Featured Property Tour: This House Will Impress You at Every Turn

– Hey everybody, it’s Jeff Thibodeau here, co-owner of Redline Properties and I’m excited to take you on our brokerage featured
listing of the week, you gotta check this place out. Let’s go take a look. (upbeat music) Come on in. Okay, so the first thing
you’re gonna notice is this amazing entryway and you’re not gonna find a
house like this typically. The thing that’s unique about this home, it was the local home builder that built this home for his own daughter, so you can imagine the
extra care and effort that went into every
little part of the house. Let’s go take a look. So this main floor has the best layout I’ve seen in a long time. It’s got just enough room to
have big family gatherings but you’ve actually got
a little bit of division between the living room
and here in the kitchen. I really love the layout they get here. Come here, let’s check out the backyard. This is a really smart addition. You can see how bright
it is out here right now, well this nice roof off
the back of the house is giving you shade and protection if the weather’s a little inclement. It’s really increasing the
usability of the outdoor space, great work here, guys. Come on, let’s go upstairs. Now that staircase is
something to wow people. You’re gonna love going
up and down it every day. Look at this feature up here
with this curved piece of floor and you’re taking this stairway all the way down to the
basement, I love it. This is the master suite, right? You’re not used to finding
this in this neighborhood, this type of master suite but check out this king-size bed and come on in here to your walk-in closet and your own en suite bath. This was done really nice. All right, there’s more,
let’s go see the basement. This amazing spiral staircase carries you all the way down to the basement
which is fully finished. You don’t find this in
homes this age very often. Let’s check out the big
rec room, games room, this is super fun. First of all, look at the
ceiling height down here, okay? This isn’t your average basement. But look at this giant
room they’ve left open. Nice hardwood floors, curved walls, you can really do
whatever you want in here. I know what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna play a few games. Well, I hope you can tell
that I love this home, I know that you’re gonna love it too so if you’re interested in
seeing this property in person, reach out to our agent, Steve Tombol, who’s contact information
is right on the screen and book your private tour
before this one’s gone. And stay tuned for another
featured home next week. (upbeat music)

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