FreshGrade: Supporting Student Ownership
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FreshGrade: Supporting Student Ownership

I’m using FreshGrade in several different ways in my classroom. I’d say one of the most beneficial reasons that I use FreshGrade is that it promotes student ownership of their learning. When they know that something is going to be added to their portfolio and their parents are going to see it, or if they’re in group work and the other kids will see it, they care much more about it. I can tell when they put in more effort: When you have students who typically don’t care their work asked to get their essay back. So, they can make it better because it’s going into their portfolio. I think that’s very powerful. Also, I use FreshGrade mainly because of the formative assessment. I can take those activities that we do in class, the real teaching part, and I can capture that and share it with parents. I can keep a record of it as well. So that I can see the growth in my students. Those are the things that we do every day: writing, when students are collaborating together. And now, I have actual evidence to back that up, to show what we are doing in class. If I tie it to an assignment, I can put my objective with it. Well. Then, when I go into the Gradebook, I have actual evidence to show growth over time. I can create a bar graph, I can see how my classes are doing compared to each other, and then I can go back and adjust my teaching. So, I’ve never done it. It’s a constant cycle of “Let’s assess the kids,” “Let’s look at the data,” and then “Let’s adjust to meet their needs.” FreshGrade does that for me. It makes it easier. It’s all in one place. It’s simple and seamless. The communication with the parents and the students has just been a wonderful benefit.

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