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Hello guys, welcome back to Gritte Agatha Channel. Still from Jogja Jogja!!! Hi! Thank you for clicking this video and don’t forget to subscribe turn on the notification that makes me excited to make the other videos Enjoy!!! Hello guys, welcome back to Gritte Agatha Channel. A Channel that always give you the information, a heartbreaker healer, and also motivation Still from Jogja. A city that has stories in each corner Today we’re going to make a hotel review. Yes, it’s a Hotel. Finally, reviewing a Hotel. It’s quite big. And this place also well-known at Jogja, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya And for all of you that love The Instagramable area. But first, I’ll show you a tutorial How to make Gritte Agatha happy Press the red button, subscribe and turn on the notification. Yes, It is Yats Colony Look it so unique when we can see from these yards. They welcome us with ornaments that spoil our eyes or maybe our heart, mind, and soul. It’s start from this cute restaurant there is a cart Last time I came here, there were no umbrellas, now there are umbrellas, so it makes the environment be cooler. There were also no restaurants but they have them now. And for the smoker, it’s a nice place And lets go to the lobby Yats Colony not only a hotel but also a clothes shop. They are many unique and interesting brands here. They also have a restaurant. No need to stay here if you just want to eat at the restaurant. This pleasant place is also used as a breakfast place so you can have breakfast here Now we will discover the room which is very instagramable. Look..! From here we have instantly felt the original atmosphere of jogja It’s look like an Plengkung Gading Aisle And we will review 2 types rooms And the first is Ha Dhuwur Let’s look inside. Did you fall? Poor you… This ground floor is his living room and there are toilets too the bedroom is above There is also a basement so in total there are 3 floors. There are 3 floors Make Up Yats Co So they provide… let’s unboxing guys There is a soap, a shower cap, a comb a shaver, and there is the tooth brushes a laundry bag and then Two towels, and also a pairs of slipper ole now we’re reviewing this one They serve the drinks. I feel thirsty Coffee and tea you can make it by yourself. Look here, there is a refrigerator it’s cute, isn’t it? And this is the menu of the restaurant they will deliver the food to you. What a unique kimono Look, is it cute? Right but the material is too thin not a bathing kimono They give this towel if you want to swim, different towels with bath towels. According to the room, the bathroom was a modern and unique minimalist. It’s a nice toilet There is wash sink and a hairdryer and then There is shampoo, soap and the toiletries we’ve to get earlier. What a sweet living room. It so cute. I am very happy to be here Let’s review the upstairs room this is the bed room it so fun here Feel at home. I want to have a house like this. But how triangular roof shape so we like in the attic I want to have a house with only my room on the 2nd floor. The nuances of this room are all white. So it looks more clean and luxurious. White color gives the impression this room is more spacious. There are an air conditioner, a TV and a chair. Look, it so simple what a simple concept here The lights are here, the plugs are also complete. a suitable place if you want to be enjoyed with friends or maybe your family. It’s the right choice We will review the most popular rooms, best sellers but unfortunately they have been sold out until December. what kind of room. Let’s check it out Do you enjoy staying here? Wow, it’s really crazy, peaceful, comfortable. I think if you want to relax here this could be one of the right choices. they refresh my eyes with this green view The fatigue is gone immediately. And it so instagramable So instagramable Now we will see the room I said before. It’s Ha Sendang, already sold! here also there is an instagramable pool Look there is a photo spot its cool Now we are going to Ha Sendang Allright, so this is a semi-private room. there are only 4 rooms like this that are facilitated by Onsen from Yats Colony This is very interesting so you can use it for your family. Just book all of these. bring all your family here But, unfortunately, it already sold out. This is the Onsen, it sweetie This is really good … So the onsen feels natural, guys There are the rules here we will try the best room of Yats Colony Ok, start from this room its a huge room It feels private. It doesn’t feel on the roadside even it on the roadside when here you will feel like in the countryside. It has many parking lots. when we enter the room immediately meet the bathroom The bathroom is also different from the previous one, feels more expensive but there’s no bathtub because we have the onsen in front. there is the showers there are kimono also same as before towel for swimming, this is a safety box we have this the same as that we have unboxing before They give us free snacks drinks, coffee maker there is no coffee maker in the previous room Look it so big Yats colony uses a lot of crafts like this omen it’s a handicraft The colors also make the eyes fresh. We get a bigger table. We can work here while looking at those plants Feels like a private house Now this is the balcony guys, so if you want to smoke there are also provided ashtrays It so private You won’t get caught if you hide out here. This is the bedroom It’s exactly the same bed but its bigger than the previous room If I am not mistaken the TV also bigger than before. This is larger than the previous and there must be an onsen here Bseide children friendly For all of you that have an allergic they have a choice for your pillow and blanket You can get the hypoallergenic if you have an allergy Now we’re going to the third room It actually the same facilities even it’s the lower class It has the same facilities but they apply the industrial design here It also twin bed room and from this you can see directly to the pool We can see the pool from this place. If you want to go swimming, just go there by the side door. It feels that we have a private pool yeah it’s hot for a day’s review i have so many activities so I must wash my face to keep it fresh I use this Foreo Mini 3 its really good. I will show you how to use it Let it wet then put your facial wash soap then i choose this one you can also adjust by the application so you can adjust the vibrate and the intensity How long the time you need. It’s usually only 60 seconds and set 8 for the intensity start. I feel the vibration Just use it like this it so soft and will not damages your skin it can also get rid of the pimples and it makes your face so smooth it deeply clean through the pores it’s really good we can set to 60seconds It also have long lasting battery So you don’t need to charge it And it already a minute look the facial dirts ok let’s wash our face it so fresh I feel it clean all of my face after that we can take a selfie Hello ok let’s continue This food is too much I can’t finish it alone so I call my friends P.O Via Let’s go She’s ready to eat We have Beef Tengkleng here, Chicken Serundeng and Dori with Sambal Matah Which one do you want? Try the beef tengkleng first here anti-plastic no plastic is used here Is it good? Ok, You, try the dori I’ll taste the chicken This is the chicken It also use Rengginang I want to try this, it looks tempting It so tempting How the taste? The seasoning is really thick. This is Chicken Serundeng really good the beef is so tender Dori, dori, dori… who want to try? This is Dori with Sambal matah Let’s try the sambel matah how is it? it’s good Ok guys. If you are staying here you must try the food Don’t just stay, but the food is really yummy too. and don’t forget to watch my other jogja videos because there are so many. So don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe Bye.. Thank you for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe turn on the notification and watch my other videos, over here


  1. Editannya keren sih ini..kyk nntn variety show tv dan dsni tuh lengkap ada,bahas ttg real life ada,ttg jln2 ad pkoknya byk jd ga boring dan fresh

  2. Kak ke grand tropic suite hotel dong di Jakarta barat yang setuju like ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Sumpah ini bagus bgt kak jelas bgt gilasih aku suka bgt kameramen yg skrg ,,, jd pengen ke jogja dong explore jogja ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ya ampuunnn

  4. Naaah gini donk, suka bgt konten beginian, inilah alasannya gue subscribe kamu gritte ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    Itu 1,5jt worth it banget kamarnya,,,

  5. Sukak Nonton vidionya kak Gritte, Gak tau kenapa bikin mood bangkit aja๐Ÿ’™Semua Vidio kak Gritte dah aku tonton Semuanya๐Ÿ˜… Ngefans sama kak Gritte dah dari dulu๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. Price List tiap type kamar lupa blm disebutkan, cm yg gede aja tertulis 1,5 juta. Saran utk video selanjutnya, Subscriber udah 1 juta, Editan Video Keren. Saya kira sudah gk perlu lagi minta2 Di Subscribe….bla…bla…bla. Yg suka akan otomatis subsc koq. Contoh Chanel : Gadgetin, Alip Ba Ta, mereka sudah gk perlu minta2 subs. liat deh, mreka lgsung to the point ke inti konten. mayoritas Netizen lbih suka chanel yg bgitu. Salam Sukses and Keren koq video2nya.

  7. Nah gtu gritte lo bagus buat content begtu dari pada yg lain. Kalo bisa hore se indonesia bahkan bisa sampai vila2 kali ya. Pembawaannya bagus n semangat soalnya

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