How To Play Bitcoin Empire in 10 Minutes
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How To Play Bitcoin Empire in 10 Minutes

Hello friends, card game creator David Thomas here and I’m going to show you how to play Bitcoin Empire in just 10 minutes. At the start of each game each player chooses a character and places it on the table in front of them. In this example we have three players Space Squid, Moon Bear and Naked Girl. The player who can best describe a blockchain takes the Dealer card, shuffles the deck and deals two cards face down to each player. The player left at the Dealer takes the first turn and play continues clockwise. Each term consists of three phases. At the start of the game in the mining phase you take a card, place it facedown on top of your character card. Cards from the deck placed face down on the table like this are referred to as “bitcoins”. At the end of the game the player with the most bitcoins wins the game. Bitcoins placed on top of character cards like this are “stored”. The number of Bitcoin icons printed in the top-right corner of each character card represents the maximum number of bitcoins that can be stored by that card. This is called the “storage capacity”. So in this example Space Squid can store 4, Moon Bear can store 2 and Naked Girl can store 3 bitcoins. After the mining phase is the draw phase and then the action phase where you may reveal one card from your hand and resolve this function. The mining and draw faces a mandatory, but the action phase is optional. So in the first round of the game all three players have learned skills in their action phases. Characters and some other cards in the deck have skill icons printed in the top-left corner. Your character can learn skills by tucking a card under the left side of the character. Naked Girl has just mined an exchange card. These cards are very useful for increasing your storage capacity. So in her draw phase rather than drawing a card from the deck she has decided to draw the exchange card from her storage into her hand. Then, in her action phase she has built the exchange next to her character. So in her next turn she’ll be able to mine two cards one for her character and one for her exchange. Similarly in this round Moon Bear mined an internet meltdown card which he would like to use during this turn so rather than draw a card from the deck he has drawn the internet meltdown card from his character storage and learned the internet meltdown skills in his action phase. So now we see Naked Girl mining two cards one for her character and one for her exchange. She then draws a headhunter card from the deck. In her action phase she uses the headhunter cards target Space Squid’s internet meltdown card for attack. Space Squid reveals a skullduggery card from his hand defending himself from this attack. So both the headhunter card and the skullduggery card are discarded from the game. Moon Bear has more marketing skills than Naked Girl. You can see his three marketing icons, and Naked Girl only has two. So he has targeted Naked Girls exchange for a smear campaign attack. Naked Girl doesn’t have a skullduggery card in her hand so she cannot defend herself. The exchange’s stored bitcoins and the smear campaign attack are discarded from the game. The exchange card then moves to Moon Bears hand. Likewise Space Squid has more coding skills than Naked Girl, so he has targeted her character with a hack card. As we have already discovered naked girl doesn’t have a skullduggery card so the attack card and character storage is discarded from the game. Unlike attacking exchanges Space Squid doesn’t receive any cards as a reward for successfully attacking a character. Naked Girl is learning the Satoshi Nakamoto skills in her action phase. As this card is played all other characters must discard their revealed Internet meltdown cards. Moon Bear already has two bitcoins stored on his character card so he cannot mine. Naked Girl has drawn an Internet meltdown card. Please note that she cannot learn the skills on this card because the Satoshi Nakamoto card is revealed on the table so instead having more law skills she targets Space Squids exchange for a lawsuit attack. Space Squid protects his exchange by revealing a skullduggery card. Both the lawsuit attack card and the skullduggery card are discarded from the game. Once again the storage capacity of Moon Bears character card is full so he cannot mine for it, but he must mine account for his exchange. Next rather than drawing a card from the deck Moon Bear draws a skullduggery card from his character storage and then builds another exchange. In Space Squids action phase instead of revealing and resolving a card’s function he places a card from his hand into his storage. This is a useful tactic for collecting additional bitcoins as we head towards the end of the game. Moon Bear must mine three cards. He takes a headhunter card from his storage to his hand and targets Naked Girls Satoshi, Nakamoto card for attack. Naked Girl does not have a skullduggery card in her hand so she cannot defend herself. The headhunter card is discarded from the game and Moon Bear takes the Satoshi Nakamoto card to his hand. Space Squid mines a bitcoin for his exchange. This exchange now has three Bitcoin stored reaching maximum storage capacity. Exchanges at maximum storage capacity lock and cannot be targeted in future turns. Naked Girl has more law skills than Moon Bear and uses a lawsuit on his most wealthy exchange. Moon Bear protects it with a skullduggery card. Moon Bear must mine three cards for his character and exchanges sequentially. He draws a smear campaign card from his storage and uses it to attack Space Squids character. He can’t attack Space Squids exchange because it’s locked. At this point Space Squid has no cards in his hand so he cannot defend his character with a skullduggery card. Space Squid mines the last card from the deck instantly ending the game. The game always ends when the last card is either mined or drawn from the deck. So Space Squid has four bitcoins Moon Bay has six and Naked Girl has four so Moon Bear has the most bitcoins and wins the game when you play the extended version of the game which is called playing “To The Moon” the player or players with the most Bitcoins take one Moon Token each and the Dealer card is moved one place to the left. You then play the game multiple times until all of the Moon Tokens are taken or until there is a clear winner. It’s up to you. So that’s how to play Bitcoin Empire in just 10 minutes. I’m crowdfunding this card game on Kickstarter in early 2018. Please like, subscribe and share this video. If you have any questions. 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