Hayes: Trump’s White House Knew He Did Something Wrong And Tried To Cover It Up | All In | MSNBC
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Hayes: Trump’s White House Knew He Did Something Wrong And Tried To Cover It Up | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Hayes: Trump’s White House Knew He Did Something Wrong And Tried To Cover It Up | All In | MSNBC

  1. nancy has botox on the brain requires urgent electroshock therapy per rectum and frontal lobotomy, plenty of room between those hideous eyebrows and her eyesockets

  2. Hard drives, tapes, 🤷🏻‍♂️eh what’s the difference ❓greedy power hungry money mongers. Evildoers, all of ‘em Vote and hope ⚖️

  3. America needs to be vindicated. Donnie is totally unfit for the job. Karma is knocking on his door. Donnie,  your sins are coming to haunt you!

  4. All the people who is working under TRUMP should step down NOW before THEY get into bigger trouble. Jail and will not GET to see their FAMILY.

  5. Trump wanted his own NFL team, the NFL commission said " No.. ". Trump wanted to join the Democratic Party, the DNC said, " No.. ". So Trump joined the GOP. The rest is history !

  6. FOX/GOP Castrati Chorus: "That's just Trump being Trump. What were we to do? That's just Trump being Trump. What were we to do? What were we to do?"' (btw, this was the same refrain used by Hitler's minions during the Nuremberg Trials).

  7. I think Nancy will try to stall impeachment to just before the next election! She is not offering anything new except actually stating that there is a formal investigation started. Better than nothing.
    I feel one could easily charge Trump with Treason! A capital affiance. Nancy doesn’t want the Incumbent Democrats to face the Vice President, or some other Republican clown. She wants to keep Trump in office. In that respect she is a coconspirator to Trump. It would be so easy to convict Trump, and the rest o his comrades if they really won’t to.
    I haven’t seen a real push for justice so far from the Incumbent Democrats.
    They should ask Nancy to step down, and put Cortez as speaker of the House to run the impeachment showdown! ❤️🤗🖖

  8. Hello TDS echo chamber. I have a question. What law was broken exactly? Can somebody cite a code article please? Bonus question: who is the "whistle blower" and why Schif was tweeting about this a month before the complaint? Well that's two questions, but it's really one. Go ahead, I'll wait.

  9. Trump thinks spy's should be shot or hung,trump has been a spy for Russia when he took office,trump and his family have loaded thier pockets the hole time in office, soo should trump be shot or hung as a spy for Russia?🤔🙏

  10. It would seem that Trump does not run the USA alone; it sounds as if Trump has his cronies to make decisions for his/their benefit. No one or very few who work at the WH would be able to pass an ethics or morality test. This level of corruption is what will eventually destroy our democracy. Why is the idea of power so addictive?

  11. I like what Heidi Przbila said; "a Daisy chain of Whistle blowers, who have said enough is enough!" Amen! Its ironic that WH Officials had the guilty conscience, Trump is arrogantly oblivious.

  12. Trump allowed this transcript to be released to everyone because he actually believed it was a "perfect call, a BEAUTIFUL call." His ego told him everyone else would also see a " perfect call, a BEAUTIFUL call". What a shock for him to see Nancy Pelosi was still going forward with the impeachment inquiry, and everyone but him, Hannity, and Lindsey Graham saw a very troubling call. But, seriously, didn't Hannity and Lindsey realize that call transcript just put Trump in deep doodoo?

  13. Why Did you tube eliminate the Alternative News Programs That gave me a look at the REAL STORY Rather than a re-read of the Military Industrial Complex Script !$$$!

  14. His ability to appoint judges and other administrative staff should cease immediately until this investigation and impeachment inquiry is over!!!!

  15. These people who knew after the phone call ar acting like their on a show of Trump's, and think he's going to shout out "your fired" instead of following the law, but covered it up. The calls should be released, remember he works for America not the other way around.


  17. This White House is despicable!!! We need to get these people out of there!!!!!! He thinks he's King Trump!! Republicans in that white house knew Trump was breaking the law!!!!!!!!!!!



  20. Here is the moral learned from all of this political cinema. "He who stoops down low to look in the behind of his neighbor should remember that someone else in his back is also stooping down lower to look in his behind."
    Everybody's got dirty secrets and trying to expose other's secrets will also get yours to be exposed soon or later.

  21. I love it, Chris. You bring it true and exceedingly clear. Thanks and keep it up, my good fellow (and MSNBC). More, louder, farther!♥

  22. Trump has now advertised and advocated for the normal remedy for Treason. It’s tantamount to shouting “ hang me “. Oh Kay !

  23. Everyone knows that he rigged the presidency, and everything that followed after. If he would leave now! Would be great for the country. The country will not go down, it will start to re start from all the alligators who is in the White House now and the mar o lago and elsewhere!

  24. This is how I know what is the actual truth is on these stories … When MSNBC says it is raining ..you can bet the sun is shining and the skies are clear ..lol

  25. There are several possible reasons for a cover up. Can we be sure the officials knew it was wrong, or just embarrassing to the president and extremely hazardous to his reelection chances? We ought not to forget that there are only two matters of importance to Donald J. Trump. One is money, and the other is winning, or at least preserving the appearance of not losing. He couldn't care less about the security of the Ukrainian people (or the American people, for that matter), or protecting US elections, especially when doing so reduces his chances of winning the next one. I have followed politics since I was nine years old in 1960. What I'll never understand is why politicians don't just focus on their jobs. If all of them, and in particular this president, spent zero time on thinking up and participating in schemes to benefit themselves in some way and directed all their brain power and energy toward solving problems, problems would be solved. With problems solved, reelection would come automatically. This applies to running businesses too. Instead of worrying who is going to be the next CEO of the company, how much compensation you are going to get when you leave, how much profit surging into the investment accounts of stockholder you can take credit for, those running the company at any given moment should think about providing the best possible product or service (not what you can get consumers to believe is the best product or service through marketing, but what really is best and meets a need) to the consumer and treating the workers, the people who make the product or provide the service (since the CEO doesn't), in a way that makes them loyal, not dependent and desperate. Anyone who goes into business just to get rich, anyone who goes into politics just to acquire power (much less wealth), should recognize that they are going into the wrong field. They will never have enough money or power to satisfy themselves and will surely become unscrupulous in their pursuit of those goals. Whether or not they know they are doing something wrong or have been so focused on the goodness of the goals of wealth and power for so long, that they lose the ability to tell right from wrong, is pretty much irrelevant. The president and those who have not resigned from or, worse, recently signed on to his administration are textbook examples of this behavior.

  26. Trump and his enablers are corrupt to their very cores. Trump needs to be immediately removed from office, he can not be trusted with sensitive information to our national security because in trump's feeble mind the only things that matter are what benefits trump personally. Impeach Indict Jail Trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  27. the Americans peoples wants ALL of these corrupt peoples out of our WH, only GOD knows what other corruption has occurred that we don’t know about,
    it seems that the list keeps going on and on, may GOD help the Americans peoples from these money hungry peoples who doesn’t care about our government
    they only are concern about their pockets of getting as much of our tax paying dollars as possible, shame on them!

  28. The ending is on the money as well, He got CAUGHT asking a foreign president for help, We all know the list goes on.

    I truly think he's delusional, He's retweeted at least 10 people saying "the dems are witch hunting" "fake news media is after him as usual" and what not, Insane.

  29. America elected a Mob-Gang. Now, America likes to get rid of them. But, America is learning, when you give power to the Mob, they will not give it up so easily! Good Luck.
    "It's not Trump. A country that elects a Trump is already in serious trouble" E. Warren

  30. Trump is a plague on this land and his supporters are infected, FOXidized zombies.
    Unfortunately, this plague has infected our institutions so deep. It will take us years to clean up the damage.

  31. I’m sure that the ‘top thing’ on the newly elected President of Ukraine’s mind was Joe Biden’s son? During his first & very important call to the American President? Who’s help the Ukraine desperately needs? C’mon folks we all weren’t born yesterday like Trump likes to think we were.

  32. Trump's White House lawyers and advisers were not moved to do a cover-up by ethical considerations, but because if the details became known, an impeachment process would most likely ensue. And guess what? That is exactly what happened. And it happened because there are still some honest people working in government. Yeah!

  33. Trump simply does not know how to not be a criminal. Trump has been breaking the law for so long, it's the only way he does things now. Trump is a criminal to the core.

  34. Why are we all subjected to all these Right Wingers' crap when we know good and well what they are going to say?? It's about time to drop the crap and impeach this obvious wrong doer!

  35. You need every name that counseled or assisted in this cover-up. Watergate Was a Fondue in preparation for this Political Entree.

  36. Mr Hayes…I am ALL about facts. Kindly explain how you walk into a foreign energy company office….unable to speak their language…. demand a million bucks…. and fifty grand a month…..with no experience in any way shape or form…. and not even reside in the country.

    If you can give me a good answer we can both go and get a "job" together. What say you ???
    I am all ears.

  37. The Russia investigation was still going on when this all happened… That just shows you how much Trump really cares about this

  38. Trump has corrupted the entire Whitehouse including the Lawyers although they probably didn’t need much persuasion. Anyone working for Trump already has a suspect moral base

  39. Call Barr before Congress to explain why he blocked the forwarding of the complaint to them. If he fails to give a credible answer, arrest him on the spot. Like any RICO investigation, they need to start reeling in the smaller fish right now.

  40. If the transcript was not voluntarily released it will never see daylight. The case will have to settle by SCOTUS. The conservative majority would have sided with Trump to keep the transcript secret. Trump is so stupid to incriminate himself voluntarily. He didn’t even plead the 5th. He deserves what is coming, i.e. he is unfit to be prez. How extremely ironic – he got to go to make America great again.

  41. I'd like to hear about Sara Huckabee Sanders. It seems she stepped down right around the time this call happened. Just curious. The old saying goes "rats abandoned a sinking ship". Did she know all this was coming?

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