How To Buy UK Property With No Money Down…… 8 Ways!
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How To Buy UK Property With No Money Down…… 8 Ways!

12 thoughts on “How To Buy UK Property With No Money Down…… 8 Ways!

  1. Hi Tony. Very informative. Have you ever bought a property without viewing it first. Also are you a member of any Landlord Association? Maybe you could do a video explaining what they do. I personally think they are usefull and can help landlords. Thanks

  2. I have a rent to SA business (Ltd) and will soon be at the 85k vat threshold. Is there a way to prevent paying 20% vat as that will finish me.
    Thanks as always.

  3. Hi Tony… I have a question.. say I was to borrow money from a relative and pay them a better than the banks return… What strategies are there for releasing the money to pay them back if they decide they want the capital back at any point?

  4. Hi Tony could I use a personal bank loan to invest in my first property? I do have some savings but not enough

  5. Hi, could you put the links mentioned in the video? Any chance you could explain vendor finance? The term is a bit misleading – for sure vendor does not give you cash to purchase their property? Thank you

  6. Number 9…claiming a empty direlict house? I have seen videos on his I think it's called 'active possession' or something like that. The general idea you see a house that has been empty for donkeys ears and claim via a lawyer if there is no contesting after a period the house or land is yours. How much truth is in this I don't know but great idea for a video

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