HGTV Real Estate Seminars” FLIP OR FLOP ” BANNED In Utah For SCAMMING People

hgtv real estate seminars are banned
about time I fell victim to a few of these back in the day when I was a
little bit younger on my hustle days trying to come up these seminars man
well neither the Internet is more prominent you know the game
alright so nobody can be surprised most of these people aren’t even doing with
this they’re claiming to do anyway welcome my name is David and since I
don’t know you I’ll just call you awesome awesome because you came to this
channel subscribe it’s your first time alright so real estate seminars backed
by HGTV stars under fire by FT C alright what that complaint is really about
they’re making so much money and they’re not splitting it with them so they want
to shed everything down that’s usually how it works but let’s read what they
have all right a federal court judge has issued in a temporary restraining order
against a utah-based company that hosts celebrity backed real estate seminars
after the Federal Trade Commission determined they made deceptive promises
of big profits according to an official press relief release well yeah you know
when I went to the seminars they always made use promises and everything like
that what they need to make transparent to the audience is that it all depends
on your work ethic so what they’re teaching there is not the scam what
they’re teaching is a system that’s proven to work and that’s the reason why
they’ve stood the test of time this this long it works but the problem is they
tell everybody in the audience that you’re going to be a minute
all you have to do is just sign up well that’s the lie that’s the misleading
message right they’re just signing up is not gonna make you a millionaire to
anything just buying a lottery ticket isn’t gonna do anything to make you rich
either you have a scratch it so what always takes some kind of action other
than just the purchase okay to make yourself profitable so that is was
misleading about most of these real estate seminars they make it seem as
simple as just buying their course or their book or their system or something
like that when is far more work into real estate
than that okay so you can’t just if you’re watching this and you heard on a
radio because you’re gonna hear it in your radio they’ve been doing it for
years I if you still listen to the radio alright they’re gonna invite you out
it’s probably gonna be held in some kind of hotel or some library or some kind of
bring it out hall or something like that they’re gonna have a big production
screen and some speakers and everything like that probably have one person that
you can recognize maybe the lower-level low-budget star and the rest of the
people on the line of you never even met them or heard of them before but then
they give you this big speech of how they’ve came from nothing and now
there’s something and how you can do the exact same thing even though they tell
you about all their struggles they make it seem like you’re going to get it
completely free with no struggles no hardships or anything like that
that’s the misleading part even with a step-by-step system to anything you
still gonna experience your own trial and error your own tribulations that
you’re gonna go through and you just gotta fight through those to find that
profitability are that success and whatever you’re trying to do so that’s
what they need to make transparent I don’t think that they need to shut down
the seminars completely I think that they need to put a little bit more
regulation on how they speak and that’s different from me cuz I like my freedom
but I do believe that if you promise somebody success without telling them
about the roadblocks that they’re gonna come up against then that is a scam I
think you got to tell them the bad and the good okay so that’s just that’s just
where is it with me alright so let’s get back to it the FTC claimed in court
papers on Friday there’s uruk’s LLC was misleading is cuz
by hosting free seminars where they promised they could help people get rich
the seminars were endorsed by HGTV flip or flop stars Tarek el Moussa and
Christina and state and Hilary Farr from HGTV’s love it are listed according to
the complaint neither el Moussa and Ted are fair was named as a defendant in the
complaint okay so they got to opt out so they’re not responsive responsible for
any of it they’re just the puppets all right so you don’t kill the messenger or
anything so the company is is banned and everything like that but the whole point
is these are stars man you need to get with people that are in the trenches
okay there’s there’s just what you need to do um this is gonna start playing so
let’s close this out then anyway so that was just the video for today I just
wanted to let you guys know a little update on that since I haven’t uploaded
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heard these real estate seminars you do have to put in work if you want
something real if you want a real real estate training that’s gonna actually
get you out of the box and into the streets and killing it and closing deals
million dollar listing mentor is a guy right here alright David Robertson and
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