are stuck in the thing, oh, my, god i can’t actually let, go, oh, no i went to turn now. Okay turn Turn up turn up turn up turn up turn after i grab these first Okay, did i just grab bring yeah *grunt* *another grunt* (uhh jack?) *grunt* (no this is patrick) *grunt turns into laughter* Here then, tell, me when to turn it off turn off okay? Okay, we went to turn on red cable red cable no, okay? they’re, not on turn up off How do i get this over just i jumped with it onto the platform wait, maybe i can, catch it i can’t cuz When i jump, my head grabs there, my head hits this, oh? No, yeah, okay, you get one more shot and then it’s my turn go over there, okay? You know come on i’ll it’s, my hand is literally stuck in my, no and i for you it oh? oh are you i I’M FREE (yeah!) ♪free faaaaallin♪ Know can i hold this up off my head HUP! No, i think even if you grabbed it you, would just die i think it was a point so – it would be too heavy Okay, you pull the lever then and i’ll go off, assess Okay, everybody pull but Bam bam bam bam levers are hard Van daan 200 i think i’m also stuck yesi easy, is it Just just pull it and let it run because i think that since you’re supposed to be able to do this Alone there has to be a way to do it with the lever or the treadmill go in check this out genius Hey, you’re a genius i did it. Oh, what am i Damn dude that was awesome three cheers robin That’s enough i felt? *Laughs followed by things i cannot understand* Don’t put it there this battery right now trying Battery i worked hard for that oh my, god it flew, away you, exploded it no Do anything you plugged it into itself and it exploded What? But I was over here. Robin: No, you plugged in the same cord from the battery into the battery. Robin: Postman Pat, Postman Pat. Jack: Ah! Fff- Robin: Postman Pat got a badger in his butt. Jack: What? Robin: What? Who said that? Jack: What’re you saying…? Robin: I’m just waving my pool noodle around. What’re you doing? Jack: I’m getting the other pool noodle. I got it! Jack: Nice! That took way longer than it should’ve. Back out here hooray i get it do you i get it do you, yep pull the cords You, don’t eat the cords Don’t we those cords out here, oh? Okay i’ll come back then This, doors opening, okay hold on imma go get help, okay kill yourself there you go, save the game i’m Dying, whoo, we can put cool in things, oh hi. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah this is the part i know we’re supposed to get Drive the car up there and get cold, from the mine, oh God i’m burning to death, oh, no get get back in there go *top 10 best truck music* Could you just see if you can, push it more, oh WOOOAAAAAHH (ok) oh here we go jesus no no no no? Speed, is key but- what are you doing what are you doing It’s hard, oh for god oh? God, oh god i’m audible you got it now, oh i got it now i’m on the wheel i’m on what are you on the wheel for That’s not safe, oh? No, okay, cool, oh it stays going on its own, oh? God, okay i’m back no brakes there’s no brakes you need to hook when you push the lever forward it stays there you need to pull the lever back It’s fine it’s fine, okay, truck up here, we didn’t need, this Are you fucking serious? Okay, oh perfect the cave of wonders – the mines Mines of moria, oh? Do, we need this stick, oh? we need, that fire stick, oh it’s fire for the for the oven, yeah, okay i mean So, we need, to put the fire stick somewhere else in in the other truck or Now i just put it in the truck it’s fine What if it makes our gold on fire it’s fine it’s fine, so fine it’s fire Fire coal, don’t burn with just fire it needs that the correct mode oh, we have a little tippy on the trailer yeah i saw That’s cool, why am i getting mad why am i getting like, the super dramatic, sad music when i’m just below Because this is the end of? Our lives of our friendship, okay, hopefully they’re landing in the truck, okay? I’m gonna go back down the the thing is now though that, we need to turn the truck around, and drive back down, oh? fuck yeah And this is really dramatic music yeah everything borobudur Just, gonna fall over right this Starting the freaking truck around, why didn’t you tell me to stop putting frecking coal in? oh, sorry here comes go You’re, doing really, well oh no no? no This, is wrong it’s all wrong now all the wrong, is happening i’m getting good be doing don’t worry, about it I’m very very worried, about it yeah it’s go it’s going, off the edge it’s it’s By, now it’s just going on at all no, truck wow yeah It’s worth the billion million odds? Stop. Okay, that’s right now the annoying part comes if we get all the way? Down to the bottom, we don’t have enough coal Or, we drive off the edge with all the coal Maybe you should start walking with. Kubitsek old maybe you should shut the fuck up Well i’m doing all the hard work, and you’re just standing around i’m gonna i’m gonna bring the fire stick, down i’d set my face *Jack screams* (jack didn’t you learn this back in fire school?) Come on fire stick there’s another kiln. Oh jesus, oh? No, okay all the fires are on we don’t even need, that much coal, we need Like two pieces yeah this truck is just stuck now i got a. Call Okay, you’ve been a naughty, boy This, year this, is what you get dad no i can see you in the fog running quit the tardy hill Like dun dun dun duh-da! Yeah, that truck is a loss lost cause okay, there’s a thing on the very left as, well as that supposed to be And i think that it looks like a, tube goes into it maybe, we have to close them Maybe, oh no this is on now? wow what you doing i’m fly-in are you in the tower, yeah i (A shit ton of laughing from Jack) Think, you have to go from tower to tower because there’s exit signs all on the hello, hello Thanks for carrying this fucking coal then i was lining myself hello (hi) *laughing* *inaudible* *Jack2-D2* oooAAAAUGH Ok, wait maybe i can, put more : oh? Ah there you go, oh, they go much higher, ok, so we do need wait okay, we need one more piece of coal, no two pieces are cold, yeah See you in the running i’m coming baby You can, do it i have the power look at my, stumpy legs go you coming dad Good, boy i don’t need no – (Jack starts laughing) I’m coming dad (Robin Shouting Go in the background) It’s all lead up to you Hurray hurray that’s my boy ok J: Hi, dad R: Hello. J: I’m here I did it One-man, cheerleading squad just hearing. Your arm and now i’ll push you in as, well Yeah, it’s a nice whoa wow Wait no i toward the what what what you have to go into the other one? really if to make your way all the way to the last one The last one has a ledge that you’re supposed to land on and walk across i think Getting up here is really, like, tricky because, okay, i think i’m at the exit i’ll wait for you Man that’s cool, the whole towers light up green. Oh, yeah, like, they, flash green, like, lights Humph, you need to land on the ledge that’s here, oh, okay? Yeah, this is the end okay, oh Scary, this is this is? Yeah, i’m tip it tapping, okay, good i’m gonna have to fall in though wait, grab me do it WEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE YEAH!!! YAAAY we did it “I’m Everywhere by Teknoaxe plays while Sam is just being Sam* There’s more okay, we’ll save that for another time, yeah look, oh the swinging boats over there

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