Full Exposure (Full Song) | Season 5 | EMPIRE
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Full Exposure (Full Song) | Season 5 | EMPIRE

30 thoughts on “Full Exposure (Full Song) | Season 5 | EMPIRE

  1. I hope Mario sticks around for a the rest of Empire. I love all of his music on Empire and I love Devon and I low key like him with Tiana. 💘💘

  2. Can't focus focus…..
    The choice of words and the blayering on it for the mixdown is dope

  3. mario deserves more screen time on empire for real because his character brings some magic to this show

  4. The Duet version with Tiana is much more intense and romantic…I think its the best song of the ENTIRE season…They definitely left the best song for last💞😭🔥

  5. this song is so beautiful they got the right person singing this mario has an amazing voice always has
    this is my fav

  6. Amazing Mario and Ms. Tiana "Can't focus, focus" you both are magic together… When your apart the stars are brighter because you both can bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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