How to Succeed in The NYC Real Estate Market
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How to Succeed in The NYC Real Estate Market

– We’re back with another episode of “Real Talk Real Estate”, and we’re gonna talk about success today. How are we succeeding
where others are failing? We wanna share what we’ve done with you and make your lives easier in the current real estate economy. So this week, we put
two homes into contract that I am particularly proud of because all we keep
hearing from other agents is how difficult the market is, and that’s, you know they’re
not having a great go of it. And that very well may
be true in some cases but we have two sales where
we bucked the market trends. The first sale, is a record-setting price for a one-bedroom in it’s building, and not only did we get
that highest ever price for a one-bedroom sale, we cleared the $1 million mark, and thus this mansion tax hurdle that often come into play
around this price-point. A lot of buyers don’t
wanna pay over $1 million if the price is hovering
around that point. And we were able to get over
a million and, as I said, set the highest price
for a one-bedroom sale in this building, in this down-market. And I’m even prouder
of the second apartment we put into contract which the seller actually
only purchased a year ago. We put it into contract a year later, literally a year later, for more than he paid for it despite having made no
improvements to the home. So let me just repeat that. We put it into contract a year later, when the market is down, for a higher price than
what he paid for it. So let me share with you
these tips that we used to get these successful
sales accomplished. First, price appropriately. You can’t get off the ground if you aren’t in the right hemisphere. While we did negotiate
on both of these sales, we were able to draw immediate
attention to the properties for being in the right priced zone. So if you’re completely mispriced, very few buyers will
even consider the home. They won’t even bother low-balling. You’ll just be so far
apart that they won’t come, and then they won’t offer, right? You can’t sell a home that people aren’t remotely interested in. Tip number two: Market the heck out of the home. I still see so many listings
that are poorly marketed in every way, shape, and form. It doesn’t just mean some
version of bad photos, or no floor plan, poor
syndication strategy. It means a complete lack
of prepping the home for the sale. In particular, we on our team, spend a ton of time in the
days leading up to the launch, making sure we absolutely
maximize the presentation of the physical space of the home. So a simple shift of
the couch, for example, can go a very long way with selling a property. And we saw these with both of these sales. We saw a very, very high-level of interest because we really prepped the home and made it as presentable as possible. Tip number three: Show the property until your feet hurt. Brokers lament the market conditions but I guess haven’t felt enough pain to get into the action
to show their properties around the clock. When a customer wants
to see one of our homes, we hop to, simple as that. We don’t make it difficult
to have access to our homes, whether it’s the first,
second, or fifth showing. If you want in, we will make it happen. As I always say, “you can’t
buy a home that you can’t see.” So let them in early
and let them in often. We always do it and I’m certain it has helped us secure
buyers for these properties. And the last tip: Have options. Try not to put all of
your eggs in one basket and as courage as many offers as you can. Even a bad offer is
something that you can use to maximize another offer. So not offers are gonna be
good or gonna be qualified, but use it to leverage
everything else that you have. Despite the state of the market, when you have more than one offer, you have leverage. So as I always say,
“the more, the merrier.” That’s our show. Keep it nice and sweet for you. We hope you find this real talk helpful as we try to bring you value as we navigate the marketplace in 2019. As always, please follow
us on social media, I think you’ll get some,
some good entertainment and value there. You can always find us on
Instagram at the Glazer Team, Facebook, Glazer Team, and our sparkling website Take care.

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