How to draw a flat sketch of shirt in Illustrator (Part 2)

okay so you finished your flat sketch and now you need a CAD you need to be able to add color and pattern possibly into your
sketches and you need to do it quickly and easily well that’s what today’s
tutorial is all about so before we get going if you’re new to the channel or
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and that will notify you each week when we post a new video okay let’s get
started the technique I’m going to show you is an updated modern method in which
you use a tool called shape builder traditionally when designers would
create a flat sketch you’d have to create a separate shape for each object
you needed to fill with color you’re watching me draw with that technique
right now this is still a method that many designers use to sketch and it
still works however it’s more time consuming and with today’s super fast
deadlines you need to be able to execute your sketches pretty quickly so you want
to use a sketching method that’s speedy and efficient plus when you’re sketching
a garment most people are not thinking about drawing in shapes you’re just
trying to draw your design using a more modern method allows you to sketch your
designs in a much more intuitive way and what I love about the shape builder tool
is that its job is to create shapes which means I don’t have to all I need
to worry about is drawing the design and illustrator and really that’s all you
should have to worry about to add color in illustrator you must have closed
shapes so to create your closed shapes select all of the solid lines that form
the boundaries of the shapes you want to create Let me say that one again Select all of the solid lines that form the boundaries of the shapes you want to
create usually that means you’re selecting all
of your solid lines and what you are not selecting are your stitch lines you
definitely want to make sure you don’t include those as well as any extras like
wrinkle lines or brushes and if you happen to have selected a line you
didn’t want press and hold the shift key and click on those lines to deselect
them next double click the shape builder tool and when the tool options box
appears click the box next to gap detection to turn it on now I have a
whole other video on the shape builder tool and why it’s so awesome and I’ll
add a link to it below so you can check it out after you finish watching this
video of course but what I do want to say now is that the gap detection option
is a game changer so you want to make sure you turn this feature on and once
you do press ok and bring your cursor over the shapes in your sketch you’ll
begin to see a grid texture in each area which is where illustrator is
identifying your shapes and to actually create the shapes all you need to do is
click in each area you can even add color while you’re using the shape
builder this tool is really cut my sketching and CADing time in half and I
get my work done a lot more quickly and all the quick tips and tricks you can
use to recolor your sketches will still work and will also help you color up your
designs quick, fast and in a hurry so that is this week’s digital fashion
tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to hit the like button if you found this
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one with me Mikelle, your digital fashion guru Have an
awesome day and I’ll see you on 7th avenue!

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