How to Style Short Hair – Flat Iron Curls

Hi everybody, today I’m going to show you
a tutorial on how I curl my pixie hair. To get started, there’s a few things you’ll
need. I curl my hair with a flat iron, you can also use a one or one and a
half inch curling iron, and it will work just fine. I prefer to curl my hair when
it’s 2 to 3 days dirty. When my hair is just a little bit dirty, I do use
just a dry shampoo. Ive just been using the Sauvé dry shampoo because I’ve
heard a lot of people like it. And I do like it in the terms that it works, I don’t
like that it dries your hair our so much. Just so you know, I prefer Dirty Secret
by Bed Head over this Sauvé. So I’m going to use a little bit of the dry shampoo
on the roots, especially when I need a retouch as bad as I do right now, it just
helps disguise the regrowth a little bit and absorb some of that oil that
takes place after not washing it for 2 to 3 days. More importantly than the
dry shampoo to me is this Spoil Me by Bed Head, and it’s basically a defrizzer
and a smoothing hairspray. It rehydrates the hair and gives it kind of a
nice clean feeling to it. So after I use a dry shampoo I definitely follow up with
this just because that dry shampoo dries out the hair so much and this
just brings back some of that hydration. So the dry shampoo on the roots,
and the Spoil Me on the ends. And you can just let it sit for a second while
it absorbs and dries off for a little bit. Another thing you can do if you
don’t have Spoil me, is a gloss drop, one of my favorites is Shine Blaster
by Bed Head. So it’s basically like a serum and it adds a little protection from
the heat of the flat iron or curling iron, and it also brings back hydration
as well. Another thing you’ll want or need is a clip, to kind of section
off the hair, and a comb if you want to smooth it before you curl it. So I’m
going to go ahead a comb all the product through my hair. And then I’m going to go
ahead and part it. I like to style my hair coming forward, just so it frames my
face, and also, that’s kind of just the way my hair grows. So for a better style,
I always recommend going with the growth pattern of your hair, cause then you’re
fighting less against your hair and it’s fighting less against you. So I’m
going to curl my hair towards my face, so you’ll see me pulling the flat
iron towards my face as well. So take a section, and the key is to always turn your
flat iron and not hold it there because you will get a crease. And also, place the
flat iron right at the base of your scalp. That’s where you’re going to pull
the most intensely, and then you’re just going to pull straight down, so that
you’re not creating a really intense ringlet, you’re keeping the ends just a
little bit straight. And then im going to curl the next piece of hair the other way.
So again, right at the base of my head, and pull down like that. And you can
see this hair a little bit, how it just has a little bit of straightness at the
end. And when I’m curling my hair, now that it’s a pixie, I don’t worry about
including every single hair because then you’re going to get basically like
a helmet shape. But it’s okay, like I missed some of this underneath but its fine because
you don’t have to curl every single piece of hair because it will create
more volume than you want. So I have this hair going that way, I’m going to go
ahead and do this one going forward. And with the bottom layer especially, I don’t
pull it up and I don’t over extend it, when you overextend it, you’re going
to create a lot of volume. I don’t want a lot of volume underneath cause that’s
basically going to shorten the look and the length of my hair. So holding it downwards,
I’m just going to curl tightly at the roots and pull straight down. And you
just repeat that on the second layer, but going the opposite. So for example,
in the back on the bottom layer I originally curled my hair going forward, I’m
going to go ahead and curl it backwards and basically alternate what I just did with
the first layer. But again, I’m angling the flat iron towards my face. And
then you’ll just continue to repeat that up the side until this side is done and
then you’ll start over on this side from the bottom. And actually I do a
pretty dramatic part so I’m going to leave it right there for now. And switch to
the other side. So here’s another example of how the ends aren’t curled like
a tight curl, their barely curled under. So this front part is kind of where
the styling comes into play, because the direction that you curl your hair is basically
going to be the look of the whole hairstyle. So I start in the back, back
here, and I take a little section from the back left. And I’m going to curl
it tightly going towards my face, and straightening out those ends. Then I’m going
to come from the opposite way on the right side of my hair and curl it towards
the other curl, keeping those ends, again, kind of straight. And then I just kind
of keep repeating that towards the front. And this is where I do like to
overextend because I like a lot of the volume of my hair to be at the top. So
again, I’m overextending right here, and I’m holding the flat iron, or curling
iron, just flat against my head, right at the roots, and getting it really
tight in there. And then start to pull it towards you. And then in here, this
is the tricky part because everybody’s hair is different and everybody’s hairline
is different. I find for myself that the best thing to do is to actually reverse
the curl, and instead of curling towards my face, I curl it going backwards. So I’m
going to take this piece right here and overextend it going this way, and again,
I’m going to curl my hair going backwards. And I only do this on the front
part because I like the way the finished curl looks when I do pull it forward. The
direction of the curl basically impacts the type of wave you’re going to get. And
I might actually do a barrel curl and have this one go the same way. But I’m going
to have it angled differently. So, before I had the curling iron going straight
like that. This time I’m going to have it go this way, just at a slight diagonal.
I just want to make sure I have all of my hair over directed. Right at the roots,
and curl it going backwards right at the ends and curl it so they’re a little
straight. And if you’re using a dryer shampoo that dries out your hair, you
just went over it with a flat iron, which is going to dry it out anymore. So I
definitely recommend going over it with a shine spray, this is called Head Rush
and it’s also by Bed Head. And you’re just going to hit your ends with that. And
I would do this while your hair is just a little bit warm so your hair can absorb
it. And this just puts, again, a little bit of hydration back into your hair.
The back of my hair cut is a lot shorter, so I’m basically going just to
attempt to do the same technique, which is curling it at the base only and then pulling
it straight, and alternating the direction of the curl I do. So just curl
the back the bet that you can see, use a mirror if you have one. And for this
top layer I can kind of see what I’m doing so I’m going to go ahead and face
front. And just starting at the base of the hair and curling towards my face. Sweet,
so now all my hair on my head should be curled. I’m using my new favorite spray
wax. Everybody, the Wonza spray wax has been discontinued so it’s really hard
to find, but I like Play Dirty spray wax, it’s by Sexy Hair. The key to this
is that it’s very gritty, and you don’t want to spray it in your roots, you want to
spray it on the ends. So like this, and you can kind of lift a little bit so you’re
getting underneath it as well. So the great thing about spray wax is it doesn’t
get crispy or hard, so it’s really pliable and you can play with it a
lot, but it still holds pretty well. Then, you can use a tiny bit of hairspray, I don’t
like to use a lot cause I don’t like my hair to be crispy cause I touch it so much.
And I know that with hairspray, if you run your fingers through it, it’s
basically undoing the hairspray, it only has hold one time. So I’m just going
to do a tiny bit. And a lot of times when you mix this with the spray wax it kind
of makes a perfect in between concoction. It will give it a little bit more hold and
flexibility when you mix it with the spray wax. And that my friends is basically
how you do my little so-called curled hairstyle. And I really like it because
I can sleep on it and it looks somewhat the same, it’s a little bit messy and tussled.
My bangs to get flatter quicker, so if they are the next day I can just kind
of twist it, and put a pin in it, and then you have a little rock belle hairstyle
as well, or like a fohawk. So it’s a fun hairstyle, its really playful I think,
and I really like it for summer. But like I said, I like to use it to get more
days out of my hair before I have to wash it again. Hopefully it’s what you
guys wanted and if you guys have any questions, you can email me and share this video with
a friend, or subscribe to see more of my other videos. Thanks so much for watching!

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