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-Hi everyone. This is Barbara Stephenson with Windermere Kelso/Longview and today
I’m going to show you a client portal on Northwest MLS so that you had a really good
accurate information with their own searching. You’ve probably looked on some
of the other online systems. The Zillow and the Trulia’s and come across the same thing that a lot of clients say to me which is that
information is not accurate and that home really isn’t even a little market.So
what I do is I send you a client portal so that when you do find those home on those
cute little mobile apps and you come to your client portal to make sure that it really
is a listed home. So I get calls from all over and I really just love helping my
clients find just the home that they need. So let’s jump on the client portal
and … I’ll show you. Great…. so what I ended up doing is I went in and I just sent
myself as if I was the client. so if you can see right here on my screen I’ve
emailed it this is often I write a message here. Just click on the link and
it jumps in and these were the homes that I sent myself. so the really
some of the really great things about this feature is I love that it comes
with this mapping system here and here’s a couple little tricks that I’ve learned
along the way. If you are not familiar with the area clicking on terrain so you
can see that this home up here which is this one right here on Columbia Heights
is a it’s a hilly area up here this about 500 feet above sea level it does
go higher but this particular home is right there and you can also see how
close it is to the river River on each side and this is our beautiful Lake
Sacagawea. If you have seen the video the drone footage of Lake Sacagawea.
This is the lake that that drone footage is from. So that’s one of my favorite one
the terrain but this one also. So I can zoom in now on this home which is this
one right here and I can continue to zoom in and I can see the whole
neighborhood. oh gosh I’m sorry I’m pointing out the
wrong one this is the Maplewood house actually.
so it’s up on Columbia Heights as well but you can see how this home sits on
the property you can see that maybe during the subdivision an alley was
planned here and then it never got put in like this one here as well that’s my
thought what that is and if I switch it back here to roadmap
then all the street names come up. so now let’s click on the home address itself
so from a quick search here you can see lots of great information about the home
bedroom bathroom count, square footage, price per square foot. it’s a big house
with 3,800 square feet built in 1955.The schools that feed into it and DOM is Days on the Market. Sometimes it even says CDOM which is cumulative days in
the market. If a house goes back and forth on and off then then that’s how
that is handled and if this home had a video it would be right there. In
fact I would like to show you that. I uploaded one of my listings because I
make videos from my clients!! That helps in this very digital world that we
live in. It helps a remote buyer especially to see what the house looks
like so this is the little house over on 650 18th Avenue by the lake I click on
that right there is the icon for the video. So then you have the opportunity
to to see you know the coolness about the house that a still photo just
doesn’t show sometimes. So anyway okay well that’s that video um let me see
let’s go back to matrix portal. okay so we’ve seen this
house we can click on each picture we can make them bigger, you can scroll
through them, sorry occupational hazard I kind of scroll through fast because I’m
just getting an impression. This is a really pretty house and it’s in a really
neat area too. The other thing that you can do not only can you see the homes
that I send you but when you have your own client portal you can go right here
to MY SEARCH and you can start your own search. So you can go in here and you can
pick what kind of home you want. Maybe only residences. Maybe you only want
manufactured homes. You can put in a price restriction so let’s do kind of
what our median is in our county. It’s right around $250K so I put 235 to 275 and
as a buyer maybe I have some really strict requirements on my bedroom and
bathroom count. Maybe I need a house that has lots and lots of bedrooms. Maybe I
don’t…. I often don’t put anything in there but if you want to if you want to
narrow your search down that this is the place to do that .So then let’s just
click on our county and then let’s go see. I only have price restriction all
residences and the county restriction is also and this is what comes up and you
can see what’s actively listed. Okay you can scroll through you see anything that
looks interesting so this is a fixer-upper I showed this one a couple
days ago. okay so let’s see once… so do you see this right here ?….so this is a
heart so I can mark it as a favorite as something that’s interesting or I can
discard the listing which actually it doesn’t discard it it just tells me as
your agent that you don’t like that home. And then later you can go into favorites
and you can see I’ve marked a few…..So when you are ready
to buy or sell right here in Cowlitz County your very first call is to me!!!
Give me a call or an email or a text and I can set up your own client portal as
well. If you’re a seller, it’s good to see what the competition is and if you’re a
buyer it’s a good place to start your search…… I hope you enjoyed that until
next time

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