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  1. This made my day! Ever since I bought my first home I thought the projects would all be done in the first year and we are coming up on our third year in the home and I feel like everyday more and more things show up!! THANK YOU for being so open and honest!!!!

  2. also my boyfriend is a subcontractor and i’ve been telling him about all your things you want to get done and he said there’s no way the shelving unit in your bedroom should cost that much

  3. Jess: ** showing shoe bins ** and we each have a bin for shoes…


  4. LOVE this!!! Thank you for being real….I feel the same way about our home..I feel good about it, until I see someone else’s house..no way to live! Love your honesty and gratitude ❤️

  5. I guess you are not one of those moving to Texas. Anyway I tend not to worry about what someone else did, I just live with it and am happy I don't owe any money to anyone.

  6. I appreciate you so much. I think you’re amazing and seeing your house looking like mine makes me feel so supported as a mother. Does that even make sense? Lol. Thanks for being real!

  7. I don't think this woman realizes how privileged she is and still comparing herself to the picture perfect people with their "perfect" homes. Girl, compared to most people you have an amazing home with furniture I can only dream off. As a child I could never go to any classes unless they were free. I appreciate that you don't want to go into debt but you already spent much more on lights than I spent on all my furniture in my rented house (In a cold, rainy city in the UK, NOT warm California..lol). All you need is a bit of decluttering and a tidy up and you would have the perfect home (to me)

  8. @mrkate please go help the Ballinger Family with their house. They are the nicest people and really deserve it.

  9. I love this!!! This is the first video of your's I have watched. I love your attitude and realness

  10. i mean. yes it is a living house and yes you have five kids and keeping the house tidy and organized is of course hard, but how can you ask the kids to clear their mess when you as the parents have that packed walk in wardrobe and what was that shoe corner right at the entrance of the home man. just try to diy stuff. chris is handy, you have the eye and the taste and urge for design. buy some materials and build things. like shelves and cabinets etc. just keep things at least inside of a cover. this much of a daily clutter really might drench you. i understand it is hard but just organize stuff. i love your vlogs but oh man this was a very tiring one for me.

  11. I was waiting to see Chris's little studio where he keeps musical instruments and makes his guitars

  12. I loved this video a lot!!! I just wanted to let you guys know though because I noticed you were using DevaCurl to refrain from using those products because they've been causing a lot of damage to people hair and they're currently under a huge lawsuit for it. Of course you can do your own research I just thought I should let you guys know since it's been a huge issue lately!

  13. Your house is really cluttered and I noticed you blamed the reason it looks like that was because you don’t have money 💰… but you don’t need money to clean 🧼 you have the time and the resources to do things in your house without money… it just having to not be lazy (I’m lazy to sometimes) but it comes to a point where we you just have to take a weekend and get stuff done

  14. I am going to show this video to my mom! She is so HARD on herself about the way the house looks. I am in college now but when I come home she always complains that our house never is up to standards in terms of organization and clutter-control. For example, we have piles of paperwork (mail,etc). I try to tell her that it just looks lived in and I love it that way! And I am so grateful our house is the way it is! So, thank you for being authentic with this tour because it is an IRL issue that many families face ❤️

  15. I am going to show this video to my mom! She is so HARD on herself about the way the house looks. I am in college now but when I come home she always complains that our house never is up to standards in terms of organization and clutter-control. For example, we have piles of paperwork (mail,etc). I try to tell her that it just looks lived in and I love it that way! And I am so grateful our house is the way it is! So, thank you for being authentic with this tour because it is an IRL issue that many families face ❤️

  16. You should put a thick small rug over the space between your room and your bathroom so it will be easier so avoid injuries.

  17. Yes to cords! And yes to being real! I stopped following some of my friends pages that constantly post pics of their homes that look like Hobby Lobby barfed all over their house and I’m like NO! It honestly makes me depressed to see the pics, I had to stop!

  18. Thank you for being vulnerable and opening your home up like this! Your kids are so blessed to call that space theirs!

  19. Hey, my husband actually does custom built in cabinets for a living and I still don't have any in my own house. 😂

  20. I LOVE your house! Love you're fam and everyone in your family is incredible! Like collen's family, jojo, etc. love u guys!

  21. okay but in the "mud room corner" you could totally do a cabinet with a lazy Susan inside of it and then have cubbies underneath for most used shoes!!!!!!!!!

  22. I adore how honest you are with us ALWAYS! It is so refreshing and you guys are absolutely amazing and such a fantastic family ❤ also my nightstand looks like that too lol

  23. the only “judgement” i have is that you’re happy you’re husband is happy you’re kids are happy it doesn’t matter if your house is “perfect” because there’s no such thing as a perfect home

  24. Well I think you have a wonderful home. You do not have a show home but a lived in family home. I like that you are honest and say you have to prioritise jobs around the house. I am sat here thinking about all the half started jobs that need completing in my house… There are quite a few. But as I tell my husband sometimes other things take priority including 'living'. Money and time are limited for most people so teach your children that from a young age show them it's ok to live with patchy walls.
    I have a carpet gripper rod that gets me on the stairs if my foot goes too far back.. But it is what it is. Never be ashamed or embarrassed about what you have. You are truly blessed

  25. The internet needs more of this kind of content. Thanks for making us "normal" people feel better about ourselves! And I 100% agree with you, I'd rather have financial security than a "perfect" house. And I feel like when my kids grow up and talk about their growing up years they're gonna remember the love and the memories made, not the "perfection" that maybe was or wasn't there. Thanks for keeping it real 🙂

  26. I love how honest an open this house tour is and it show that you are a family who dose one thing in the house at a time.

  27. Ok I love this. You make me feel like a real family. I totally figured everything would be Pinterest perfect and “oh look at my $700 closet maid organizer”

  28. It is the worst pulling out the storage draw under bunk beds I always have to move everything’s and never end up putting it back😂

  29. We have my mom’s grandmas piano that was in my moms house when her grandma lived with her when she was a kid they shared a bedroom

  30. I love this video!! Thank you for showing your a real human who is successful but can’t afford a whole house flip all at once. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. love this house tour!! i love how honest you are. but in the state of california it’s illegal for a girl and a boy to share a room. my mom grew up with six brothers and was the only girl. they lived in a three bedroom house and were poor so they couldn’t get a bigger house. but she had her own room because my grandma got in a lot of trouble because my mom shared a room with one of her brothers. i don’t know if it’s still illegal but do some research on it cause i don’t want you guys to get in trouble. love you jess!!! 💞💞

  32. I would LOVE to go clean/organize their home. Houses like this are a dream for me. I see all the possibilities!

  33. And maybe for your nightstand you can use a 3-layered-cart, like they have at ikea. Then you can divide your stuff a bit more and in categories things always look less messy 😊

  34. Those nail carpet strips are brutal! I use a hammer and feel for them with my hands and feet and I pound the hell out of them. Do recommend

  35. I had an idea for linens! What if you got a few of those big buckets from Walmart and assigned each one to each bedroom. The kids can decorate them and those buckets are their linen “closets” and it’s their responsibility to keep it clean?

  36. Thankyou for this! Your house is perfect for raising a family in, honestly it seems a waste of money to have too fancy of a house when u have young children,they kinda just destroy it anyway! And another thing you might not even realize is how your teaching your children to be happy and grateful with what you have instead of always needing more!

  37. Home Depot sells a transition piece for carpet to tile and it’s very inexpensive. Also if you have a small area rug, you can put it over that naily spot

  38. I love this real home tour. You’re home is beautiful. When you’re a homeowner, there is always something to add to that “need to fix list” lol

  39. i have a video idea 🙂 could you please do an update of your homeschool day cause the last time you did that was ageeeeeessss ago and i would really like to see how your getting on 🙂

  40. For your shoe issue:
    My friend has a massive family and they have big shoe trees toward the front of their house that all of their shoes go on. They also keep out of season shoes in plastic bins.
    You could also just make shelves in an L-shape along the wall.
    I love your videos!!!

  41. Can we get Mr. Kate to come out and do a couple rooms for the Ballinger family?! Jessica is supermom, Christopher is superdad, and this whole family is so deserving!

  42. You just need a transition strip for that area between the rug and the floor its inexpensive and easy to install and preferably you would want that piece to match the color of the floor

  43. Does anyone know why this channel’s comments are opened? Normally, if there is a kid in the video, the comments are closed

  44. I love how real this house tour was, gotta be honest all the stuff everywhere gave me anxiety lol can I come organize for you?

  45. our shower door does that too. turns out the wall have water damage and has pushed the shower door over a bit so it sticks

  46. I live in the Netherlands and we all basically live in appartments with the little space Jessica 😀 your house is so home-y and cozy, it made me kinda sad bcs it reminded me of childhood (this is a good thing) esp. with all the Harry Potter 💔 I love ur house

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