From Prison to Business Ownership
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From Prison to Business Ownership

I talk about Ingram to people when I talk
to them. Some people look at me strange and some people don’t. Some people except it, some people don’t. People don’t take you as serious when
you say the prison. So in other words you got a prison education, No, I don’t have a prison education, I have an education, I just got it when I was incarcerated. I had no idea I would be an entrepreneur in this field one day. With me being young at the time, I wasn’t looking at it as being something I can make a living out of. It was more of something I was trying to get into just to do time. So, once I got back in society I saw what the skill really can do for me for my livelihood. You see, Ingram helped prepare me on going to Faulkner, helped prepared me to go back to
Auburn and take them class, helped prepared me to go take these courses I needed to take to get recertified for my chemical license. You know, it started right there. I came through here working for the system for free, now I’m back getting a check from the system. You know but, it was a blessing within
itself to be able to go back to the same places where you came through as a kid, was able to have a contract with them and build another relationship with them outside of a criminal relationship. I have probably about 25 commercial properties under contract, one hundred and about five residential. Education is the key. You know, without education, you can’t make it. I tried to dodge it for many years. You know, many years I went about society trying to live on the underground and I never didn’t make it. The education that you get at Ingram, or Frank Lee, it’s a valuable education to change your life. You can change your life from the guy that you used to be.

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