How to Get Into Real Estate Investing and THE BIGGEST MISTAKE

printing money printing money printing
money if it’ll double once for 200 double twice for 400 double twice for
800 hey Stefan Arne oh here in this video is why you shouldn’t wait to get
into real estate now here’s the thing guys real estate is something that is
best done over a long period of time it’s a long game I would say it’s a 5 to
10 year game minimum in the long term if you’re shorter if you’re flipping
maybe it’s six months if you’re wholesaling maybe it’s 30 days so
there’s a couple different place now people get wealthy people get rich in
the long game so this this video is about why you shouldn’t wait to get into
real estate why you got to get going down now
before we talk about this there’s three fundamentals you have to have for your
real estate to be good the first thing is you have to have an industry in your
areas there has to be jobs if there’s jobs and the jobs are getting good
that’s good for you second thing you need net migration people moving into
the area if there’s jobs people are probably moving in that’s what the
government was like jobs jobs jobs will create jobs we need jobs
for the whole country to be valuable you have the industry name definition which
is a way for people to get into the area so if they can get there if there’s jobs
net migration real estate goes up now fundamentally over time I’ve got a 28
year graph real estate looks like this over 28 years there’s a seven-year cycle
between boom and bust but it always goes up a little bit over time and the reason
for that is there’s always a printing of government money the government usually
is printing money because the government doesn’t know how to make value the
government doesn’t know how to make jobs so what they do is they keep printing
money so they can have stuff for free that’s how the government works if you
want know more about that Rita called the creature from Jekyll Island
by G Edward Griffin great flow so the government’s always printing money
printing money printing money printing money it’s what they do they live on
this printed money and because of that the real estate always inflates as long
as the government’s printing money if the government doesn’t print money you
might not have inflation as long as these things are having good industry
good net migration to transportation and the government’s printing money real
estate is gonna go up now here’s the thing you put City bombing one little
house here you buy a house for let’s say a hundred grand okay let’s say you put
20 grand down you’ve got an $80,000 mortgage over this twenty eight year
period your debt your mortgage will be zero and real estate every ten years
usually about doubles so let’s say it’ll double once for two hundred double twice
for four hundred double twice for eight hundred because of the printing of money
so this little house in theory that was a hundred grand over 30 years with the
printing of money will be worth eight hundred thousand you have zero debt now
you might say oh my god Stefan that didn’t happen to my area that’s not how
it is Bob about the block well if this didn’t happen in your area you gotta ask
yourself or do you live in the Rust Belt in the United States with the industry
left and that migration left in transportation level with all things
being constant this being constant and with printing of government money the
government inflates usually so that how was that thirty years ago would have
been a hundred grand his net worth lost eight hundred I know my own parents home
I think they bought it for a hundred and fifty grand back in the day in the 90s
today in 2019 the house next door was trading at 650 and that is a 90 that’s
both the years so the house I grew up in was a
$150 I was back then today’s were 650 so that’s pretty close
in the world of doubling money with every 10 years it would get the real
estate doubling or so and you got printing of government money you got Dec
going down now but this house is paying a constant cash flow let’s say you’ve
got an income suite and there’s cash flow coming out every month that’s
really really great the building I’m standing in here is actually the first
property I ever bought to live in I keep my office in here right now and what’s
great about that is because I have an income suite in the house or the
building right now it’s an office it’s not a house because I have this money
coming in every month over my life I can pay this asset off three times I can
reap or gajil take the money out tax-free three times and this asset to
me is where think it was like two point three million dollars over my lifetime
because I can reap mortgage it three times pull the money out three times
invested three times so something to consider is you want to buy your real
estate as soon as possible and you want to ride out these waves even if you
bought it let’s say even if you bought it here at the high market at the high
point in the market and you wrote it down and then wrote it back up you’ll be
ahead so you have to have a long term play here five to ten years is what you
want or your real estate and that’s why you want to get in sooner ride it out
have good properties of good land good dirt under the building and you will do
amazing I’m Stefan art if you like this check out my book money people deal my
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