” Gino Metallo Realtor Providence Subdivision of Elgin, IL”
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” Gino Metallo Realtor Providence Subdivision of Elgin, IL”

Welcome to Providence!
From the moment I start my day to the time it ends,
I’m working to make Providence a great place to live.
My name is Gino Metallo. I’m a Real Estate Broker, and Providence
is my Home. Real Estate has always been my passion.
Consulting with people during the buying and selling process of their home, this is
what I do. Buying a home is one of the most important
decisions you will ever make.
Where you live may influence your quality of life,
who your friends are, how your kids grow up….so many factors.
That’s why I feel so strongly about helping you.
I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision you can
for you and your family. A home is probably the most expensive investment
a family is going to make, so you should be working with someone who
knows the area… and no one knows the Providence Area better
than I do! I’ve lived here virtually since the first
homes were built, and I have an understanding of
every aspect of the properties here. Whether you are looking at a single-family
home or a New England-style townhouse, I can tell
you who the Builders were – what building materials
were used , what was considered to be standard and what
was an upgrade – which Floor Plans were popular, which were
semi-custom. Like I said, my knowledge of the Providence
area is a strong benefit to you and the people
in the community! Parks were strategically placed in each phase
of Providence…also, a clubhouse, and many walking and biking trails.
There is a great sense of community throughout the neighborhood.
It’s the perfect place to make either your first real estate investment,
raise a family, or to downsize from a larger home. Simply speaking,
Providence provides a warm, comfortable environment to make lasting memories.
You want to work with someone you trust when you buying
or selling a home. There are many important decisions to
make and choices to understand, and you need someone
on your side to help you get the most for your investment.
“We chose Gino because he knew the neighborhood, he knew the market, he knew what we could
sell our home for. It was very open communication back and forth.
Very Positive. And he kind of let us know, this is what we
are getting into.” I will educate you in the various aspects
of the purchase or the sale of your home…
and once you become part of the neighborhood, I can be a resource to help with advice on
home ownership and keeping or increasing the value of your
investment. When you are making this life decision,
you should be relaxed, knowing that we’ve covered everything
you need to know. That I’m behind you every step of the way.
“We chose Gino because he’s Trustworthy!” “We chose Gino because he’s extremely Knowledgeable!”
“I would absolutely refer Gino to any of my family and friends!”
“That’s me, Gino Metallo. I’m not just your real estate agent
for life, I’m your neighbor! I’m here for you, and
I want to help you find your way home.”

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