How to Find a Flat in Dublin | Single or Shared Apartments
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How to Find a Flat in Dublin | Single or Shared Apartments

Hi there! This is Emily here from Emily
Overseas and I’m here today to share with you my three tips to finding an
apartment in Dublin, Ireland. Make sure to stay tuned for the end of this video
where I’ll share with you the number one question you must ask well touring an apartment. That being said let’s get started. My very first tip for you is to
find an apartment in the right places unlike other parts of the US that use
Craigslist in Dublin a lot of the post on Craigslist actually be quite spammy.
Instead, I have three different recommendations for you to find an
apartment first one being Daft. That would probably be the number one
resource you’re going to use to find to find either a shared flat or a flat of
your own. Other messaging boards I recommend would be
I also recommend any internal Facebook groups if you’re looking for a roommate
or actually asking your employer, if you’re lucky enough to have one, if there
are any internal messaging boards that they can refer you to to help you find a
roomie. As far as expenses expect to pay between 600 and 900 Euros a month if
you’re sharing your flat. Whereas a single room flat, such as such as
mine, would be anywhere from 900 to 1,200 Euros a month depending on location, size, etc.
My second tip for finding an apartment in Dublin is to make sure that you come
prepared to the open house. So the way the housing process works here in Dublin, is
that after you find a potential apartment, you message the landlord and
you secure time to go look at it in person. Because the housing market in
Dublin is quite competitive right now — due to very high demand and low supply —
there will likely be a line of others people very similar to you looking
for an apartment as well. So make sure to stand out from among the crowd. Perhaps
print out any information that will make you stand out: you could bring a copy of
your latest pay stubs if you have a job already, if you have any landlord
reference letters or reference letters froma previous roommate, all of those
things are great to bring with you to help make you stand out. And my third tip
for you when looking for an apartment in Dublin is to ask the right questions. So
as I mentioned earlier, prices for
a flat can range between 600-900 for a single room. However, that is excluding any type
of utilities. Currently, we do not have to pay for water, however, that is about to
change as a new law was passed. But right now for utilities I pay about 50 Euros
or as a month for internet expenses, I pay 20 Euros a month for
cell phone –I have very cheap prepaid service with unlimited data — and as far
as heating that can actually range anywhere from 30 Euros to about 100
Euros a month and that is depending on the BER rating that is a B-E-R rating
and this is the number one question that you should during the open house: you
should ask them what the BER rating is. The BER rating is really a heat
rating where they grade how well your apartment keeps heat. So in my apartment
right now it’s a C and as I’ve met as I mentioned it ranges anywhere from 30 to
100 euros a month depending on what time of the year it is. I’ve heard
horror stories from colleagues who’ve had ratings below that, so I really
recommend not going below a BER rating of C. So those are my three tips for
finding a flat or shared apartment in Dublin. Make sure to subscribe to my
video and add any comments below if you have an additional questions, happy to
give you those answers. Stay tuned! Bye!

36 thoughts on “How to Find a Flat in Dublin | Single or Shared Apartments

  1. This is a very brilliant and concise video I really appreciate it, I'm moving to dublin soon and I've been through all these renting sites and details. But you just presented it in the best clear way … Keep up the good work, I am a fan now 😉

  2. Hi Emily, thank you for posting this video. I have just secured a job in Dublin and am now in the process of finding a place to stay. I find it very difficult to get in touch with the landlords. Will it be possible to find a flat/shared apartment before arriving to Dublin? And, is the process the same for both own flat and shared apartment?

  3. hi emily, can you please tell me how is an apartment is different from a flat? I mean in My country, an apartment is a group of flat where different flat has different owner and separately rented. And a flat is from a single owner who can rent it to any person, and the tenant can choose whom he/she wants to share with. So if this is the concept, then what does it means sharing an apartment? Can you please send me separately an email on [email protected]

  4. This was so helpful! I'm trying to move to Dublin, Ireland this summer and I've just been stressing haha but this was great thanks!

  5. I am coming to Ireland in september i dnt know what will happen with me there i dnt know how should i find and accommodation and part time job in Dublin

  6. IRISH ROVER AND THE CREW ® By Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, The No.1 Anti-System Irish Punk Singer says:

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  7. You mentioned you pay close to 900 Euros per month for an appartment. Is that in Dublin 1/2. Will it be more cheaper for a studio apartment in say Dublin 8/9 ?

  8. V American. Bs.
    Best tip….rally the government. Students..don't pay stupid prices. Vote with it feet. People who pay stupid rates as above…make t impossible on others.Be sure t check legality if your advice…you could easily land someone in deep s…
    As I'm assuming you are not long in town. Just be wary wen giving advice..albeit well meaning…n with helpful intentions. If ppl keep paying..prices won't change..

  9. Well I just wanna find a room for a single term as an exchanged student in Dublin. Noone is willing to give me a chance under 1000 euros per month.
    Honestly, this is so expensive

  10. Hi, what's the less expensive place near Dublin as I am planning to follow my PG program in NCI. I would like to get separate accommodation.

  11. Hi Emily, first of all your video very nice, the way you talking looking beautiful. Could you tell me some about software industry in Ireland?

  12. Hi Emily, hope to be in Dublin in September, how much does it cost to secure a cheap room or shared room for one year

  13. Your series on Dublin is the best on YouTube, really! The info is so precise and well delivered and HELPFUL. So much on YouTube is blah blah blah. Not you!

  14. Hello..I will travel to Dublin for training and try to look up a place to rent. I went to the website you mentioned in the video. I would like to know that if we are still in our country, I mean not yet time to travel to Dublin, we can't book or reserve the apartment? You have to go viewing it in person only to get the apartment?

  15. i need an apartment to rent when i will be working in dublin now this autumn, i live in sweden right now but will move now, for my new job there, please help me get in an apartment thanks/ contact me on 0046762262743

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