How to Find a Realtor : Sell Your House with the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)
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How to Find a Realtor : Sell Your House with the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)

Hi! This is Paul Louis Muller your neighborhood
realtor, you can find me on the web at, there’s no www in that address folks, on
behalf of I’d like to welcome you. We spoke a little bit about the
multiple listing service. Now again the multiple listing service is the main place for your
home to be marketed, and when you list a house on the MLS, or a property, a good realtor
needs to list it properly on the MLS as far as the way it looks and the way its presented.
There are many realtors out there who for some reason, they’ll maybe list the house
on the MLS and they won’t put any pictures up, they won’t put any description of the
property. Sometimes if they do put a description, maybe there’s a lot of grammatical errors,
so you want to get a realtor who’s going to take a lot of nice digital pictures, I
think the maximum is about 8 pictures that you can put up on the MLS, but you want the
realtor to take advantage of those 8 pictures by putting the nicest pictures that he can
possibly take with his digital camera up on the MLS, and put a nice description of the
property as well, word it properly, be creative as far as the wording of the property. For
instance imagine the splendor as you open the gate to reveal your very own garden of
Eden. Now I know that sounds a little corny, but to a buyer who’s reading this, that
sounds like the greatest thing in the world. And that’s what you want: a realtor who’s
going to be creative with the wording and the pictures, you don’t want someone just
to write ‘nice property; must see.’ Now if I had a choice between ‘nice property;
must see’ and the other one, I think I’m going to take the garden of Eden, don’t
you agree?

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