50 thoughts on “Friedrich Gulda: Mozart – Sonata No. 13 in B-flat major, KV 333

  1. Wonderful! Perfekt! Energetic! Playing like a kid, then complex, misterious, sublime, genius!!!!! Mozart is the only one!!! Very hard technik! And no one plays it better than Gulda!

  2. Rachmaninoff's favourite Mozart sonata. He and Horowitz used to play it together often.
    Great Gulda gives it its due as we came to expect from this master musician.

  3. сонаты Моцарта!!!!!, свет осени, листья золотые берез, лужа отражает небо с лесом. с птицей сорокой

  4. Strange, how he fell out of concentration and beauty after the dull remarks between 2 and 3. The finale comes somehow rude, shallow, irresponsible and apathetic.

  5. Gulda did to the Mozart music what Rubinstein did for Chopin music: play it full of life and love, pushing away all mannerisms.

  6. During World War II as teenagers, Gulda and his friend Joe Zawinul would go out and perform forbidden musics – like jazz

  7. this guy did mozart well for sure ! he seems to not even have to think about it and probably played it a thousand times before he did here, but as any pianist knows playing this sonata and anyone of Wolfgang's , the enjoyment and pleasure is recalled and thus his music eternal, play on mozart lovers ! 🎹🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  8. Perhaps I'm a minority amongst all these glowing comments, but Gulda's relentless tempi, to me, do not breathe at all. Granted, he varies his dynamics somewhat, but only somewhat. I find his playing here boringly metronomic. He slightly 'saves' himself with some variation in his use of dynamics, as previously mentioned. Would like to have heard , also, a greater variety of touch to better transfer feelings of delicateness, humor, earnestness, and so on. (Did I actually sniff a subtle tinge of slowing up at some ends of musical paragraphs?) Hallelujah! But too little too late. V. H.'s interpretation seems 4th dimensional in comparison to Gulda's vigorous, but only, 2 dimensions. A positive: Gulda appears to enjoy playing Mozart. A negative: Gulda's range of Mozart's musical expression spans A to G. Horowitz's range spans A to Z, and then some! There's a world of difference between Art and artisan.

  9. I've never heard such a "rough" and direct Mozart. There's like no finesse at all. It's very individual. Gulda was unique.

  10. hehe very cool! thanks for posting this online for all of us to watch! 🙂 friedrich gulda is my favorite pianist i think…

  11. 22:23 is brilliant.The third movement is brilliant.This sonata was one of the most favourite sonatas of Rachmaninoff.Rachmaninoff and Horowitz used to play this sonata quite often.Very virtuostic

    Thank you very much!😂

  12. 최근 들은 모차르트 중에서 진짜 인상깊음. 너무 좋다!! ❤️❤️😍💕💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. I like the way he adds his own embellishments – that was an accepted part of playing in Mozart’s day and even expected but it’s unheard of in modern times. One of my favorite Mozart sonatas. Gulda has a unique way with Mozart. Sometimes it seems hard and insensitive, too much banging, without nuance or voicing. As though playing on a very loud harpsichord instead of a piano. His chatting with the audience between movements and the audience applause is something I’ve never witnessed in any classical music concert. Interesting bit of informality.

  14. Mozart was a Classical period composer, not Baroque, and not veering into Romanticism like Beethoven. Gulda plays him as Classical, absolutely straight, preserving each element of the music per se and adding nothing of his own. I know of no other pianist who does this. No, he does not demonstrate his mastery of tone or of coloring or fancy pedaling. He just plays the music and that is what I anyway hear. And when I refer to each element of the music, I mean each note, each phrase, each line of melody. One hears, I hear, what I believe Mozart wrote and what Mozart heard. I am held transfixed by his playing, by each note, by each change in dynamics and emphasis and his infinitely small variations of tempo. I have been listening to and playing this sonata for 70 years, and I hear in his playing dozens of what I term elements that I had not known and which amaze me. My attention is prevented from leaving the sound. I consider Gulda to be a genius.

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