Google Building Maker

>>You can see thousands of 3D buildings in
Google Earth all over the world– skyscrapers, houses, bridges, office buildings, castles
and more! Now you can easily create your own 3D buildings
and add them to Google Earth with Building Maker.
Building Maker is a simple 3D modeling tool for adding buildings to Google Earth.
You can do it in four easy steps. We provide the tools and the building photos;
all you need is a web browser, Google Earth and a few minutes.
Let’s get started by selecting a location. If you’d like, we can choose one for you.
Zoom down to a city and select a building by moving the red pin on top of it.
To get started, click the “Start Building” button.
Building Maker will check to make sure you have the Google Earth plugin installed, and
then you’re ready to begin. In step two, you will align blocks with photos.
Pick the block that best resembles your building’s shape and align the block with the corners
you can see in the photo. When you’ve positioned your block in one image,
move to a new image and align the corners there, as well.
We give you six images to start, so you can get the best position and textures possible. [pause] Click on “Viewer” in the top menu bar to preview
your building in Google Earth. Click the “Save” button to move on to step
three. [pause] Give your building a title and description,
and click “Save” to add your model to the Google 3D warehouse.
In step four, your model will be reviewed. Once your model has been accepted, it will
be added to Google Earth, and millions of users will be able to see your 3D building.
Use Building Maker on your own or with friends and watch your city grow.
It’s fun, easy, and all you need is to be online.
To start modeling, visit

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