Finding a Nevada Probate & Estate Planning Attorney
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Finding a Nevada Probate & Estate Planning Attorney

A search for a Nevada probate or estate
planning attorney has brought you to this website or video. From the outset, we
understand that each person situation is unique. You may have had a loved one die and you
need to know what to do next, whether a probate is required or perhaps you’re
looking to set up your own estate planning so your loved ones won’t have
to deal with probate when you die. Or you may have a child or grandchild with
special needs that you want to plan for. Or perhaps you’re looking to protect
hard-earned assets in our ever litigious society. Whatever the case maybe you’ve
come to the right place. My name is Jay Larsen. I’m a partner with
the law firm of Gerrard Cox Larsen, and have practiced for over 23 years in the
areas of probate trusts of all types and estate administration. Finding the right
lawyer for your needs can be difficult. How do you find the right law firm? What
should you look for? What would i look for if I were in your shoes? Of course the
attorney you choose needs to have the knowledge, but there’s no substitute for
experience. The attorney needs to have enough years under his belt to have seen and
dealt with a variety of situations. You want someone that can explain often
complex legal procedures and concepts in a way that is understandable. You want to
leave the attorney’s office knowing what you’ve done, how the trust works and what
it says. I don’t know how many times I’ve had someone bring a trust to my office
that was so complicated I didn’t even want to read it. I couldn’t blame them
for not understanding what it said. Part of making something understandable is
the ability to communicate in simple understandable terms. Also you want
someone that keeps you informed of important changes to the law that might
affect your planning. You’ll also want someone that follows through, who returns calls, responses to questions,
a firm that makes sure the deed is recorded transferring your home to the
trust or gets the final court discharge of the executor at the end of
the probate process. Have you thought about whether you should use a solo
practitioner or a firm with several qualified attorneys. If you use a lawyer
practicing by him or herself, what happens when they go on vacation or if
they retire or die? By choosing a firm with several estate and trust attorneys,
there is always someone to talk, to to attend probate court, to handle what
needs to be done. That makes a big difference for you, the client. So whether
you’re looking for help with probate, estate planning, asset protection
planning, elder law issues like Medicaid, special needs trusts, or setting up a
business, I encourage you to explore our website, find the topic you need and learn
more about the services we provide at Gerrard Cox Larsen, then call to schedule a
free initial consultation at one of our two convenient locations in Henderson
and Las Vegas to discuss your situation and what would work best for you.

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